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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Grace Blackwood
Birthday: 25th July, 1928
Hometown: London, England
Magical Strength:
Conjuring & Summoning
Magical Weakness:
Year (pick two):
5th or 6th Year
Grace Eliza Blackwood was born on the 25th July, 1928 and is the second child of the late Marie (née Caldwell) and Luke Blackwood - both of whom had magic blood. Grace has one older brother.
Grace spent her early years at the Blackwood Family Estate in Kensington, London where she was home-schooled. These were probably her happiest memories as a little girl.
In 1932, Luke Blackwood had an affair with another woman meaning Grace's parents divorced in 1933.
Luke moved to Ireland with his girlfriend whilst Grace, her brother and mother stayed at the estate.
After the divorce, Grace's mother took little interest in her two children and turned to alcohol and drinking instead.
Although she was always entertained by maids and never lonely Grace often wondered why she never had a father when all the other kids in her street did.
In 1934, Grace first learnt how to use a magic wand and was taught a few simple spells by the estate's butler.
By the age of 8 she had learnt and mastered many potions that her grandmother taught her.
Her grandmother taught Grace this so she'd have some understanding of where she'd go when she was older.
In 1939, Grace received her entrance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Grace remembers that when she received the letter, her mother couldn't care less - in fact Grace had to go to Diagon Alley herself with directions from the cook.
In 1941, Grace saw her mother pass away. In her will, Grace's mother states that her daughter is to live in the family estate under the protection of the servants and maids. All items in the estate are to be given to Grace on her 21st birthday.
Today, Grace's legal guardian is her her aunt. Grace's father visits time to time but has a family back in Ireland meaning Grace has step-siblings. She has not and has no intention of meeting them.


House Request: Slytherin or Ravenclaw
With friends, Grace is a happy, outgoinog teenager who loves the muggle sport horse-riding and the activities of reading, drawing and shopping. She's not really into reading tea leaves, quidditch or rats for that matter.
Instead she loves to visit the muggle London department stores to get the latest clothes in fashion.
At school Grace is a confident, hardworking and intelligent student. She prioritises her activities to get school work done and always has an organised and tidy room.
At school, Grace hides her true fears of failure, loss and grief by being the sassy, cool and confident chick. The divorce of her parents and death of her mother have all made Grace a stronger person.
Grace has waist-length wavy blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. She is slender and is average in height for her age. When not at school, she likes to dress in greens, blues or reds to compliment her hair.
~Sample 2~
Why in the world would someone want a rat as a pet? Grace thought as she watched the fifth year - her eyes above the leather nook she was reading. She rolled her eyes before looking down at him. As he asked her the question she glared at him, "No. I think you need to control that rat" she said in great disgust.
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