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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Oliver Southwark

Birthday: July 27th, 1942

Hometown: Margate, England

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Year (pick two): 1st, 2nd


Three odd things about Oliver

1) He can’t remember not knowing he was a wizard

At the age of five he hardly had the attention span to listen to the whole story when his mother read him the Wizard of Oz.  Much of it was boring, and there were too many girls in it.  However, he was rather taken with the idea of being a wizard, so naturally he declared he was one. 

When the lady from the Ministry of Magic came, and informed him he was the wizard unlike his parents, that thought the ministry lady was crazy, he accepted it.  His reaction was to ask the ministry lady if she was a witch.  When the ministry lady said “yes” he picked up his mothers water glass and threw it on the lady.  He was disappointed when she didn’t melt and left the house.

Everyone deemed him crazy, and him the same unto them. 

2) His cat is named Queen Elizabeth

If you asked him, his old cat was named King George - everyone else called it mittens.  Furthermore King George demanded respect and obedience.  Regrettably since he was a cat he couldn’t speak so that meant everyone had to listen to him the official representative of the King. 

When he didn’t get what he wanted, King George decreed that he should get it if he still cared enough to remember what he was demanding at that moment.  His older sisters were constantly declared traitors, and were forever were trying to get into the good graces of the King.  His sisters mostly failed.

Any apologies that he didn’t want to give became royal pardons.  These mostly revolved around his sisters things being put to better uses like there dolls participating in experiments.

Upon the death of King George, the actual King not the cat, he begged for a kitten.  His parents thought it would be the end of that game as they got him a boy kitten, and he'd been calling the former King George mittens for months.  They were wrong.

3) He was abandoned on Platform 9 3/4

Traveling to London was easy for his parents, as his sisters and mother frequently loved shopping in London so this trip was just another excuse to shop.  The only difference was they had a duffle, and box with his kitten in it for the train ride to London instead of nothing in there hands. 

Only his father accompanied him to the station, and the last thing he heard his father say is “ Hogwarts was real. “  Then he felt a push into the crowd and when he turned around he screamed “ Daddy.  Queen Elizabeth demands you return. “

The people who could see him looked at him as if he was crazy.  As they were dressed crazy, like that ministry lady who wasn’t a witch, so he thought they were crazy.  After all, he knew he wasn't crazy - his parents had him checked.

Eventually the crowd thinned and he was alone so an adult nudged him onto the train.  Wherever the train was going had to be better than a day shopping with his sisters. 

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions, not Evangeline's or Hugh's.

Option I:

The dungeons. A place eleven-year-old Evangeline had not yet travelled since her arrival at Hogwarts.

A place she really was just fine with not knowing; but it was too late. The dare had been accepted, even if it had been done in fear of being kicked out of Gryffindor, like the older girls had said she would because Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.

The air changed instantly when she hit the main corridor of the dungeons. The dampness was almost too much for her and she instinctively took a deep breath to avoid the sensation of being suffocated. There was also a sour burning smell which Evangeline assumed was from many, many Potions lessons.

Further and further she walked, her steps so slow and gentle they made no noise against the stone walls and floor. The feeling that she wasn't alone crept up her spine and raised the tiny hair on the back of her neck. Shivering, Evangeline wrapped her arms around herself. Suddenly, she missed the warmth and comfort of the Gryffindor common room. The fire was always going and it made her feel at ease.

Why had she let those girls talk her into this? She was only eleven, she didn't have to be brave. Surely the Headmistress would not kick her out of Hogwarts for not being brave.

If only she had these thoughts while being dared to search for the ghost of one Emma Birch, whom supposedly haunted the dungeons. It was not, Evangeline had learned, the place where the sixteen-year-old girl's life had ended but as she had been from the house with a snake as its mascot, it was the place her spirit had returned to. That common room was down here somewhere, she'd been told.

Something - the small blonde girl wasn't quite sure what - but something made her stop in her tracks suddenly. There was a low, dull thumping noise. Or maybe that was her heart beating so loudly she thought it was coming from outside her body.

"H-h-hello?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Remembering that she was supposed to be brave, Evangeline tried again.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The sound of her own words bouncing back at her off the walls made her jump.

He was confident as he strode his way down the hallways of the dungeons. After all, he was a wizard and that meant he was all powerful and in charge so it was best to act the part.  Sure the dungeons were a bit damp and confining, but as others were nervous walking around in them it just proved he was superior to them.


He stopped thinking he had heard something and looked around.  After a quick second he went back to walking towards his favorite dead end to relax reading a book.

“Hello! Is Emma Birch here?”

He continued forward figuring the voice was in the hallway ahead and said “ Boo “ in the loudest voice he could manage.  He heard the rumors of the ghost’s existence from older years.  Yet, unlike them he was smart enough not to fear ghosts as he was a wizard and ghosts just floated about.  The most damaging thing a ghost could do was tattle without repercussion as if a ghost was a traitor nothing could be done.


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): Zoraida Trowbridge, Jabari & Oliver Razi, Elizabeth Arnett… a lot…

How did you find us?: I forget

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