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Archived Applications / Conner Mason
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Conner Mason

Birthday: 2 December 1946

Hometown: London, England

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength: Charms

Magical Weakness: Transfiguration

Year: first (preferred), second

Biography: On the second day of December, 1946, a very relieved Sarah Mason welcomed her new son, Conner, into the busy world of London. He was approximately eight and a half days late, which was cause for great worry on Sarah's part. Already struggling with the stresses of being married to an enterprising business man, James, who spent the majority of his time overseas, she could barely handle the added worry of an extended pregnancy.

Despite Conner's initial tardiness, he had a fairly easy childhood. His mother loved him dearly and his father, though mostly absent, provided more than enough money for the family to live in comfort. When he was three, his mother gave birth to a baby girl, Breanna, who became his very best friend as the two siblings grew together in a relaxed London suburb.

Hardly anything remarkable happened to Conner through his youth. However, on his eleventh birthday, a letter came for him from Hogwarts. Upon seeing the letter, his mother squealed with delight and admitted that she was, in fact, descended from a pureblood family in the wizarding world. Conner was shocked (and understandably so!), but was quite excited to attend Hogwarts and learn all about magic. He had always fostered a particular fondness for education.


House Request: Ravenclaw

Personality: confident, compassionate, organized (to the point of being excessively so), introspective

Appearance: dark hair, startlingly blue eyes, small build


Option I (response):

One of Conner's shiny shoes scuffed across the rough floor. He was alone, though not particularly bothered by it. His thoughts were all the company he needed tonight. And what loud thoughts they were!

Only the night before, Conner had stumbled across a map of Hogwarts in an obscure book in the library. After inspecting it closely, however, he was positive that the sketches of the basement stairways didn't align properly. Naturally, he immediately took it upon himself to seek out the offending features and amend the map.

As he had corrected the staircase, another detail just down the hall had jumped out at him as being off, and he had rushed into the darkness to draw it in as it should be. Now, just over an hour later, he was nearing the dungeons and everything was getting... creepier. This particular corridor ran at a slight angle, though, and on the map it didn't. That needed to be fixed before he could turn around.

The shadows seemed to thicken into dark masses as he crept into the silence. Very little could be seen and, unfortunately, the awkward pipe protruding from the stone wall was not visible. It smacked Conner squarely in the shin, emitting a rather loud clonk and drawing a muttered curse from his lips.

Rubbing the painful spot on his leg and ruefully shaking his head, Conner pressed onward tentatively. As he did, a voice rang out from the darkness ahead, causing him to jump at least six feet into the air.

Garbled and distorted from the tunnel-like qualities of the corridor, it almost seemed to be the voice of a young girl.

"How odd," Conner whispered. "I must be imagining things now." He was curious, almost painfully so, though. Was the sound really just some figment of his imagination? Could it really be that somebody else was skulking about the dungeons at this late hour?

After a brief internal struggle, his inquisitive nature got the best of him. "Hello?" he said, his voice raised slightly. "Is somebody there?"


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): N/A

How did you find us?: A friend who used to be a member of this site recommended it to me.

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