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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Charlotte (Charley) Sinclair

Birthday: 23 March 1931

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 6th, 5th


Life had always been easy. Charlotte Sinclair was born on a day soaked in sunshine, and her childhood had simply continued in this vein, warm and golden. Mama was slow to speak harshly and quick to laugh, and among Charley's earliest memories was the sugar-spun sweetness of a lollipop.

It was a charmed sort of life.

Which wasn't to say that it was perfect--her prickly grandmother, the Sinclair matriarch Ada, lived just across town, and insisted on weekly Sunday dinners with too many spoons. But Charley's Mama had suffered too many years under Ada's roof to allow her any real say in her daughter's upbringing, and so Grandmother was simply synonymous with broccoli or itchy sweater, and not any worse evil.

And then there was reaching the age of four, and realizing that FATHER was a sort of man-shaped person who read newspapers and taught his children how to ride broomsticks. "Everyone has a father," Marie Appleton had insisted. Charley had shoved her off her stupid toy broomstick, but was later forced to apologize (even though she wasn't sorry, and never would be). Mama had started telling her stories about a brave wizard who fought against Evil and was the best Quidditch player the world had ever seen. And even though he was gone, she explained, he was very proud of Charley and wouldn't want her to send other little girls to the nurse with scraped knees (whether they deserved it or not).

Charley had accepted this information as a matter of course, and went about her life with all of the blitheness the California sunshine and her own disposition afforded her. She learned to swim, and to surf. She learned about magical creatures, and Charms, and candy; her mother managed Honeydukes Sweet Shoppe from afar, and opened a far-flung outpost on the magical beach in Santa Cruz. Charley attended Valle del Sol High School--a modern sort of magical institution, where she drummed up support for a Quidditch league--and spent an inordinate amount of her teenage years in the little wooden Honeydukes shack, where she learned that kisses were better if she made boys eat chocolate first (but girls always tasted sweet, and maybe Marie Appleton wasn't so terrible, after all).

And then one day she'd caught Mama crying at the kitchen table (Peyton Sinclair never cried), and Charley had learned that life wasn't as easy as she thought it was--that it could be hard, and ugly, and unfair. That her father was a baker, not an auror. That he was never proud of her, because he hadn't even known she existed, and that he wasn't dead before, but he certainly was now, and that a fire had burned away every chance to know him she might have had.

Life wasn't easy, but she wasn't going to take life lying down, either. When she turned sixteen, Charley had one request: to leave California, and to go to Hogwarts. It was as close to her father as she might ever get.


House Request: Gryffindor. Besides being a double-legacy, Charley is brash, strong-willed, and passionate--a lion through and through.

Personality: Charley's disposition tends to be mellow and sunny, but her temper burns hot. She makes friends easily, and genuinely enjoys people--perhaps especially if she perceives them to offer some sort of challenge. Charley loves excitement and adventure, and would never turn down a dare.

Appearance: Charley takes after both of her parents, with sun-streaked blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She tends to have a rather loud presence, and never hesitates to laugh or smile. She's of medium height and build, and is a natural athlete--as at home on a broomstick as on a surfboard.


If there was anything she missed most about California--and the list was long, to begin with--it was the sunshine. Charley peered up at the grey sky, wrinkling her nose in distaste. It was still better than the dimly-lit corridors of the castle, though, and so she spent much of her time between classes on the quidditch pitch, or in the gardens. This particular morning was no different.

The bright cacophony of colors in the gardens was a happy departure from Britain's general greyness, at least. Charley reached out to brush her fingertips against the soft, scarlet petals as she walked, relishing in the sensation. She liked Hogwarts, she did--the raucous laughter of the Great Hall, the thick velvet drapes of her four-poster bed, the curious glances she garnered from her classmates. It was just so different.

It was the boy's sneeze that finally caught her attention. Charley glanced up, quizzical, the hint of a smile pulling at her lips as she watched the boy smear his sleeve with snot. Well, that was one way to go about it.

She arched an eyebrow at his question, half-tempted to counter with something snide. He did look awfully distraught, though. Her expression softening, Charley simply shrugged. "Maybe I can help you with something. Not your day, huh?"


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Euphemia Vane, Alexandre Lecuyier, Sebastian Petrocci, Peyton Sinclair, etc. etc.

How did you find us?: Luck!

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