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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Travis Watson

Birthday: 25th July

Hometown: Paris


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 7th or 6th (preferable)


Travis was born in Paris and live there until the age of four , named after his father's grandfather he was always proud of his name, in his opinion it made him fancier. Born from a British wizard, William who worked as a Healing researcher, and a French witch, Charlotte that worked as a Healer.

One day his mother was alone at the street a muggle thief tried to stole her purse, she tried to fight bak with the bad luck of being pushed and knocking her head with the pavement. He was only three years old when his mother died so he was raised under his father's strict watch, the man always expected the best from his son so Travis always felt under pressure thinking that he was not good enough. Since a young age he had mixed feelings towards muggles.
His father always encouraged him to read and study a lot since a young age, but he had inherited his mother's rebellious spirit so he felt like a trapped bird even if he liked reading, his true passion was the violin and playing it was all he wanted to do, he always sneaked out his home to practice.

He started receiving violin lessons since an early age so he practically grew up with the instrument attached to his hand, much to his father dismay because in his opinion it was nothing but a distraction from his studies but he didn't say anything because his wife had always wanted Travis to play the instrument. His father was very interested in economics and he used to tell Travis about the problems of the government, all the things politics should do and all the mistakes they made, growing up hearing those things he became an activist against the political system, another thing his father hated.

His father was from London so when his wife died he moved back with Travis to England, country the boy had only visited a few times. There he lived until he received his Hogwarts letter, he couldn't be more thrilled at the idea of finally living without his father.


House Request: Slytherin


Travis is a passionate boy, he loves to share his passions and he can talk about them for hours, his biggest passion is the violin, if someone takes his instrument without his consent he won't doubt to punch that person or yell at them, sometimes he gets into problems because of hid blunt personality. He tries to be responsible and study a lot but from time to time he just grabs his violin and forgets about everything.  He is a quiet boy in big groups but a blunt one in smaller ones.  Apart from his violin he likes reading too, jogging and dogs he has three dogs back at home, they're one of his most beloved things in the world.

First impressions are very important for him, if he meets someone and gets a bad impression of them is impossible to change is mind, so if he doesn't like a person since the moment he meets them he will never like them no matter what they do. Travis is quite selfish, he does not care much about the rest of the people.

 He likes to give people a good impression and he'll do all he can to make people have that good impression about him. When he does not agree with other people's opinions he critics and mocks them even if he's the one that is wrong, he won't never accept that he's mistaken, he hates being wrong. He usually uses his sarcasm and wit as a shield and weapon against others. Travis doesn't like crowded places, he enjoys the solitude and find empty places more endearing. He suffers from arachnophonia, but no one knows it.


Travis's a quite tall boy (1,87 metres) but very skinny, his eyes are dark brown, the same colour as his eyes. He walks with pride, he does not mind passing unnoticed by others but from time to time he likes to be the centre of attention. He's tall but very skinny so he tries to appear bigger.
He usually crosses his arms over his chest when he is feeling intimidated or when he is the one that is intimidating another person. His hair is always perfectly brushed, a reflection of the impression that he tries to make on people.


Option 1

That day Travis was not hungry, he had realized it once he was already on the Great Hall, examining the food with a critical gaze. He had never been one to eat a lot, but that day the mere sight of food make him ill... maybe he was ill, he had eaten way too much candy the last night... resting his chin on the palm of his hand he toyed with the fork without paying attention to what was happening around him, people was been specially loud that day for a reason he couldn't understand. When he spotted some students in their Quidditch robes he supposed they had just played a match, he had never cared much about the magical sport.

With a las glance at the food he stood up and made his way out of the hall without saying anything to his fellow housemates. Stuffing his hands inside his pockets he smiled lightly once he exited the crowded room, enjoying the quietness of the corridor. The quietness didn't last long though, suddenly a boy that was walking in front of him turned and yelled some words at first he didn't understand. "A picture? Am I missing something?" Travis whispered softly to himself before turning to see if the boy was yelling to someone else, they were alone.

Glancing at him again he cocked an eyebrow. "Yelling in the middle of the corridor makes you a big loser indeed... but I have the impression you're not referring to that." Shrugging lightly he approached him. "Care to explain?" He asked, a tiny curious twinkle playing on his dark brown eyes.

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