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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Tegan Rhian Owensby

Birthday: October 29, 1959 (1921? I wasn't sure how that was supposed to work, with the time slide.)

Hometown: Briton Ferry, Wales

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Year (pick two): I would like for her to be a 5th year, since that would follow along with her age and past history, as her aunt has also been tutoring her for the year she was out of school. But I would accept 4th year , if there is no more room in 5th.

If you are applying to be a first, second, or third year, your biography must be at least one hundred words long.
If you are applying to be a fourth year or above, your biography must be at least three hundred words long.

March 16, 1937

"Do you have any idea how worried we were? We had no idea where you had gone. Anything could have happened to you!"

Tegan sat in the samll chair i their hotel room, while her aunt paced in front of her., stopping occassionally to glare and shake her head. Her uncle, the more quiet of the pair, sat in the other chair, nt saying a word, disappointment etched across his features.

"And don't even try to excuse yourself just because you left a note. We tell you what to do, not the other way around. what if something had happened to you? How are we to protect you if we don't know where you are? Honestly Tegan, I thought you were smarter than this?"

The teenagers had been quiet until this point, knowing it was better to let Aunt Lynne get out her steam before saying anything. But now she stood, her voice raising as well.

"I am smart. And I was careful! Do you think I just haphazardly went running through the streets? I kept my eyes open for him. I steered clear of the Ministry. I'm back here and safe, aren't I? Why can't you trust that I know how to take care of myself?"

"Because you're only fifteen! You can't use magic out in public. And you can't even apparate. You have no way to defend yourself!"

"I had plenty of protection. Charlie would never let anything happen to me!"

The name was out of her mouth before she realized it, and Tegan's eyes went wide, sitting back down as her uncle stood.

"Who's Charlie?!? Not only did you run off, but you were with some guy we don't know? Who is he? How do you know him?"

"He's a friend. From school. He's a good guy, I promise!"

"From Hogwarts? What was he doing in London then, instead of at school?"

Oh. That was a tricky question. Because Tegan knew her aunt and uncle wouldn't like the answer at all. But the full answer wasn't hers to give. She would have to embellish her answer a little bit.

"Well...he's not at Hogwarts right now. He's being privately tutored. He's been in London since last year."

That wasn't completely lying. Tegan wasn't going to tell them the rest of it, because then they would surely ban her from ever communicating with him again. And she wasn't going to let that happen.

"And I don't think it matters who I was with. I told you I would be back, and I am. I just needed to get out for a while, is that so hard to understand? I feel like I'm a prisoner, and I've never done anything wrong. It's not fair!"

Her aunt stopped pacing, hurt obvious in her face. “Tegan...”

“No! I’m done listening to you. I’m almost an adult, but I’ve got less freedom than kids half my age. You’re worried, that’s fine. You can go hide all you want. But I’m sick of hiding, and I’m sick of my life being less because you fear him. I want to stop all of this moving around. I want to go back to Hogwarts!”

“You know we can’t do that. We have to keep you safe.”

“No! I’m plenty safe there! I will go back. If you don’t let me then, then I’ll just run away!”

Jumping up from the chair, Tegan ignored any attempts to stop her and pushed passed her aunt. She went into her own room, adjacent to her aunt’s slamming and locking the door behind her.


March 17, 1937

The atmosphere was tense that morning as Tegan joined her family at the table. She had locked her door after their argument, only speaking enough to assure them that she was still there when her aunt asked for her. The girl had woken up and got ready without so much as a “Good morning” to the occupants in the other room. Now she sat down at breakfast, determined not to speak a word to either of them.

Tegan knew they had been up all night talking. Charms could keep her from hearing the conversation, but she could see the light under the door. She knew when they went to bed. But Tegan wasn’t going to ask what they had discussed. They would have to speak first if they wanted her to talk to them.

“Tegan...” her uncle began, and the teen barely looked up from her toast to acknowledge him. “Your aunt and I were talking fora  while last night, as I’m sure you know.”

