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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Naya dela Luna

Birthday: January 19

Hometown: Iloilo, Philippines

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Year (pick two): Fifth / Sixth (she missed a year so 5th is preferrable)


Ever since she was a kid, she had learned to be the responsible one. Being the second-eldest child of a family that lives with her other relatives, and subsequently her other (younger) cousins, she had to.

Her younger cousins came as a fairly steady flow from a year since she was born, and then her twin brothers came a year after that, and then her little sister came a few years after that. She couldn’t not be the responsible one, if she wanted any change to wrangle all these kids and set them straight.

And as if babysitting wasn’t enough, she was helping her parents cook and clean and work too. Plus, she was helping her cousins with their homework while doing her own schoolwork.

She was so used to it that she barely registered feeling tired anymore.

Maybe that’s why she was always so jittery at Hogwarts. She was the only one of her family (aside from her brothers) who got accepted and chose to go there. She had nothing to do except study, go to classes, play Quidditch, help out at the Hospital Wing, and study some more. It was a far cry from her life back home.

And maybe that’s why she was almost broke down after she had to drop out for a bit to help her family. She had always been used to constantly worrying, constantly fussing, constantly thinking of what she needed to do next, that the relatively more relaxed pace at Hogwarts was so... jarring. And then after four years, she had to relive that fast-paced life all over again.

That’s probably why she was so tired.

(So this is what exhaustion felt like.)

She missed going to classes. She missed climbing “her” tree in the Forest. She missed talking with her roommates. She missed her best friend. She missed Quidditch.

But she had so much to catch up on. She hadn’t taken her OWLs because she had dropped out to work; she would be delayed, which was not part of the plan. She supposed this was her life: fast-paced, relentless, never stopping, never resting. Those few four years were nothing but a taste of what could be, taunting and tantalizing her with concepts like “freedom.”

It was a good few years. But, like Quidditch, she had to let it go. She would take it as it came, but she knew now, that kind of life wasn’t for her. No, her life would be books and studying and catching up - always, always catching up.

It wasn’t an intrinsically bad life, no. She just wished she had a choice.


House Request: Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff (i dunno)

Personality: Diligent and competitive to a fault, she aims to be the best at everything she does. And boy, does she try to do everything. Though she has learned to acknowledge that there are some things even she can't do, she still doesn't give up easily whenever she does lose at something she knows she's good at. She loves a good challenge as much as she hates losing.

And (she likes to think) she's good at a lot of things, and is eager to experience new things, especially those she deems would be a great benefit to her and her family in the future. As much as she can come off as having a superiority complex, everything from her pursuit of knowledge to her pursuit of success is for her family.

She believes that hard work and determination are the two most important things one needs to achieve one's goals, but without said goal, you are nothing but a waste of space and time. Nonetheless, she aims to help anyone and everyone find that one goal that drives them to keep living. Even when they don't want her help.

Appearance: She's always known she's pretty by Filipino standards, but still feels insecure with the European beauties she sees every day. With her petite stature of 5'3", brown skin, dark hair, and brown eyes, she is as far from European as she could ever be.


Breakfast, then study for OWLs, then classes, then lunch, then study for OWLs, then classes, then homework, then dinner, then either practice Quidditch or study for OWLs some more, and then sleep.

It was a good routine and she had stuck with it ever since she returned to Hogwarts.

But she was already running late for her post-breakfast study session, since she'd overslept by 15 minutes, and that was 15 minutes too many already. If she were anyone else, she might have skipped breakfast; but she didn't, because studying on an empty stomach was stupid. You couldn't concentrate if you were hungry.

Books under her arm, she sped through breakfast and then rushed out the doors. Her preferred spot in the mornings was the tree right at the edge of the castle grounds in the Forbidden Forest. She'd dubbed it "hers" and so far, she hadn't seen anyone else take it for themselves. It was a good tree, not too tall for her height, with sturdy branches, and just enough light, since it wasn't that deep into the Forest.

And she was already twenty minutes late oh god -

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

She turned towards the sound, surprised. She was late for her schedule and she really needed to study, but... it sounded like someone lost their rat.

Stepping closer to the flower field, she peered around until she spotted a boy - possibly younger - in the midst of some red flowers. Or rather, he found her first.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

She bristled, scowling. "That's no way to talk to your upperclassmen." (Though she didn't really look like she was older, to be honest. What with her height. Damn Europeans.)

She huffed, and strode confidently towards the boy. "I was about to offer my help. You should be grateful." She set her books down and dropped to her hands and knees, staring at the boy's snot-stained sleeve and then at his runny nose, before reaching into her pocket and presenting her handkerchief to him.

"Here. Make sure you clean it thoroughly before giving it back to me."


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Ronan C. Winter-Stormheart, et al.

How did you find us?: Let's just say... a yellow flower told me.

blame vica for my sudden student app

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