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Name: Naomii Lockwood
Birthday: November, 17
Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland
Bloodline: Unknown
Magical Strength: Conjuring & Summoning
Magical Weakness: Divination
Year: 1st
Biology: Naomii was dropped off at a local orphanage in Reykjavik at the age of 2. She was taken into the orphanage, oblivious to the harsh things that would happen when she grew up. 9 years of labor inside of the poorly constructed walls of the orphanage later, Naomii received a letter to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nana, the caretaker of the orphanage forbaid the leaving of the young girl. So, she packed her things and snuck out. She, somehow, found a way to sneak into a plane to London without anyone noticing her arrival.

 Finding a way to get into the luggage area of the plane, she snuck into a small corner that was cluttered with luggage and stayed there for the remainder of the flight. 2 agonizingly long hours later, she arrived at London. Stealthily sneaking into the airport, she accidentally ran into a very large man with a scruffy black beard. "Aye, 'ou wouldn' be Naomii Lockwood, would ya'?" The tall man said. The small girl nodded, silently contemplating whether she should run or stay and hear what he had to say. "Well, lassie, 'ou've been selected ta be put inta' Hogwarts." Naomii smiled, knowing that she had found the right man. "Thank you, sir," Naomii said in her Icelandic accent. "What is your name?" She asked. "Aye, me name is Hagrid, las." Naomii nodded. "Now, let's get ou' to ta train station ta get to Hogwarts." "Ok."


House Request: Ravenclaw

Personality: Naomii was never really the out standing kind of girl. She was picked on in the orphanage due to her love of books and art. She's shy, stotic, and introverted but still has a very caring side.

Appearance: Naomii has long, abnormal black hair, considering the fact that she is Icelandic, and orange-ish red eyes. She has thick black rimmed glasses and rarely ever wears contacts. She is short but very petite for a girl her age.

Option 1 Responce:
The small ravenette wandered around the long, dark corridors, listening to the echoes of her black Mary Janes hitting the floor each time she stepped. She sighed and scanned the walls with her amber eyes, hoping there was something she could entertain her self with. She took out a book about potions from her satchel and started reading, engrossing herself with the facts of potions. About 3 minutes later of reading she accidentally ran into a wall, and with a thud! she fell onto the ground. She heard a faint "H-h-hello?" Naomii perked up with surprise, only to hid her head on a low chained lamp, looming above her. "Hello! Is Emma Birch here?" A feminine voice yelled, causing Naomii to jump once again. "N-no, just me..."

Previous Characters?: Nope.

How I found this website: The googs (Google)

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