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Archived Applications / Zahara Jeaudeu
« on: 04/12/2011 at 11:14 »

Name: Zahara Liliane Jeaudeu

Name of Hogwarts or HDK Character: Beckah Blake
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Birthdate: August 12th, 1961

Hometown: Saint-Jean-le-Blanc, France.
Was born in France but grew up in Lewistown, Montana, America.


Previous Education: Zahara’s first magical school would be Beauxbatons as she has only ever enrolled at American schools in the USA. It had been planned to send her off to Salem but the move back to France brought her to where she is now.

Biography: Zahara never desired to go to Beauxbatons. Growing up she discovered her talent in musical ability and learnt the piano from a very young age. When her step-mum informed her of her enrollment at Beauxbatons, naturally she hated the idea. Zahara was born in France but grew up in America, therefore she only knows very little French and struggles to communicate in her own language. She prefers the American language.

She is an extremely smart girl but she chooses to miss-use her intelligence and cause drama and get into mischief instead. She is real eager to use her magic and will excel at anything she participates in but will usually spend her class time plotting and being a little disruptive. She won’t argue with a teacher but she won’t always agree with one either. If they tell her to try a certain spell she is most likely to attempt something else to prove herself and her abilities. If she finds a certain class hard she will try her best to be flawless in the work that class provides before continuing on in her mischievious ways.

Loves classes but she has a natural side to her that likes being up to no good. She wants everyone to know she is really good at her work even if she can’t study due to being in detentions all the time. Will attempt spells whether she knows them or not. She has a step-mum she dislikes so she gained her *evil plotting ways* ever since then. Has a pet rabbit named Charms and brings her everywhere she goes. Would like to give anything a go. She is polite and very rarely argues with anyone at all. She wouldn’t go as far as breaking the rules; she just likes to bend them, slightly.

At her new school in France, Zahara will most likely discover her true enjoyment in the arts and find herself a focus other then disrupting and breaking things. Zahara doesn't like competition, in general she is a very easy going person, it is the competition with other people that sets her on edge. She takes rejoice in challenges and experimenting with unfamiliar things, because Zahara thinks she needs to know it all.
And French being one of the things she needs to focus upon, it makes her feel a little embarrassed and that’s one thing she won’t tolerate herself being.
Her eyes are a light brown and hazel. Her hair falls in length down above her waist, her natural chocolate brown curls. She is quite small, both short and fit. She has lightly tanned skin and an innocent look that conceals her mischievous nature.

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