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Archived Applications / Rowen Delmar - Student Application
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Application for Hogwarts School


Rowen Delmar

July, 14th

Winchester, UK


Magical Strength:

Magical Weakness:

Second, third

Rowen was born in a rich family in Winchester, Hampshire. Her father died in the war when she was three years old, leaving Rowen, her little sister and mother alone. Despite the money and the power her family owned, after her father's death they moved in a quiet mansion outside the city. Their mother didn't have a job, and they lived a modest life.
Aged five, Rowen could read and write. She developed a passion for literature, and read as much as she could. Two years later, her sister contracted tuberculosis and died shortly after. Both her mother and Rowen were devastated, but their relationship became stronger than ever.
Growing up, she learned a lot of things about many subjects, and she had an innate curiosity and visual memory. Still, she didn't have many friends, partly because the closest neighbours lived fifteen miles away. Also, being mostly alone made her nervous around new people, and when her emotions were strong, something weird would happen.


House Request:

Rowen is usually calm an quiet. She hates being in the spotlight, though she usually deserves to. She is an introvert, and is really reluctant when it comes to making new friends or giving a speech. Rowen's worst fear is losing again someone she loves.

Rowen is short, being about three inches shorter that the average. She has wavy, brown hair, falling down to the middle of her back. Her milky blue eyes aren't always easy to read. She has a tiny freckle on her right cheek. Her body is thin and frail, but no one should underestimate her capabilities.

(Option 1)
The cold was really annoying. After a few steps outside the Ravenclaw common room, Rowen already regretted not bringing something to put on. Now, it was too late to go back.
Ivory, her white cat, had turned over the next hall an she couldn't see her anymore. Rowen hurried, wrapping her arms around herself, following the cat through Hogwart's large doors, descending continuously. She assumed Ivory must have heard or sensed something down there.
Finally, the cat stopped. Rowen looked around. She had never seen that place before, but she could instantly tell that she was in the dungeons. Taking a deep breath was hard - the air was so thick. She wandered around for a bit, then a whisper drew her attention.
At first, she couldn't tell what it was. Then, the voice spoke again. 'Hello! Is Emma Birch here?'
Rowen followed the sound until she saw a little, blonde girl, looking terrified. Smiling, she said 'Hello! My name is Rowen. What are you doing here?'


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):
This is my first character.

How did you find us?:
Looking for RP sites.

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