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« on: 23/03/2012 at 22:18 »

Name:Caleb Lance

Name of Hogwarts or Elsewhere Character:Thomas Sincade

Birthdate:June 30th, 1960

Year: 2nd

Hometown:Burbank, California

Magical Strength: Transfiguration

Magical Weakness: Charms

Bloodline: Halfblood

He was born in a mixed household. His mother a witch, and his father just a simple soldier in the United States Military. Because of this, Caleb has moved to quite a few places in the United States. Having been born in Washington, moving to Maryland when he was two, and then Texas, and finally at the moment he is living in California. His father is currently out on assignment, and it makes Caleb worry. Not only for his father, but for his mother as well.

His mother is very bright, and positive about the world. Loose flowing hair, and wearing a lot of flower print, she smiles even when she is sad. From his father, Caleb learned about discipline and the easy choice is not always the right choice, from his mother he learned how to smile even when you felt like crying, and to help people.

Recently, Caleb’s mother has not been in the best of health. During the past summer Caleb had even suggested that he stay behind to help take care of her, considering there are days where she does not have the strength to get up in the morning, or even to get out of bed. Still, his mother insisted that he get his education with his peers, and that she will be all right.

Caleb is just an ordinary kid. He likes to ask questions, he is polite, and he’s always ready to volunteer himself to help others out. He is always there to stand up for those he considers his friends, and he likes to keep himself busy. He seems to avoid his own problems though. Emotional turmoil is something that he keeps locked down tight, and no matter how close you are to him, sometimes it is like pulling teeth to figure out what is bothering him.

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