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Archived Applications / Caleb Valentine Hollins
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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Caleb Valentine Hollins

Birthday: October 30

Hometown: Surrey

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Fifth (first choice), sixth

He was her shame. A reminder of the times she tried so desperately to forget.

The child of Delora Anne Hollins and a halfblood man, conceived during her affair. His mother, having been trapped in an arranged, loveless marriage with a man solely because of his power and blood status, made a habit of going out often. It was in the streets of London she met him; charming, polite, and in her eyes, perfect. For the first time since her marriage, Delora found she was happy, her and her secret lover had it all planned. On new years day, they were to elope, something she was more than willing to do, if it meant she could be with her beloved.

When she got there, all she found was a note.

He had fallen for another, it seemed.

So, with no other choice, she carried on with her life as she did before she had met him. She was early enough in her pregnancy to convince her husband the child was his, and with that she was cursed to live a life of regret until the day she died.

Caleb Valentine Hollins was then born. The pureblood, legitimate, child of Delora Anne Hollins and her husband.

His childhood was the same as the next pureblood child. Firstborn and a son, he was molded to become the perfect heir, the boy who would eventually take his father's place as head of the family. His mother, from the day he was born, always tried her best to treat him as lovingly as she could, but her efforts always came up mediocre; it hurt her to even look at him. He wasn't meant to know of his true heritage, it had all been an accident, his mother whispering softly to him as he slept, pouring out her darkest secrets and feelings.

Expect he wasn't asleep.

Caleb found no interest in confronting his mother, it would only cause grief among the family, and he instead remained silent, as he always did. A quiet child, assumed mute by those outside of his family, never daring to do more than look outside the windows when it came to interaction with the outside world. One day, he found himself being spoken to by a boy, kind and cheerful, asking him to play. All of his hatred that he had kept bottled up for so long, he finally found a way to release it.

The boy had gone home crying.

His tendency for cutting remarks and hurtful words had stopped him from going to a public school, it being feared that he would smear the family name. So for the first three years of his education he was home schooled, taught to act gentlemanly and kind, no matter no insincere he really was.

Come his fourth year, they would see if those lessons had paid of.

Much to his family's delight, Caleb thrived in Hogwarts. Yes, he was still as antisocial as he had been before, but when people conversed with him they believed he was polite, good-hearted, and his lack of social involvement was simply because he was shy. Caleb didn't deny the assumptions made, and even played along with them, but inside he was planning the moment where he would prove himself, to none other than the group of boys he'd spotted on his first day of school. It wasn't their rowdy attitude or love for mischief that caught his eye, but rather how they seemed to treat each other like family, and always seemed to have the other's back. During the middle of term, he did exactly that, pulling a prank even they couldn't ignore.

He was then welcomed with opened arms, and since then he has been fully accepted as one of their members.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff

Personality: Caleb is deceptively nice. He effortlessly keeps up his shield, behaving in a polite and sweet manner for either appearance's sake or his own amusement. When provoked he attacks with various remarks, and will gladly insult you with a smile on his face if he pleases, often confusing others due to the fact they simply don't understand his subtle snark, or because he says it in such a nice manner that they assume he meant no offense. He's incredibly attached to his friends and is unwavering loyal to them.


Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Option One:

All he wanted to do was go to his common room, but if someone wanted to provoke him then, by all means, it was them at fault.

"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Caleb had seen plenty of losers in his life, there wasn't anything special about this one to make him want to photograph him. However, this thought of his remained unspoken as he instead feigned a startled expression, taking a step back at the loud shout.

"I'm terribly sorry," he said, averting his gaze and frowning, "I don't have a camera on me."

It was his fault, both about losing the quidditch match and earning the subtlety snide remark he had given. He had played quidditch before, it wasn't that hard nor did it require much skill, all that boy had to do was throw the quaffle into the hoop. Judging by his appearance, he clearly wasn't taking the loss very well.

Of course he was, he had made an utter fool out of himself.

He caught sight of the tears in his eyes and stifled a sigh. Honestly, what was he expecting? For the whole school to comfort him and forgive him for his mistake? Actually...

With that thought, he took a step closer towards the boy. With a reassuring smile, he lifted his hand to try placing it on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes, and it's just a game after all."

His comforting words were simply to confuse the boy even further if his first comment had done so. As he waited for a reaction, he silently laughed in his head. 


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Rin Hunter and co.

How did you find us?: Google.

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