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Archived Applications / Rosalind Ashby Student Application
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Application for Hogwarts School


Rosalind Ashby

September 10th, 1936 (Rosalind is entirely unaware of any Time Warp Theory Nonsense, as her Father never included it in her lessons)

Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

Pureblood (Maternal grandparents are both muggleborns, but they were “wiped” from the family records)

Magical Strength:
Summoning & Conjuring

Magical Weakness:

2nd or (preferably)3rd year

Rosalind was born the elder daughter and sole heir to the Ashby family, a moderately powerful American Pureblood family. The Ashby clan is very influential in both the magical and No-Maj government, due to the fact that Rosalind’s  maternal grandparents were both born from No-Majs, and quite a few of her second-cousins took government jobs (Not that she sees them very often- her Father disapproves of anything and everything No-Maj related). Rosalind’s Father took up most of her time with lessons from a young age; her first solid memory is of sifting through stacks of ancestry books for every pureblood family from Los Angeles to Beijing. These lessons left little time for anything else, which meant that her relationships with her Mother and sister Bailey were practically nonexistent. Bailey went off to some No-Maj school on their Mother’s urgings and Rosalind didn’t pay much attention to her after that. By the time she was 10 years old, Mr. Ashby had sculpted Rosalind into the perfect Pureblood Ashby heir: always polite, refined, and stoic to a fault. Her father was eager for her to join the Salem Institute for Magic, before an incident caused by her sister’s unpredictable magic and a few… highly flammable elementary-schoolers. Because of MACUSA’s strict No-Maj laws, the Ashbys were forced to flee the Americas. The family migrated from place to place; anywhere between half-way homes and hidden woodland cabins became Rosalind's new home. Once the outrage Bailey caused had died down, they felt safe enough to settle down. As they could not return to the United States, and her Father refused to allow his daughters to attend a half-rate magical academy, they made their way to London, England. The Ashbys have little to no knowledge of the turmoil in Magical Britain, as they have been on the run. Shortly after their arrival, Rosalind received a (very belated) Hogwarts acceptance letter.


House Request:
Slytherin (this is my “ooc” house, and I feel the most comfortable there. It should also be the best fit for Rosalind)

Rosalind is quite manipulative & has a talent for discovering secrets(which is less inherent an more drilled into her from long personal lessons taught by her father and countless tutors). Nevertheless, Rosalind is always able to make an impeccable first impression on someone, whether it be one of her Father’s peers or her own (not that she has much experience with others her age outside of spoiled Pureblood brats). Rosalind rarely takes a stance on any topics viewed as controversial, letting others fight over them until there is a clear winner, whom she will shortly show her support for. Rosalind thrives in the background, steering others where she wants them. She abhors being too far into the spotlight, as it is more difficult to get people to trust her that way. Her personal motto is: Shadows keep secrets safe.
Rosalind, like many Purebloods, is not very fond of Mudbloods an their ilk, which encompasses even her own family- her mother and sister act all too much like No-Majs for her, or her father’s, comfort. Rosalind hadn’t even spoken to her sister, Bailey, for three years until she finally showed signs of magic. Even then, her uncouthness and No-Maj tendencies drove a hard wedge in between her and Rosalind.
Despite the intense discipline she was subjected to as a child, there was one thing that her Father had never been able to squash out of Rosalind, mostly because she had worked very hard to hide it from him and from herself. Rosalind is gay, but will deny it to her last breath. As the heir to her family, she is expected to marry a rich Pureblood and spawn more heirs.
Rosalind is very self-deprecating, scolding herself inwardly for any action that could be perceived as incorrect or uncouth. This leads her to resent anyone who performs better than herself, but lose respect for anyone who does not meet her standards (Her sister Bailey is usually in this category).

Rosalind is of a very average height, just scraping 5’5 with flats on. Her dirty blonde hair is almost always tossed to one side in a “messy” style that took up to three spells to manage in the morning. Especially since, if straightened, the locks manage to reach her waist. Rosaline regularly uses her crimson lipstick as a sort of mask, along with black eyeliner around honey brown eyes. You’ll never catch her with mascara, as it always makes her eyes feel sticky an she has to draw a line somewhere. Her skin is a cold porcelain; she rarely steps foot outside without layers of sunblock and even a parasol if it is too bright outside. Her face still holds the plumpness of a child, which is one of the only traits she would change about herself. She’s moderately curvy, which to outsiders looks nice but is only extra weight to Rosalind (Not that she would try to lose that weight, that would mean the purchase of an entirely new wardrobe, and that is much too much effort!).
At society events she always looks impeccable in some sort of flowy dress, but on the average she prefers collared shirts and dark pants. If she thinks she’s alone, you might even catch her in some sort of neck or bow tie.

The sudden voice echoing through a previously silent hall scared the ever-living hellfire out of Rosalind. The large textbook she had been returning to the library slipped from her fingers in her fright and slammed against the stone floor, causing her to jump, once again, out of her skin.
“Is Emma Birch here?” The frightened voice exclaimed. Rosalind rolled her eyes. Not this stupid tale again.. *I swear if one more firstie gets lost in the dungeons again,* She thought as she made her way towards the girl, after retrieving the textbook.
“No ghosts in this part of the dungeon currently, sorry to disappoint,” She smirked at the small girl when she came into view. Rosalind raised her eyebrow at the gold-and-red striped tie and rampant lion insignia. “What are you doing down here, little lion?” Rosalind put on a smile that could put a Hufflepuff to shame. There was no need to scare the girl any further.
“If you're really looking for Emma Birch, I’m pretty sure she's currently playing wizard’s chess with one of my house-mates. I’m Rosalind, by the way,” She started walking towards the nearest staircase out of the dungeons, wanting to lead the Gryffindor out.
The firstie still looked nervous, so Rosalind attempted to fill the silence. “She’s actually quite good, I’m not sure anyone’s beaten her in years. Practice makes perfect, you know. And it's easy for her to play since she doesn't actually have to touch the pieces,” Rosalind gestured towards the stairs. “This should bring you back towards Gryffindor Tower,”
She was so tired of these frickin’ first years… but maybe this girl will turn out to be useful? She scoffed at the thought. That was doubtful, She was probably no better than a No-Maj... how useful could a Mudblood be? It was abundantly clear that this is what the girl was, if she was stupid enough to come down into the Slytherin sector of the dungeons during the first week of classes. At least she would serve to keep her reputation spotless. After all, it’s easier to trust someone who actually takes the time to be nice to first years.


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No other characters.

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