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Archived Applications / Olivia Sutcliffe
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Olivia Elenora Sutcliffe

Birthday: February 15

Hometown: Bamburgh, Northumberland

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength: Transfiguration

Magical Weakness: Divination

Year: First/Second


When Ernest Sutcliffe first laid eyes on Isabella Baker he knew he was going to marry her. His old, pureblood family had other ideas however. In fact, they had already picked out a different girl for their only child and strongly suggested that he marry that girl instead. Ernest, however would not be swayed. When he parents threatened to disown him if he married "that muggle woman" Ernest, (who was always a bit of a romantic) shrugged and told that all he needed was love.

The pair eloped shortly after, and Olivia was born just a year after they were married. Her  mother, Isabella did not find out that Ernest was a wizard until a month after they were married. She took it as well as could be expected. First she laughed at him, then when he insisted she called him a dirty liar, and then finally believed him when he turned their tea kettle into a rabbit. Olivia grew up knowing all about the magical world, and eagerly waiting for her Hogwarts letter.

Olivia spent the first seven years of her life in the small cottage with her parents and the family was very happy there. When Olivia was seven her father's parents (whom she had never met) died suddenly within a week of each other. To the great surprise of everyone in the family the Sutcliffe's manor house and considerable fortune fell to Ernest. You see, his parents had simply neglected to update their will and had forgotten to cut him out after all. The family left their small cottage and moved into the manor house. The change in fortune meant that Olivia would have new books for Hogwarts rather than second hand, and additionally the family now has a House Elf.

Olivia's childhood has been an uneventful as one might imagine. Little has happened to her - she is her parent's only child and is doted on as such. Though the couple would like another baby, Olivia's birth was hard on her mother and they haven't been able to conceive. Liv was thrilled to receive her letter to Hogwarts and counts it as the mot exciting thing that has happened to her thus far.


House Request: Any


- LOVES to learn. Olivia can certainly be called bookish, and is an excellent student. She takes school very seriously, and is thrilled to be at Hogwarts.

- Extremely curious, Olivia wants to know everything possible. She loves to learn new skills, and new tidbits of knowledge and can be perceived as a "know-it-all" by some.

- Has a tendency to overthink mundane things and second guess herself when it comes to small stuff like assignments, what to wear, how she worded something, etc.

- Liv is very loyal to those she is close to, and will go out of her way to be kind to others (especially if she feels they need an extra dose of kindness)

- Liv loves to to laugh, and can certainly take a joke and dish it out.

- She is a bit to outspoken/snarky for a woman. Her mother has tried on numerous occasions to make Liv more ladylike and so far it has not worked as she had hoped. Olivia certainly knows how to behave, she just isn't always the best at it.

- Livia has a temper, - though she is more likely to silent treatment you forever than to yell. 

Appearance: Her most notable features are her bright red hair an abundance of freckles. She stands out in the crowd. Petite, and thin - Livia is a slip of a thing.

Olivia had overheard the whole conversation between Evangeline and the older girls. She had wanted to speak up and tell them to leave the other girl alone, but what if one of them was Evangeline’s older sister or something? What if she was misreading the situation? And so Olivia had kept her mouth shut and her nose in her book. She curled deeper in to the chair in the Gryffindor Common Room and tried to mind her own business.

She had been focused on a particular passage about Hippogriffs when she heard the passage to the Common Room swing shut. Her head snapped up and she spotted the gaggle of older girls giggling to themselves. Surely Evangeline hadn’t believed what they were saying and gone to the dungeons? But sure enough when she looked around, Evangeline was gone. Snapping her book shut, Olivia stood and decided to go after her friend.

Evangeline was one of the few people she had spoken too since arriving at Hogwarts, and she wasn’t going to let the only nice person she had met go traipsing about the castle alone. Leaving her book on an end table she trailed after Evangeline. The other girl must have been moving quickly because when she exited Gryffindor tower, Evangeline was no where in sight.

Making her way towards the dungeons (or where she assumed they would be), Olivia reflected that she should have said something earlier. Finally, after what seemed like forever she felt the cool dampness of the dungeon air. “Evangeline?” Olivia called softly, creeping her way down the corridor. Her steps faltered a bit as she moved along.

Then, she heard the other girl’s voice. “Evangeline?” Olivia called again, louder this time - hoping her voice was heard.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): N/A

How did you find us?: Topsites

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