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Abigail Paige Browning 

November 3rd, 1936

Oxford, England


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):
Preferably first, alternatively second

Abigail was born from a wizard named Walter and a muggle woman named Nancy on a chilly autumn day. Her father would always laugh, muttering about how fall was his least favorite season, but Abigail was his most favorite daughter. (The reason Abby always found this humorous was because she was his only daughter, and only child.)

She lived happily for the first few years of her little life. That picture-perfect life all screeched to a halt when her mum got terribly sick. The doctors gave her two weeks to live, at most. Abby told both of them that “Mommy wouldn’t die. The sickness wouldn’t take her.” They asked her why, she said she just had a feeling, so they ignored her. Walter feared he wouldn't be able to take care of his daughter. He didn’t feel he was prepared to be a single parent, and so sent Abigail off to live with his sister, Maggie.

Maggie and Abigail immediately hit it off, and her aunt’s house started feeling like her real home. It was at her aunt’s house where she discovered her first bout of magic (or so everybody thought). She fell down her aunt’s stairs, and her both her knees got scraped up. Maggie went to grab a bandage, but her knees were already inexplicably healed.  Her aunt was confused, and called her father, who just about lost his mind.

Her mother turned out surviving more than two weeks. After two months, her mother completely recovered. She told them so. When her mother returned home, so did Abby, her family with open arms. Abigail & Maggie would continue exchanging letters throughout the coming months.

Although, a few months after Abigail's ninth birthday, her aunt passed away due to a car accident. She locked herself away for quite a few days, but started to recover. At least, that’s what her dad told everyone. A bit of gloominess tended to follow her around after that, but she still attempts to cover it.

Every year on the anniversary of Maggie's death, Abigail becomes distant, but again, tries to hide it. Maggie's death also marked the point where her parents staring having a bit more disagreements than normal. They're still married, but one can only stay attached to a frayed rope for so long. The day she got her Hogwarts letter, she rejoiced. She would finally be surrounded by kids that were her age, and like her! It was simply and utterly wonderful. She could finally get an explanation on why she always seemed to sense stuff before it happened. Both her parents refused at first, until her father gave in, followed by her mother.

And that’s what leaves us here.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:

Abigail is optimistic (around other people) and curious. She is naturally forgetful, which can piss people off sometimes. She tries her best to be kind and serve people. Acceptance is important to her. She makes attachments easily, but finds it hard to trust most people. Her worst enemy is herself, as she finds herself putting herself down and blaming herself for the most mundane things. Stressing comes naturally to her, but she tries so hard to be carefree. She tends to always fail. Over the years, she tried to come to terms with who she is, and stopped trying to block out aspects of her personality. Any sadness she tries to block out, which just affects her negatively overall. Sometimes she has breakdowns, but those are once in a blue moon. People often comment how she acts older than her age. (Don't know if this is relevant, but she's rubbish at sports.)

Abigail is a ginger with chocolate brown eyes. She is 5' 1", and is average weight. She is Caucasian, due to being very English. Her hair comes about 4 inches above her waist, and it is slightly wavy. Her eyes are rather big, and freckles dust her cheeks. She has natural, rather subtle, pink lips of an average size. Her hair is always brushed, and she never wears makeup. (She thinks that makeup is overrated.) She tries to keep her style neat, but there's always that little something off. Ink smudges from her quill (due to her drawings and writing) tend litter her hand, a few strands of hair escape the style she put it in. Abby's always just a tad disheveled (except for the days when she's lazy and doesn't put any effort in, then she’s all disheveled. These days usually are [or at least around] the holidays.)

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
Option 1
Abigail padded down the corridor. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be here, but curiosity pulled at her like tentacles.

She had heard about the old Emma Birch legend, but she wasn’t scared. That was just something that was made up, or some expansion of the truth. On the other hand, maybe it was the truth, but Abby still wasn’t scared. Ghosts did not scare her, they just made her feel compassion. These people were trapped, floating aimlessly. At least, that was her view on the matter.

She inhaled sharply when she heard footsteps

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

Abigail knew she had two options, either scare this girl out of her wits or calmly explain. She decided that wasn’t a terrible human being, so she kept walking down the corridor.

She was met with a blonde girl about her age, and she warmly smiled.

“Um, hello there! My name is Abigail, and I can safely say I am neither Emma Birch, or any sort of ghost.”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None, unless Abigail (who I am currently applying for) counts.

How did you find us?: I was just browsing Google for Harry Potter RPG sites.

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