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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Sparrow Robinson

Birthday: 24 October

Hometown: Keekle, Cumberland

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength: Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness: Transfiguration

Year: First please!


Sparrow drew first breath on a very cold night a week before Halloween. Though her family lived in Keekle in the very north of England, her mother had made the long journey to London to give birth. Like so many of the finer details of the Robinsons’ home life the reason behind this little detail was shrouded in mystery. When asked, Bernadette Robinson always replied that she’d wanted her children to be born in the big city, though Sparrow remained unconvinced. Still, she knew better than to waste her mother’s time by questioning her motives. Both of her parents were hard working people with little time to spend on answering childish questions.

The Robinsons were of pure blood, though one could be forgiven to think otherwise based on their lifestyle. Sparrow’s father worked as a custodian at a local veterinary surgeon, while her mother added to their meager earnings by taking in laundry for the muggles in the neighbourhood. Both of them regularly used magic to simplify their lives, but since the area was so sparsely populated the chance of being seen was very small.

The Robinson children had an idyllic childhood. A large part of Cumberland was made up of farms and forests, which meant there was a lot of open spaces to explore. The crime rate was very low and even during times of war, there were plenty of ways to distract and entertain the children.

There were four of them: The oldest, Barley, was the first of the family to extend his studies beyond fifth year. Sparrow was a whopping seven years younger than her brother, while the identical twins Poppy and Daisy brought up the rear. It was difficult being stuck in between a trailblazer and a set of adorable, freckled angels. Sparrow learned from a very young age that she had to take care of the hand-me downs that she received only after Barley outgrew them, because they had to be passed on to her sisters. The period of rationing made things especially difficult. The twins were still very small, which meant any extras were automatically spoken for. Still, it toughened Sparrow up. She learned to make do.

A few years ago Barley brought a baby rat home so that the twins could have a pet. Poppy initially doted on the tiny critter, naming it Lady Unicorn and tying a strip of discarded pink chiffon around its neck as a ribbon. The affection was not to last. One of the neighbourhood dogs had a litter of puppies and the rat was forgotten as soon as Poppy laid eyes on the wagging tails. Sparrow was more than happy to take the (obviously male) rat into her care. She devoted a lot of time to the creature, teaching it a variety of tricks and also sharing her food.

Perhaps it was because of her name, but Sparrow developed a fascination with flying. Her parents couldn’t afford to buy her a broom of her own, but she soon found a way to take to the air. The only other witch of her age in the neighbourhood was the daughter of a Spanish researcher. Josefa Sanchez was home schooled, privileged and very lonely. It took a lot of nerve to strike up a conversation with the girl, but Sparrow was never one to shy away from a challenge. Though the language barrier was initially a problem, she managed to convince the other girl to allow her to use her Shooting Star in exchange for a few chocolate frog cards.

Sparrow’s heart was in her throat during that first flight, but she managed to stay on the broom and even mastered a few of the Spanish commands. After a few more cautious sessions, she finally began taking risks. Josefa refused to let her precious toy out of her sight, so she accompanied Sparrow on most of these trips. The two girls spent more and more time together. Sparrow allowed Josefa to tag along during her long walks, while the other girl taught Sparrow some Spanish to make communication easier.

The two might very well have become the best of friends if the Hexenreich hadn’t flexed its muscles in Britain. Josefa’s father was understandably worried about the aggressive stance of the organization. In an attempt to protect his family from the war that was steadily gaining momentum, he abandoned his research and moved his small family back to Spain. During their last, tearful goodbye, both girls promised that they would find a way to write each other as soon as the tense political situation allowed.

With one of her two friends gone, Sparrow tried to distract herself until she could start attending Hogwarts. She had a lot to look forward to: not only would she get a wand of her own, but her parents were also going to buy her two sets of brand new robes to wear at school. This was her opportunity to finally break away from the rest of the Robinson pack.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Though Sparrow will do her best regardless of where she’s placed, I believe she will be happiest in Gryffindor. She is naturally competitive and very hungry to prove her own worth.

Personality: Sparrow has an intensity which is rare for one so young. Moody and emotional, she is prone to fixation and obsession. Though she often dwells on things that are beyond her control, she is simply too energetic to mope in a corner. Instead she will work through the knots in her mind by taking to the moors for a long run or finding something to repair. This allows her to burn off a lot of her frustration and she will return more focused rather than tired.

Being the middle child (well, sort of) has taken its toll on her. She has empathy for the neglected, overlooked and discarded. While she wouldn’t go as far as to believe that there is something impressive inside every single person on earth, she guards against underestimating people. She is naturally drawn to the darker, forbidden aspects of life, but whether she will end up embracing this side of the world or putting herself into a position to defend against it remains to be seen.

Appearance: While Sparrow shares her father’s temperament, she looks more like her mother. Her thick red hair becomes curly in the rain and her skin is creamy rather than tanned. She is unlikely to ever become a beanpole despite her upright posture.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Sparrow sighed as she carried her cauldron down the torch-lit dungeon passageway. Not for the first time she wished she knew a spell that would make the oversized monstrosity carry itself. While it wasn’t very heavy, it was an awkward thing to carry. The handle had snapped long ago and her arms barely fitted around the roomy belly of the pot. She had tucked most of her other things inside; her books were bumping against the pewter walls with each step.

She was shuffling along when she heard a voice. That wasn’t unusual in itself, the Slytherin common room was down here after all, but the tone seemed out of place. A few more paces took her to a corner and after turning it, she noticed the blonde haired girl.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

“Emma Birch?” Sparrow asked with a quirked eyebrow, letting her gaze drift from the girl back to the empty corridor that stretched in front of them. It was an odd place to look for this ghost. Though she hadn’t paid much attention to the stories that floated about the castle, she was almost dead certain that the girl had died in the Ravenclaw Tower. If she was going to haunt any part of the school, surely that would be where she’d go?

Then again, the manner of her demise could change things. Sparrow had it on good authority that the girl had died protecting someone else. Perhaps that would be why the spirit still hung around these parts. Maybe vengeance wasn’t her aim at all. There were scores of students that slept down here. Sleep would make them vulnerable, but Emma would be down here to protect them when the darkness folded itself all around them.

This thought transformed the dungeons in Sparrow’s mind. The stale smelling hallways dropped away and in its place there were chambers that hummed with the unfulfilled potential of adventure. This was wonderful.

“If you’re looking for Emma Birch, I will help you.” Sparrow said, putting the cauldron against a wall before she straightened and looked at the other girl. The poor creature looked a bit worried, but she ignored that. Attempted bravery was as good as the real thing in her book. “Though since she's not your bog standard Hogwarts ghost, we might need a spell to summon her. Do you know any good ones?”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Barley Robinson

How did you find us?: A youtube video

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