“And first of all, I want to say that you’re not out o trouble. What you did yesterday was careless and selfish. you thought only of yourself, not caring at all what sort of worry you put your aunt and I through. We’ve worked hard to protect you, and if something happened, all of that work would be pointless. And it would break our hearts. You know we think of you as a daughter. We couldn’t bear to lose you.”

She knew that. Tegan never doubted that her aunt and uncle wanted to keep her safe. She just thought they were too paranoid about the situation with her father. They were more scared than she was, and Tegan had witnessed more of him and what he could do.

“However,” her uncle continued, “We are willing to consider letting you return.” Finally, Tegan looked up surprised. “As long as you meet our conditions. No more running off like you did yesterday. If you want to meet up with your friend, we’ll talk about it, and try to arrange something. But not on your own.”

“And you have to trust and listen to us, be on your best behavior until the fall. No more arguing, no fighting, and no attempts to sway our decisions. If your behavior proves you really want this, then we’ll let you go back.”

She couldn’t believe it, they were actually agreeing! Tegan looked at her aunt, and Lynne was nodding in agreement. This was truly happening.

“What about the summer camp? Can I go to that too?”

“Don’t push it, Tegan.” Her aunt finally spoke up. “We’ve agreed to the fall. Let’s see how your behavior is, and maybe we’ll talk about the summer.”

“But...” Tegan started to protest, but thought better against it. “Okay, fine. I’ll agree.”

A short pause.

“Thank you.”

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin, as that was her previous house before leaving.

Personality: Tegan has changed a lot in the past year. Where as she used to be pretty friendly with people, she's become more closed off and selective about who she considers a friend. She will still talk to people, but Tegan is cautious about with whom she shares important information about her life. Due to past circumstances, Tegan used to have a strong aversion to males, preferring to not let them into her 'circle of trust' at all. But she has realized that not all males are like her father, so she is starting to branch out more in her interactions with them.

While before, Tegan might have been content with just going along with how things were, doing what was requested of her, a year of being in 'hiding' with her aunt and uncle has made her feel shackled, and she's more keen to do the things she wants to do, no matter what anyone else says. She'll listen to those in charge, but only as long as it doesn't directly interfere with what she wants. If it does, she'll feign compliance, and then go do her own thing anyway. After being forced to follow her aunt and uncle for a year, she thinks that she deserves to get her own way. And will make sure that happens.

Appearance: Hair still blonde, it stopped retaining it's tight curls after an incident during her 3rd year. Tegan prefers it grown out long, and prides herself in her hair. She either wears it straight, or with large curly waves.

Standing about 5'1", she obviously did not inherit the height of her father. But what she lacks in height, Tegan makes up in demand and voicing herself. This petite girl isn't a push-over!

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

She missed Spellbound. Sure, it hadn’t been as exciting as dueling, but Tegan took pride in her work with the paper. And being an editor was an important job, so she prided in the fact that she had been an editor, when she was just a 3rd year. After being gone for a year though, there was no way she was able to snag another editor position. Those things were figured out the year before. She could write for the paper, sure, but Tegan wanted to get settled into other things. The paper would have to wait.

But she did miss it.

Often, she would find herself randomly strolling the castle, ending up in the same corridor as the Spellbound office. Which is why she was there now, even if Tegan didn’t realize it until Astrid came running up to her.

Tegan stopped, looking over the girl as she caught her breath, noticing the quill and parchment in her hand.

“Chasing down students in corridors for quotes? Isn’t that a little unprofessional? You should take more pride in your work.”

She didn’t really know the other girl, only by name, but she already didn’t have too much of a liking for the writer. A good writer should not have to run for quotes, in her opinion.

“But since you stopped me, I guess I should say something, yes? I guess it’s okay to serve them, if it’s like, a special international day or something. Or if Beauxbaton’s was visiting. But that is like, a French delicacy or something, right? If people want frog legs so bad, they can move to France.”

“That good enough?”


Previous Characters (if applicable): Francis Turin, Kellen Douglass, Damien Andrada, et al.

How did you find us?: A long, long time ago, at a university far away, a good friend told me the secrets of this place.

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