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Archived Applications / Ryan James Larkin
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Ryan James Larkin

Birthday: 19th August, 1943

Hometown: Godric's Hollow

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength : Charms

Magical Weakness : Divination

Year : Fifth Year / Sixth Year


Ryan James Larkin was the firstborn of James Larkin and Lilith Larkin, who worked as button makers as their line of business, a business inherited from James' father, and his father's father before him. The Larkin family was a Pureblood family but wasn’t involved in any Muggle discriminatory; but rather lived peacefully among them.

To other folks, the night of 19th August 1943 was just like any other night, but to Larkins, it was one hell of a miracle night. Welcoming the newest member of Larkin into the family, James and Lilith vowed to be the best parents for little Ryan, to always cherish and love him until death claim their lives. This led to Ryan James Larkin, being showered with loves and spoiled in anyway during his childhood.

At an early age of five, Ryan had shown signs of magic, where his toys would levitate for a few seconds, and a sudden coldness that aired the room when Ryan was crying. Just like James and Lilith had wished and suspected, their firstborn would also inherited the magic just like they were, and soon will continue their legacy being a student at Hogwarts.

Years past and Ryan finally reached eleven years old. The child was running around with his friends near the Larkin’s cottage, the eyes of his parents’ never left him as they watched their son playing wooden swords with the other kids. James, sitting on a chair near the balcony, had a cup of tea in his hand. Lilith stood by, rested her palms onto of James’ shoulder, letting out a sigh. Lilith was in her first trimester of her pregnancy period, but still she had become more sensitive than before. Or maybe it was just how mothers feel about leaving their child far for school.

“I’ll miss him.”
“Come on now, Lilith, we haven’t got the letter yet haven’t we?” James’ tone was calm and relaxed, as he then took another sip of his hot tea.

“Yes, but it must’ve been this year. He’s turning eleven soon and September is just around the corner.” Lilith frowned, mixed emotions of happy and sad written all over her face, knowing that her son soon would gone to Hogwarts and they’ve never been apart from each other before.

James was about to speak, when a white owl was seen flying from the sky, heading towards their cottage. The closer it got, the clearer they could see that the owl had a letter tied to its leg. Soon, the owl landed on top of the wooden rail near right in front of the parents. Exchanging looks between them, they knew that it was the letter before James reached for it. The letter that would change young Ryan’s life, forever.

After receiving the letter, like any magical parents, they went to Diagon Alley to buy Ryan’s necessaries for his new school. The sights of different shops of magical things awed him, despite having some wizard families living at Godric’s Hollow near their house. His unforgettable moment there was when he was buying his first wand at Olliivander’s. A twelve inch Blackthorn with the core of Dragon’s Heartstring had chosen him, claiming Ryan as its master. From Diagon Alley, his magical journey embarked, starting from the Acceptance Letter from Hogwarts.

During his First Year, he had learned that his mother had given birth to another child, his baby sister Marian. Excited to have read the news through a letter from his father, he counted days until the semester was over. It was also during his First Year, he had found that he would like to have a rank in the Magical Law Enforcer, or perhaps Auror, to help diminish the idealogy of Pureblood supremacy.

Throughout his years in Hogswart, he had discovered that he was leaning more to subject Charms than other subjects as it involved more practical approach. And also during these years, he had met some friends from his House and other Houses as well. Despite having a Pureblood status flowing through his veins, he never shared the ideology of one being was more superior than the others. In fact, he was against the act of judging other people by their blood status or their position.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: No preference


Friendly was one word to describe Ryan. He had no trouble in making friends, or having to start a conversation with anyone. He sees strangers as potential friends, and if they did something that peeked his interest, he would most definitely be the one to engage or talk with them. Being raised in a loving family, he could be naughty behind his parents, not to an extent of someone you would call “spoiled kid” naughty, but rather “naughty but good” kind of kid. Ryan definitely work best with his close friends, rather than teaming up with someone he just met. Although he could speak with anyone, sometimes his talks weren’t enough to be friends with someone, like it just won’t “click”. At times you could see him hanging out with his friends, being the loudest in the group, at other times, you could see him wandering off alone in silent like an introvert, depending on his mood.

On a good day, Ryan would seem happier than usual, in fact cheerful some might say. You will find him smiling all the way to class, greeting everyone he’d meet. He’d be more talkative than usual, and would try to spread and keep his positivity even when dealing people with problems. However, as good as a good day was, it could change any minute. People who were trying to get on his nerve on his good day, he could let it slide but everyone have their limits. For Ryan, his limit was his family. He couldn’t stand it if someone would try to say bad things to them, let alone hurt them. And his definition of family ranges from close friends to his own blood.

On a bad day, like a very terrible day when you just woke up late and you tripped over when you were rushing to class and your books and stationeries scattered on the floor, Ryan Larkin was a very different man. Anything and almost anything would set him off. That feeling of nothing was right would bug his mind all day and that keep him on just a second away from exploding in rage. When he saw red, he could still think of his friends and families if they were involved in the radius. Trying his best to not let it out on his friends, he’d choose to walk away from them, being alone until he cooled off. Ryan wasn’t always a hot tempered person but if he was having his bad day, almost everything would make him mad.


Ryan had a fair skin, clear from any freckles but have quite several moles that fitted perfectly to his skin. Dark brown hair covering his scalp, wavy and smooth of every strand and sometimes changed colours under certain spectrum of light ; like when his hair seems to be golden under the bright majestic sun. Both eyes were green in colour, giving the male a great sight with no signs and symptoms of short-sightedness. Standing at the height of 170cm, having a good body posture and never slouch to maintain such posture.

 Option I:   

Nothing was better than that rush of excitement when you were going for an adventure. That was what Ryan Larkin had been through at the moment, walking in the dark areas of the Dungeons. Exploring was one thing that Ryan loved to do to kill his leisure time, and today he had chosen the dungeons as a passage to his more exciting journeys. The Dungeons could be his favourite spot to have a walk, if it didn’t remind him of Potions class which he hated so much. He was doing well with other classes, but somehow Potions just don’t work for Ryan.

If Potions was alive, he would consider it as his archenemy.

Nevertheless, he still thought he could just walk and maybe find something interesting down here, even if the area gave him the creep for real. It was more like a challenge to himself, to prove that he wasn’t afraid of anything, if there were nothing down here. He could feel the cold air grasped onto his skin, his body shimmering in response. ‘Perhaps it was time to back’, he monolog silently in his mind. Turning around, he began his descend from the dungeons, heading back to the main castle.

As he was walking closer to the main corridor, his footsteps began to slow down when his ears caught the sound of footsteps. He couldn’t see who was it but he knew that someone was coming, and it could be just another stroller just like him. Noticing how loud footsteps can be due to the echo in the dungeons, Ryan slowed down whenever his feet was about to reach the ground. For his own amusement, he tried to walk as silent as he could, until a voice of a girl stopped him.

“Hello! Is Emma Birch is here?” The words echoed momentarily.

Ryan knew no one named Emma Birch. At least not from his year or his house. Whoever the girl was summoning, he had no desire to know. And whoever she was looking for was probably not there. If Ryan had to guess, the girl couldn’t be any older than a Fourth Year student. To uncover whoever had said that, Ryan showed himself from the corner he was from, just to see his intuition was right. Pursing his lips, his pair of green eyes took a quick glance at the girl.

“Hello. I don’t think there’s Emma Birch here. But you could try to find her at The Library? Or perhaps in the common room. No one’s here.”  He turned his head to see if he was right about that too. And he probably was. Or probably not, if he managed to miss someone when he was strolling in the dungeons.


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