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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Sylvia Rose Renn

Birthday: September 15th

Hometown: Cardiff, Wales


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Second or Third.

Sylvia grew up in a very tight-knit family, consisting of two eldest twin brothers, an elder sister, and her parents, Roselyn and Fredrick Renn. Sylvia was the fourth, and last, of the Renn siblings, taking the infamous 'baby of the family' position. Doted on by both parents and siblings, Sylvia lived an easy childhood of dresses, frills, toys, and as many books as she could read.

She began to read at an early age from bothering her siblings as they tried to study. In an attempt to make her go away, her sister Tabitha, would read her 'boring' History of Magic textbook aloud, which backfired as Sylvia immediately took an interest and wanted to hear all of it. She wanted to hear what was in all of the other big heavy books around the house, and began her journey of making as many people as possible read whatever was inside. History turned into just a huge story, magic spells transformed into silly words to echo and exclaim dramatically during meals, and potions were what every dinner became. 

Sylvia had a very active imagination, constantly running around the house with her 'Patronus' (her imaginary animal friend, Patty, of course), and pretending she could perform all of the magic her family could. She had the Renn name to live up to anyways! The family that breeds strong charmers and successful wizards! Her family encouraged magic where-ever possible, and most of the toys Sylvia played with were charmed in some way to make them more interesting. Even her books could float in front of her and flip the page on command. The environment was saturated with magic and pride in their pureblood household as she was subtly taught that the reason their magic was so strong was because they were purebloods.

The invitation to Hogwarts was no surprise, as her whole family had attended, though was celebrated none-the-less. Armed with a companion owl to take with her, Sylvia was ready to take on this new challenge, having only been tutored her whole life, and determined to make her family proud. She was a Renn, after all.


House Request: I'll leave this up to the Sorting Hat.

Sylvia is a cheerful child, full of wonder and imagination. She loves to read, and can be typically seen carrying a book if not reading it while she walks (many the accidents have occurred as a result). Friends, and family easily describe her as loud, talkative, and passionate about whatever is currently holding her interest. Professors, and classmates describe her as polite, respectful, and well-behaved. Sylvia may be excitable, but first and foremost, she is a lady. Taught how to behave around strangers, elders, and males, Sylvia is known to change her attitude completely the moment someone new enters the scene. Once she befriends someone though, she's quite hard to hush.

Appearance: Sylvia has light blonde hair that runs down to the middle of her back, with blue-green eyes. She has a very fair complexion, and is prone to burning if exposed to the sun for too long. She has no other notable features.

Option 2
Sylvia had finally found the perfect reading spot. After endless searching of the grounds, high and low almost every tower she was allowed into, and sitting on as many different surfaces as books she's read, she found it. It was a lightly shaded area of the garden, full of flowers and wildlife. Butterflies lazily floated around the pistils, and some bees came and went as they pleased. Granted, it would not suffice on any day other than a warm, sunny one, but it was definitely a start to the list of "Good Places to Read". Alright, so maybe 'perfect' was a bit of a stretch.

The young girl had settled down with a copy of some witch's biography, (she hadn't taken too long of a look at it before deciding she hadn't read it before) and cracked open the first page when a rustling noise caught her attention. Sylvia probably would have ignored it, being an outdoor garden after all, but the rustling was growing ever closer. Her blue gaze flicked upwards every few lines to see if she could pin-point the source, but to no avail. I will just have to wait for it to find me, she thought in half-amusement, half-curiosity.

It was a few paragraphs later did the source finally show itself. A twitching nose and snake-like tail gave away the furry creature as it scampered through the flowers. "A rat, out here?" Sylvia asked herself, quietly closing her book to not startle the rat as she attempted to get a closer look. The rat turned a beady eye to meet her curious ones, briefly freezing the blonde in place as though caught in some act. It seemingly didn't care though, as the rat approached with a haughty (in her mind at least) wriggle of its nose. "Why, hello there. You are obviously a pet if you're so human friendly, no?" she cooed, stretching out a hand.

The picturesque vision of the petite student befriending a rat was quickly shattered, with the obnoxious entrance of an annoyed and loud male student. The rat shot off like a bullet, and Sylvia was left astounded as she couldn't help but watch the older boy trample through the flowers without a care. He shouldn't just squish the flowers like that! It isn't really my place to say though ... She chewed her lip anxiously as she watched him, torn between speaking up for her tranquil garden and the engrained behaviour she was taught.

He caught her first though, seeing her jerk in surprise at his violent sneeze. Not polite to stare ... her thoughts echoed with a bite of sarcasm, thinking how he was the one trampling through the well-kept flower rows. "My apologies," she said immediately, dropping her gaze and flushing at his accusation. "I was caught by surprise. Bless you, by the way, Sir. Are you looking for something?"


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None.

How did you find us?: Google, haha.

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