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Character name: Melinda Tabitha Carlotta Toomey

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Brick Dumay, Marvin Fleisher, Amos Feinbary, Irma Wolffe (Scrivner)

Character age: November 7, 1926 (25 almost 26)

Character education: Graduate of Houston Holistic Academy, Texas, USA, 1945
Associate's Degree in Chaos and Entropy Studies from Canberra Coven Collegiate, Australia (focus abroad), June 1949.
Bachelor's Degree in Advanced Transfiguration Theory from Texas College of Thaumaturgy and Transfiguration, Texas, USA, June 1953.

Strength and weaknesses (details please): Mindy is not naturally gifted in Transfiguration, despite what her degrees (and stats) might suggest.  In fact, she found the subject incredibly difficult- and that weakness on her part led her to drive headlong into the subject.  She went from lowest-in-class to graduating with Honors in Transmogrifications, and this propelled her head-first into her field of study abroad.

If Ms. Toomey has a weakness, it is in her unwillingness to admit she has a weakness.  Her Divination skills are quite lacking, and she tends to downplay her lack of wand prowess when possible.

Ms. Toomey placed fifth in the United States Magical Schools Chess Nationals circa 1944.

Physical description: Mindy's mother is of mixed African/Native American descent; she claims Irish ancestry through her paternal great-grandfather.  She is not officially a member of any tribe; her parents abandoned the 'old ways' and moved to Texas years before she was born.  She is 5'6" tall, with brown eyes shocked with silver and very curly dark hair that she likes to wear long and free.  She is slight of build but lithe- bordering on athletic.

Personality (nice, rude, funny etc. Paragraph please.): Ms. Toomey is, in a word, driven.  She can be snippish if pushed, but will drone on enthusiastically about advanced theories and grandiose experiments if put on the right path.  She has no desire for a love life at this time- in college she had a short-lived and spurious affair with one of her professors that put her off men entirely.

She also shows little compassion for animals- they are just another form to transfigure, with complexities that make them difficult but satisfying when accomplished.  That said, she has over two dozen small wooden statuettes of marsupials, mostly of Australian Aboriginal design. Rumor has it that at least one of them is actually a transfigured koala bear...

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: Ms. Toomey is a fresh-out-of-college graduate with grandiose hopes and dreams of molding the next generation of Witch and Wizard.  It is her belief that, through extravagant and vigorous use of Transfiguration, the world could be transformed for the better.  She embraces the idea of magical/no-maj hybrid creations, though she knows the strict policies of both her native homeland and Wizarding Britain regarding such devices.

Biography (500 words minimum. There is never such a thing as too much.):
People never expected much out of Little Mindy.  She was terrible slow at her wandwork,her fingers fumbling at nearly every step most days.  Her wand as a youth had been thick as a fat thumb, because she’d broken three ‘dainty, delicate’ ones in her first year.  She was uncoordinated, unkempt, and honestly a little hard to love.

But she was doggedly determined.  Desperately diligent- the hardest things, the impossible things, were the things she pushed against so hard.  She would find herself exhausted and in tears most days.  Passed out in the middle of her room, only to wake up the next day with the end of her last spell already at her lips, her wand ready to crackle to life with her first moments.

Her father was a successful man.  An outspoken and marvelous man who got his way by virtue of his impressive vocabulary and even more impressive work ethic.  Her father never stopped working, not even on Sunday.  She wouldn’t dare let him down!

Her mother was a successful woman.  Beautiful and brilliant, with the social grace of a swan and twice the charm.  Her parties and soirées and get-togethers brought the most prestigious witches and wizards from around the world, and between the two of them, Toomey Tunics and Ties was the hottest American brand around.

But nobody expected Little Mindy to have that drive.  She was the silver-spoonfed child.  The Great Disappointment, even from the beginning.  She didn’t learn to walk until almost two.  Had a terrible stutter in Elementary school- her mind was too unfocused, her head always swiveling after every little thing.  She didn’t keep her hair brushed.  Her clothes in order.  There was never any time for those things.

Those things were things she’d inherited.

Nothing that people gave her was acceptable.  She’d come to resent anything she didn’t specifically earn  Anything that came easy.  From her earliest memories, it was the things she didn’t have that were alluring.

Fast forward ten years. Graduation, with a full-ride scholarship from Toomey Tunics and Ties from her father and the Board of Trustees.  A celebration party of Titanic proportions headed by her mother.  Celebrities were invited.  Elbows to be rubbed.  Behinds to be kissed.

She’d announced her decision to study abroad- with the Yankunytjatjara dream-walkers in Australia.  Not one red cent would she accept from any of the party-goers.  Not one!  It had been scandalous, and Little Mindy had once again shown she was not going places in this world.

They had been an eye-opening experience.  They showed her changes she’d never even imagined, in directions and with intentions she’d never even dreamed.  After almost two full years in the bush, she returned to ‘civilization’ a new woman.  Ready.  Willing.  Able.

Little Mindy fell behind almost immediately, so caught up in her newfound freedoms and feelings that she fell headlong into every snare imaginable. An affair with a professor.  A night in a no-maj jail. A victim of her own naivete.  If not for her old ways- her stubborn pursuit of what she didn’t have, she might have ended up Little Mindy forever.

She recovered.  She sailed through.  On the day she graduated college, the speaker (an Alum of Hogwarts) had made it clear that it was unlikely that any of them would wind up in such a prestigious place.  It was an impossible dream.

That was all it took.

Roleplay Response:

Hogwarts was… bigger than she expected.  Sure, it was the premiere wizarding school in Britain, talked about even in the States.  Sure, it was arguably the biggest challenge of her life to even consider working here.  Far removed from the brick and mortar of HHA, or the mud and stick wiltja of Canberra- this place was Stone slabs and Wood beams and absolutely reeked of magical construction.

She couldn’t help but be awed by the majesty of it all.  She found herself stalling, spending perhaps a little too much time admiring the aesthetic of the halls, the placement of the Portraits, the intriguing layout of the staircases.  It was only when she was reminded by her pocketwatch- a piece she’d only just picked up at a Pawn Shoppe of all places- that she was going to be late.

Her curses met pursed lips as she hurried down the hall to the obviously magnanimous doors of her potential employer.  This was not the best way to make a first impression!  She knocked; what good Texas lass wouldn’t knock at this most fantastic door?

”You are late.” came the woman who looked of hellfire and scorpions.  She had turned up her intimidation to at least a twelve.  Mindy, for what it was worth, stared her down.

“Begging yer pardon, ma’am… madam… Madame… Headmistress!” she fumbled, unsure which word was endearing here in the UK and which meant a saloon-girl.  In the end, her Title would suffice, she decided.  “There are a million million million universes where that statement just ain’t so.  There’s one, in fact, where you’re so impressed by my punctuality that you hire me on the spot.  I’m not saying you’re her- you are though, in every real sense- but I would like to take this time to thank her- you- for being so kind...”

She cleared her throat, “I am Melinda Tabitha Carlotta Toomey, your new Transfigurations Professor here at Hogwarts.”  She held out her hand, but did not wait long for a reply, “I know what yer thinkin’- ‘That remains to be seen’, but I assure you, I’ll change your mind. That’s what I do, change.  Wouldn’t be worth my salt in Transfigurations if I couldn’t change something like that!”

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