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Archived Applications / Iola Ricardus
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Iola Diana Ricardus

Birthday: 8th November, 1933 15

Hometown: Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 5, 6

17 August, 1940

Dear diary,

Daddy took us shopping for Estella's school things today. He always gives her whatever she wants and I didn't get anything until I stomped my feet and pretended to cry. It only took a few moments of that before he gave in and I was able to pick out this lovely journal. Aurelia just shook her head at me but I don't care. I got what I wanted.

8 November, 1940

Dear diary,

Today is my seventh birthday! Since Uncle Loxias doesn't really believe in gifts I didn't get as much as I think I deserved but I did get a baby owl! He's my own and I don't have to share him with anyone. He has black, grey and white stripes. He already bit both Aurelia and Calista when they got too close to him. He's brutal and I love him. I named him Abbadon.

3 May, 1941

Dear diary,

One year ago my mother died. That was also the day my brother was born. Sometimes I'm sad when I think about her but I'm also mad when I try to think of something specific about her and I can't. Estella and Aurelia never talk about her and I can't ask Dad because he gets angry with me. Maybe that's why the other two don't mention her. Calista's no help at all, she doesn't even remember that she had a mother. I made the mistake of sending Abbadon to Estella at Hogwarts to tell her how I was feeling and she only sent back a package of cookies that were apparently made by the kitchen elves. She's so stupid, I hate her.

[The rest of the page is warped by water droplets]

4 May, 1941

Dear diary,

No one breaks my heart. Not my sisters and not my dead mother.

3 September, 1942

Dear diary,

Aurelia's at Hogwarts now. We had a letter from her today and she got sorted into Ravenclaw. It's probably good she's not in Slytherin with Estella. The two never got along and Aurelia's so competitive she would be likely to compete with Estella for the best spot in the common room. Ravenclaw is good for her anyway. She always thinks she knows everything.

13 January, 1943

Dear diary,

I thought being the oldest at home would be great. I thought with both Estella and Aurelia at Hogwarts most of the year I would be able to do whatever I wanted. I was wrong. Apparently it's better being born in the middle because you go unnoticed a lot of the time. With my older sisters gone I have to help take care of Calista and Castor more often. It isn't fair. They aren't my children, I'm not concerned with what happens to them.

24 July, 1944

Dear journal,

I'm glad it's finally summer and Aurelia is back home, at least. Estella felt the need to go to the camp, but Aurelia says the camp is for stupid children who want to waste their lives. She has better things to do, she says. Really, it's because she has no friends. Who wants to be friends with someone that's always correcting you? But it's nice having her back, for my own personal gain. If I disappear early enough in the morning she's the one forced to take care of the younger ones. And with dad busier than ever at the Ministry, Calista and Castor basically need to be taken care of all day long. I've taken up sketching and painting once in a while to pass the time when I don't want to be at home. It's kind of nice.

7 September, 1945

Dear journal,

Finally it's my time for Hogwarts! So far one of my favorite things to do is sit in the Great Hall (especially during breakfast) and find flaws with the other students as they stumble in, barely awake. It makes me laugh how some people are willing to present themselves to others looking so terrible. I'm sorry to say Aurelia is sometimes one of the worst. If I cared about her enough I might offer her some personal grooming advice.

12 December, 1946

Dear journal,

Estella will be graduating soon and she has no real marriage offers. I think she mentioned one time that she was supposed to marry Vladimir Borovsky but according to Aurelia she ruined that by kissing a Muggleborn. A Muggleborn! I always knew I was the best child, but that just proves it. I'm prettier than Estella and smarter than Aurelia. Aurelia likes information but she likes sharing it even more, just to prove she has it. I know better and keep information I learn from others to myself. It might be useful later.

1 September, 1948

Dear journal,

There were muggles on platform 9 3/4 today! I still don't know what happened, everything happened in such a rush and father didn't allow us to linger on the platform for long. I can't believe the wizarding community is going so bad that we now have to worry about muggles entering areas that are supposed to be private to us. I'll have to write later when I know more and when my hand stops shaking. I need to get my anger under control.

5th August, 1949

Dear journal,

I'm about to start my fifth year. Both of my older sisters are gone and now I'll really be able to do what I want without worrying about it getting back to Dad. Especially Aurelia, she's just the worst. But now it's my time prove I'm the best of them all and no one is going to stop me.

House Request: Slytherin!

Personality: Arrogant, judgmental, broken, escapist, calculating, flirty, intense, tempestuous yet often suffers from Alexithymia, observant, brutally honest.


Iola's black heels clicked sharply and confidently against the floor of the dungeons as her long legs carried her down the corridor.

There was no particular rush to her movements, although some people might think there was with the loud echoing she was creating against the stone walls. Iola didn't really have a fast or slow pace. She always arrived places exactly when she meant to, everyone else be damned, so there was no need to hurry. Dragging one's feet made for a very unattractive noise and image so there was no way she would be caught scuffing the soles of her shoes on the ground.

Her purpose for being down in the dungeons currently was to retrieve her sketchbook from the classroom she was stupid enough to leave it in. When she had rummaged through her book bag a few minutes ago up in the Great Hall and realized the long, black wire-bound book was not there her heart thrummed a little faster but as always she hid the shock.

Emotion made people suspicious and she wasn't interested in people becoming suspicious of her.

So even though she wanted to get to the book before it was found and possibly linked to her, she did not move faster than she normally did. Going at a steady pace also meant she had time to consider other opportunities that presented themselves along the way.

An opportunity like hearing the voice of a younger student and deciding she needed to put the girl in her place.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

Iola made sure her feet clicked extra loudly as she walked up behind the girl.

"Even if she were here, in spirit or otherwise, do you honestly think you are worthy of her presence?"

With a flip of her hair and her arms crossing over her chest, Iola raised a sculpted eyebrow and stared down at the girl.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Calla-la-la-la-la

How did you find us?: Hoggies was the oasis in the middle of the driest desert.

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