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Application for Hogwarts School



Birthday:December 27, 1939

Hometown: Amiens, France


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 1 , 2

Cosette Petit was born to her loving parents, Adrien and Vedette Petit. They were owners of a small restaurant, as Adrien was a talented chef. Vedette managed the money, and their skills combined made a successful business. Cosette was raised somewhat wealthy, though her family wasn't super rich, but they lived in a decent sized house. Cosette wasn't spoiled, and she was happy playing without all the toys she wanted. When Cosette was three, her sister Favour was born. She was fascinated by the baby, and didn't mind that Favour got so much attention. In fact, Cosette gave Favour the full attention. Favour was her new playmate, and Cosette couldn't happier. Her life seemed perfect, with a new baby sister.

They seemed like the perfect little family. Two adoring parents and their happy daughters. No one realized and saw what was coming. Cosette was six when her mother got pregnant again. Her parents, who loved children, were nervous. Favour's health was declining and it would be a miracle if she survived. Adrien had to run the whole restaurant, he wasn't good at business nor money management. At the end of the stressful nine months, Favour gave birth to a baby boy and died. Cosette loved her brother Rafael instantly, and didn't understand why her mother died.

Without Favour's guidance, Adrien made a bad decision. He made a terrible investment that cost the family everything. They were kicked out to the streets. The family was surrounded by crime. Cosette was only seven. Taking care of the baby was her job while her father tried to make money. Adrien decided to move the family to London. It was a big change for the family, especially since Cosette barely spoke English. Her father got a job as a store clerk, and the family moved into a one bedroom apartment. It was a shock when she got her Hogwarts letter, but she was really pleased.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Ravenclaw

Personality: Cosette is intelligent and inquisitive. She is very loving toward her family, but she doesn't know anyone but her relatives. Cosette is extremely shy, and is often lonely because she's afraid to approach others. She shuts out the world and reads. Cosstte is easily frightened and excitable, which can be annoying. The girl can be indecisive, but if she knows what she wants, she goes for it. Cosette is a dreamer, and often day dreams, and thinks of a better life. More than anything, she wants to be a good daughter and sister.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
(Reply to Option 1)

Cosette Petit hated the dungeons. In fact, she despised them. Like a horse, the girl was easily spooked. This place was dark and creepy. French streets at night couldn't prepare her for this. At Hogwarts ghosts and vampires were real. All of the legends that would make her shudder were real. She would often assure herself they were legends, but now her horrors have come to life. It was terrifying.

The horrid smell burned against her nose. She wasn't surprised it smelled. The potions ingredients were disgusting and probably smelly. Cosette stopped breathing with her nose to banish the odor. Magic  and Hogwarts were good, but they had a dark side. They were both wonderful and horrible at the same time.

Her steps were silent against the stone. The rich girl she once was was graceful and elegant, even at a young age. Her heart pounded in her chest as she wandered down through the dungeons. As horrible as the odor was, Cosette followed it. She was trying to find the Potions classroom, but she didn't want to ask for help. Maybe it was her shyness that prevented her. It could have also been her pride. Cosette didn't know.

Two Slytherin girls passed by her, whispering to each other. So this must be where their common room was. Cosette took a step forward, placing her black flat on the geo. Water splashed up. It was to dark to see the puddle, but you could hear Cosette slip and fall. She immediately jumped back up. Her wrist hurt, but her pride was the most damaged.

"H-h-hello?" Cosette heard her voice. It sounded like a girl her age. The quiet first year turned the corner that the voice was coming from.

Before her eyes was another first year she recognized from the Sorting. The Gryffindor Evangeline stood right in front of her. Cosette seemed to remain unnoticed in the darkness.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

So that was what brought the girl down here. She was searching for a ghost, and what Cosette hoped was a legend. Ghosts creeped her out. The idea of haunting the world after death was odd to the child.

"Umm no? It's just Cosette Petit!" Her voice called out to the girl with a thick French accent.

"Don't be frightened!"


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): None

How did you find us?: Google

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