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Archived Applications / Delphine Felicity Dario
« on: 01/12/2019 at 00:43 »
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Delphine Felicity Dario

Birthday: 2/14/40 or 2/14/41 (Depending on her Hogwarts year.)

Hometown: Paris, France

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): Fifth/Sixth (Preferably Fifth)


Delphine Dario is the byproduct of an affair between Thaddious Grey and her mother Penne Dario. She was born on February 14th and is between two or three years older than her half brother Christoph Grey. Delphine was raised by her mother after giving Thaddious an ultimatum that he leave his wife or loose access to his daughter. When he attempted to do just that he was informed about his soon to be twins Christoph and Rosalie and stayed with his wife. Enraged Penne denied him access to Delphine to years and raised her to have the same hatred for her younger half siblings her mother did before her.

Eventually Thaddious wore Penne down and it was agreed Delphine would spend Yule with the Grey family. That was the same year Rosalie tragically died by drowning. Only Christoph and Delphine know what happened leading up to the young girl's demise and it's a he said she said type situation. Fast forward to the present where Delphine is going to Beaubaxtons and generally living her best life...until her boyfriend Francis Beauchene went off and transferred to Hogwarts. She reckons she should have seen it as a break up...but she didn't and then she got word from Christoph. He was dating her ex! It solidified her already half-hazard plans to move her education to Scotland. It was true...she was wealthy now in her own right. Witches Fashion Icon, Model, Influencer. But she wanted more...she wanted what she'd constantly been denied. She wanted her piece of the Grey fortune...and Scotland was the only place to get it. Her problem had always been her lack of legitimacy as being only half Grey, as well as being female...but if she applied enough pressure to her half brother Christoph? She might just get everything she ever wanted....or drag the little runt off his high and mighty horse. Whichever came quickest.

Delphine also started School a year late due to her flourishing early career. She was debating during this time whether to attend school at all.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff (Preferably) or Ravenclaw


On the surface Delphine Dario is famous and a friend to all known to be charitable and kind but bubbling under that is dict and deception. She seems friendly...she even is kind to anyone and everyone she meets but it's an act. A horribly convincing one she's perfected over the course of years. She's greedy. Intelligent. Manipulative. Conniving. Merciless. Cruel. She tends to pass off her misdeeds as mistakes or ignorance and does so flawlessly creating one of France's most beloved Fashion darlings...but she's in reality completely fake for the most part.


Long and gorgeous blonde hair frames an angular face that is the perfect combination of her parents. Green eyes seem to be the only thing that connect her to the Grey family that is noticeable, and she seems to take pride in this. She has a medium sized nose, average looking lips, and her eyes seem to follow a person's every move they pierce you so hard. Her style of dress is only the best and most recent in witches ware and she adjusts her Hogwarts uniform as much as she can get away with.

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Option 2:

Delphine had been rather enjoying the view. The beautiful flowers were after all rather breathtaking. But her time of enjoyment was short lived by someone who seemed distressed. She was going to ask what was wrong given she tried her best to at least appear friendly...but then it spoke and she did mean it. She refused to call it a person or a he.

It was rude. Rude and snide as if she'd been staring at it on purpose! She was just debating on what her best move would be and figured...she should offer help but then this? Absolutely not. It could sort out it's own problems. Instead of doing what she really desired which involved cursing the undesirable...she simply huffed.

“Well before you decided to be...not nice I was going to ask what was wrong. You never know...I might have been able to help. But you seem just as capable as I so...I'll just go back to the flowers if you'd kindly move?” She asked.


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