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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Spenser Wellen

Birthday: 1 August 1928

Hometown: London, England

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 7th, 6th




Diana Wellen ran a hand through her son’s dark mop of hair and smiled at him in the way he loved best--just a little crooked on one side, like he’d managed to make her grin in spite of herself. “Yes, dear?”

“I don’t want to go to Grandmother’s.” Spenser’s nose wrinkled in displeasure. “It’s boring there. And too quiet.”

They’d been through this three times already, and he knew what the answer would be. Still, Grandmother Emerson’s house was a stuffy old place, filled with things he wasn’t allowed to touch. The woman herself wasn’t much better: thin and humorless, and not at all what he’d been led to believe a Grandmother ought to be like.

“It’s just for a couple of hours,” his mother promised. Tapping him on the end of his scrunched-up nose, she added, “And we’ll get icecream afterwards.”

Brightening at the prospect, Spenser nodded seriously, and followed her out the door of their tiny, ramshackle cottage.




Diana stilled, the hand holding a mug of hot tea poised mid-air. She looked sad, Spenser thought. Lately, she always looked sad. “Yes, dear?”

“Is Papa coming home?”

Her eyes seemed suddenly glossy. “No, Spense. I don’t think so.”

When she folded him into her arms, she was warm, and he pretended not to feel her shaking.




She held a hand to her chest, and inhaled deeply. She was pale, far too pale; his mother had always been pink-cheeked, and full of life. “Yes, dear?”

“What’s wrong?”

Diana coughed again. Spenser set a cup of tea on the rickety end table beside her favorite arm chair.

She smiled at him in the way he loved best, and raked a hand through his increasingly unruly hair. “I’m fine. It’s just a little cold.”

He pretended not to know she was lying.




Diana Wellen lay the book she had been reading down on the bed. She was propped up by half a dozen pillows and her hair was still as golden as the sun. There was no pink in cheeks. “Yes, dear?”

“I’m not going.”

She frowned at him in the way he hated--like she was trying to soften the edges of her disappointment. “You’ve wanted to go to Hogwarts since you could talk, Spense. Of course you are.”

He shook his head. He didn’t have an explanation to give--not one that wouldn’t make his chest tight and his voice wobble, anyway. “No.” He took two steps backwards out of the room; she couldn’t follow him. “I’m sorry, Mum. I can’t.”




Spenser barreled through the door, grinning broadly. His cheeks were pink with excitement, his dark hair as unkempt as ever. Her answering smile--the one he loved best--was as sunny as his own. “Yes, dear?”

“It was bloody brilliant.” He collapsed onto the bed beside her, folding his arms behind his head. “Caspian said he’d take me for the next match. They were down one-hundred and forty--one-hundred and forty, can you believe that?--and the opposing beaters were brutal, just awful-” His tone sounded more admiring than scornful. “-and the other seeker kept trying to knock Clemons clear off his broom, but he managed this bloody amazing feint right at the end and grabbed the snitch right out from under his nose!”

Diana ran a hand through his hair. “Tell me all about it.”




It was quiet. Empty. Hollow.

Spenser’s fingers folded into two fists. They didn’t shake.



House Request: Sort me!

Personality: Spenser has his mother’s easy affection and genuine warmth, and his father’s boldness and casual charm. While generally even-tempered, he can at times be over-confident, and even aggressive if he feels threatened. Spenser has decided to take a no-holds-barred approach to life; after all, what else does he have left to lose? While the death of his mother hasn’t made him bitter—she loved him too much for that— it has made him deeply afraid of emotional attachments. He couldn’t bear to go through losing someone again.

Appearance: Spenser has disheveled dark hair that is perpetually in need of a haircut and dark eyes the color of chocolate.  Tall for his age and casually athletic, he’s always seemed at home in his body, and never hesitates to take up as much space as his lanky frame will allow; more often than not, he can be found draped across furniture or casually lounging in his favorite alcove. His complexion is much darker than the typical Englishman’s, thanks to his father’s Filipino roots, and he’s quick to flash a winning smile.


Spenser was, perhaps, the only seventh year who managed to lose himself in the labyrinthine corridors of Hogwarts Castle on a near-daily basis. It’d be downright embarrassing if it wasn’t so laughable; as it stood, he’d made a joke of it before anyone else could, and tried to squeeze in an extra hour or two of exploration each week.

Today, he had made his way down to the dungeons, content to let his mind wander as his feet did the same. Hogwarts truly was a marvel; he could understand, now, why his mother had doggedly revisited the conversation about his enrollment every summer.

Still, he didn’t have a single regret about the way he had spent the last six years. He’d had more time with her than anyone had expected, and the tutors Grandmother sent him had kept him nearly on par with his peers.

The staccato sound of footsteps tore him abruptly from his thoughts, and Spenser peered intently into the semi-darkness. A shape, smaller this his own, materialized out of a side corridor, and he paced closer.

His jaw tightened when he recognized the name—it was a tragedy, what had happened, and Spenser understood loss all too well—but after a moment, his expression softened. “Just me. Spenser Wellen. Are you lost?” He glanced around, wrapping a hand around the nape of his neck, and released a short bark of laughter. “Sorry to say, but I’m not entirely sure I know where I am, either."


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Octavian Griffin (not returning this term), Mia Dragomir, Sebastian Petrocci, Brayden Emerson, etc.

How did you find us?: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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