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Archived Applications / Anders, Adolpha
« on: 05/12/2017 at 16:51 »

Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Adolpha Hida Anders

Birthday: 24 December 1936

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): Sixth, Seventh

Biography: I am a child of World War II; born of a union between a Nazi of the Third Reich and a staunch follower of the Hexenreich. As a child, hidden beneath the city of Berlin while bombs rained down, I was thought to be lost. I wasn't. I'm living proof wars can have good outcomes too. Now I'm here in England to find my mother, Nixia Ott.

I was pulled from the wreckage of a building, stones upon my arms and legs, and limp as a ragdoll; Mrs. Dunst has recounted the story on more than one occasion. The sounds of screams filled the air as people frantically searched for survivors, friend and foe alike, among the war-torn buildings that had crumpled around them. Mrs. Dunst said I was separated from my family when the tunnel we hid in collapsed and divided the group in half. All I know is I haven't seen nor heard anything of my family since that day. At least, not until I got a whiff of a faction calling themselves the Hexenreich. The group was gaining a bit of notoriety in Europe before I saw her face in the paper. I didn't recognize her immediately, it was a face I had not seen in many years, but I knew within my heart it was hers. The face of Nixia Ott. My mother. No sooner had I found her though, the Hexenreich were shattered and the trail went dark. Now, with the blessing of Mrs. Dunst, I have decided to transfer to the last known place my Mother was seen. I'm nearly of age and still have much to learn of this world, this I know, but as my last living blood relative I owe her this. I owe my entire life to her.

Adolpha pursed her lips, the crimson-stained pillows puckering slightly as she heard the faintest of calls from somewhere in the dungeon. Emma Birch...? The name didn't strike a chord within the fiery redhead despite her having tried her best to remember the names of her new classmates. Their real names were little in comparison though to the ones she had so thoughtfully assigned them in her head. Gently she turned her gaze upwards, then to her left and back to her right before slowly turning a full one hundred and eighty degrees to face the opposite direction.

She was hopelessly lost.

"Hello?" she called out to no one in particular. She had yet to see a single student since wandering down to the dungeons, only the faint call of someone who sounded very far off. Adolpha inhaled sharply. You've got this, she told herself assuredly as she nodded once and headed in a north-west direction, or at least she was sure it was. The stones that comprised the passageway were all wet and covered in a film. Time began to slip away from her as she zigged and zagged throughout unrecognizable corridors, her chocolate brown eyes frantically searching for a signal indicating the exit. The same chocolate brown eyes failed to see the young girl standing in the hallway and she promptly slammed into her, emitting a blood-curdling scream as she did so.

Adolpha wasn't ready to die, not yet.


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): Zailey Pavlova, Viktoria Borovsky, Jezebel Morgenstern, Elizabeth Waters, James Waters

How did you find us?: I was here a long time and then disappeared. RL. *sighs*

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