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Congratulations! This application has been accepted.


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Congratulations! This application has been accepted.


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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Marina Lamont

Birthday: October 15th

Hometown: Dunoon, Scotland

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 1, 2

Marina Lamont was born to a Scottish pureblood father and a Romanian muggleborn mother. John Lamont had become estranged from his family after announcing his engagement to his first love Elena Ionesco; they frowned upon the union of their prestigious family to the likes of such an impure witch. She, on the other hand, felt a strong need to take care of her family, to facilitate their lives of hardship and poverty with the miracle of magic she had been blessed with. Therefore, after the scottish wedding, they moved back to the Ionesco residence in Romania.

This is where Marina came into the world, under the eyes of five aunts, three uncles, many cousins, and a grandmother. Unfortunately, she was still but an infant when time suddenly changed, and the three Lamonts were left alone in the world.

The political landscape of their new time was a tumultuous one. The Lamonts stayed in their almost vacant family home for some years. Elena kept expecting her family to return. She could not remember why they had gone, and the idea that she may never see them again lead her to a terrible depression. Eventually, John made contact with some of his more tolerant family members in Scotland who helped him make arrangements for a new life, and the three of them fled the country. Marina was just old enough to allow her to carry with her a few memories of her childhood home.

Dunoon was the city in which John was born. Throughout all his time in Romania, though he accepted that Elena needed to be with her family, he had missed the roaring ocean and lush green hillsides of the peninsula. And if they were to be alone in the world, then this was the best place for their child to be raised.

Marina did indeed take to the place instantly. She loved to run along the beaches and explore the village’s cobbled streets - always, of course, under Elena’s watchful eye, as she feared losing what little family remained to her.

When the war began, an odd clerical error added John’s name to the mandatory muggle conscription. It later came out that the responsibility for this mix up lay on his own father’s shoulders. Luckily, John was only stationed at a local submarine base, and was never called to active combat. Because of the proximity of the base to their home, Marina visited him on a regular basis, much to Elena’s dismay. The machinery, the soldiers, and all the muggle talk of war fascinated her, though she, much like her mother, was all too aware of the danger that could lie just beyond the horizon. The muggle soldiers weren’t always too happy to see a little girl running around a military base, but her father refused to listen to any of their protests.

Eventually, the war ended and their small community remained largely untouched by the horrors of war. Due to John’s involvement in the muggle battle, their branch of the Lamont family’s reputation as muggle sympathizers worsened. Tensions between them and the rest of the family were at an all-time high, and Fiona Lamont, Marina’s grandmother, once threatened to take custody of her grandchild by force.

Luckily, Marina was sent off to Hogwarts before she could become officially entangled in her family’s mess.


House Request:
Ravenclaw or Gryffindor

Marina Lamont was a sensible girl, and knew to do as she was told. However, when directives weren’t given, her curiosity drew her to explore things and places that adults may not have approved of. It wasn’t disobedience that pushed her, but a deep desire to learn everything she could about the magical world that surrounded her. Though she had grown up in a magical family, most of her life was shared with muggles, and their magic was reserved only for the household, where no  outsiders could see. Therefore, magic held a certain fascination to her, and the prospect of being sent off to Hogwarts, where she could experiment and tinker with magic and all its derivatives to her heart’s desire, filled her with immeasurable excitement.

Around other people, Marina was generally reserved at first approach. It wasn’t quite shyness that drove her to stay quiet around strangers, but and understanding that people didn’t always care for the talkative sort of women. Adults especially made her quite nervous. Conversely, around the people she trusted and considered friends, Marina felt free to chatter on excitedly about her favourite subjects.

Marina inherited her mother’s tan complexion and thick dark hair and her father’s marsh-green eyes and dimpled smile. Her hair varies from wavy to flat depending on factor such as humidity, cleanliness and last night’s sleeping position.She is quite the tiny witch at only 5’1”. Though she has very few freckles for a person of part-scottish ancestry, her body is littered with beauty marks of varying sizes. Her head is shaped like an almost perfect oval, with full cheeks, a small brow, and an equally round nose.

The castle garden’s were by far Marina’s favourite place. Her home in Dunoon boasted nothing comparable. It did have remarkable gardens, but the ones she’d seen were tended mostly by muggles. She felt sure the other, richer Lamonts she had never met lived in glorious estates with all manner of magical plants and weeds, but her loyalty to her beloved father had guarded her from even trying to lay eyes on them.

The Hogwarts castle gardens were completely worry-free for her family pride. She could explore them to her heart’s content and stand in awe of the oddities it presented to her. And every night when she came back to the common room, she would open her herbology textbook and try to identify the plants she had discovered during her free time that day.

The gardens were, unfortunately, not so worry-free when it came to her physical self. This time, as she strolled through the garden, examining a flower that seemed to shrivel when her gaze fell upon it at and bloom again when she looked away, a vine wormed its way around her ankle. Marina was so surprised she couldn’t even bring herself to gasp the vine pulled at her leg.

Marina’s arms flailed madly and she swerved around, trying to get herself into a position of strength and balance. As she swivelled, she saw an older boy standing nearby, saying something that sounded, though she was in too much of a panic to make out the words, quite arrogant. Her first thought was that she hadn’t noticed him before now. Her second thought insisted she really should be crying out for help, not pondering on how she hadn’t noticed him sooner.

And so, eyes wide, her body inching lower and lower towards the ground, Marina croaked, “Help!”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Artemis Gamule & others whose names I don’t remember from a long, long time ago (somewhere between 7 & 10 years).

How did you find us?: I used to play on an old version of this site (pre-yuku) and a wave of nostalgia made me scour google to find it again. I’m glad you still exist and even seem to have become even more awesome.

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