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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Henry Raymond Viggano

Birthday: July 6, 1930

Hometown: London, England


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 1, 2

If you are applying to be a first, second, or third year, your biography must be at least one hundred words long.
If you are applying to be a fourth year or above, your biography must be at least three hundred words long.

Henry Raymond Viggano was not a normal child.

One time, his mother put him down for a nap. Twenty minutes later, she returned to his room to see him on the other side of the room, building with some blocks. At first she thought it was a magical mishap, but when he saw her, he used the toybox to pull him self up, and walked over to her.

He was seven months old.

At the age of three, his father heard him speaking strange words, which at first had been taken for nonsense. Until he found the young toddler reading a book in his room the following afternoon. It was a Latin language book.

Henry was reading at three, and already working on a second language.

From that point on, his parents made sure to provide him with all the necessary tools his quickly developing mind would need. Private tutors, advanced learning books, anything they could buy which would assist in his learning.

Sometimes, it was not fast enough. It was always easy to tell when he was bored with his current reading materials, because his parents would find the books in a neat stack on the living room sofa, a discontented child staring at them for more.

Even some of the tutors were not up to his standards. On more than one occasion, a tutor quit because of some remarks made from Henry, commenting on their lack of ability to keep up with his growing intellect. By the time he was eight, his parents found it easier to just purchase the reading materials he listed for him, and allow him to do the learning on his own.

Henry learned much quicker when he wasn’t held back by the minds of those attempting to teach him.

As a growing child, he preferred the company of books rather than the company of other children. Parties were boring to him, unless they were his own. He didn’t enjoy team sports, but loved running. He could improve his speed without having other distract him from his goals.

In fact, the only game he did become fond of was wizard’s chess. Henry loved to watch the defeat of his opponent, gleefully watching as his chess pieces destroyed the others around them. It showed the others that he had power, and he could destroy them with his intellect.

Everything which Henry did was for his own good, for his own goals. He had a personal motto, which was often heard by those he beat in his games.

“I always win. I always get my way.”

He believed that with every part of his being. It wasn’t because of his family status either. They had money, but he only saw that as a tool to continue his climb to the top. Henry was going to win because he believed he was better than others, and he was going to prove it, by stepping over all those beneath him on his climb to the top.

His biggest obstacle was their blood status. The family didn’t see it as one, because they were already at a higher status due to their financial situation. But ever since little Henry could understand the difference between pureblood and halfbloods, he knew that he wasn’t perfect. That one little thing kept him from being his very best. And it wasn’t even something he had control over. So his goal was to be the best in everything else, so that he could defeat the disgrace his parents forced him to wear.

When his little sister was born, Henry had to learn what it was like to share. Something he didn’t accept very well at all. In fact, by the time she could understand the world around her, Henry had already convinced her that she didn’t want to play with the best toys. Grace honestly believed that his favorite toys and books were ones which she hated, so she never touched them.

He controlled everything that she did, conditioning her to follow him around and agree with whatever he said, even if she got in trouble for it. When Henry was seven and Grace was five, he accidentally broke a lamp in their playroom. But by the time their mother had arrived to see what the noise was, Grace was already apologizing, believing that she had somehow caused the lamp to break. Henry only nodded in agreement when his mother asked if it were true.

The summer before his first year at Hogwarts, Henry’s father had been called away from their home for work. He worked within the military intelligence area of the MOD, and his next assignment would have him away from the home for the entire summer.

His mother decided to use that opportunity to take Grace to the States, for some vacation time with their family there. Henry, however, would not be going with them. They decided it would be best for him to attend the summer camp, with many of the other Hogwarts’ students. This would be a great opportunity for him to meet new people and start to be acquainted with those he would be seeing for the next seven years.

He fought the decision, but there was nothing he could do about it. The last thing Henry wanted to do was to spend his summer surrounded by children who no doubt did not meet his mental abilities. It would be torture. But his mother assured him that things would go well if he would just open his mind to the possibility.

Henry’s response, true to his nature, was a string of words in Latin which resulted in his mother taking away his newest Latin book.

Not that it mattered. Henry had devoured the information hours after he had received it.

And it still didn’t change her mind in her decision.

So in the summer of 1941, Henry Viggano was sent to Camp Loki, where he was sure he would have a horrible summer. Following by an unbearable first year at Hogwarts.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin

Personality: Precise and calculating, Henry has a reason for everything that he does. He strives to reach the top, and won’t stop until he is there. He doesn’t seem much use for creativity or anything that isn’t able to be defined by numbers and structure. He’s blunt, even if it’s hurtful, and doesn’t recognize how his personality can be off-putting and offensive. He doesn’t recognize emotional pain, as Henry is not very emotional himself. Emotions are time consuming and useless. They only get in the way of rational decision-making.

Appearance: Standing at 4’6”, Henry is on the lower end of the height average for his age. He is a runner, so his body type is slim. Henry has blond hair, which he keeps short at the bottom hairline, but longer at the top. He parts his hair from the left side. Henry has green eyes, not particularly striking, but which are almost grey, in the right light. He has a light complexion, despite the fact that he goes running, but due to the fact that he makes sure his skin is adequately protected from the sun.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Quidditch was not his game. There were too many unknowns to guarantee a win. With all of the players on the pitch, there was no way to properly account for all the possibly scenarios which might happen in the game. Sure, Henry could fly a broom, and he knew how to throw a quaffle or block a shot, but all it would take is another player making a mistake to ruin the game. And for that reason, he refused to play.

He was much better at games where he was in control, like chess, or dueling. That was where he dominated.

Despite his lack of playing on a team though, their team still affected him, because it affected his house. And Henry was going to do whatever he could to make sure that his house was on top. Being part of the winning house also made him a winner. When they lost, that meant he was knocked down as well.

Losing was absolutely unacceptable.

So when Henry watched the boy from their team storm out of the Great Hall, he followed after the boy. There was nothing he could do about the current game, but Henry was definitely going to make sure that boy didn’t make the same mistake again. His ignorance would not cost them another game.

“WHAT! Haven’t you ever seen a loser before? Why don’t you just take a picture?”

He stopped when the other boy turned around, not at all phased by the yelling. It was just a sign of weakness, and reacting to it would mean that Henry was weak as well. He most definitely was not.

“Taking a photograph would not help the situation, so what is the point?” A rhetorical question, he continued speaking, “Your mistake lost us the game, which is unacceptable. But that is the past, and we must move forward. In the future, make sure to tuck the quaffle into your elbow more and pull your arm tighter. Keep your arm at a forty-five degree angle when you hold the quaffle, then you will have more of it covered.”

It really was all about surface coverage when holding onto an item.

“And stop your bloody crying. You already made us look bad with that drop, do not make it any worse. Suck it up, play harder, and do not lose next time.”

Henry turned heel, intent on returning to the Hall to finish his meal. But before he did, he left James with one last remark.

“Or you could just not play. Because we will not lose again next term. So improve, or I will make sure you never play again.”


Previous Characters (if applicable):Rowan Stann, Tegan Owensby, Kellen Douglass, etc.

How did you find us?: Referred by a site member, a LONG time ago.

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