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« on: 11/08/2015 at 15:02 »
Jabez Karr




Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Year two(preferred)one.

Biography: Jabez grew up an orphan on the streets of London with not a pound or friend to his name and the only item he had connected to his family is a badge

He grew up faster then other kids in the London area, fighting, stealing, anything to survive and get his next meal(although they were few and far apart) he never knew anything of the magic world before although strange events often happened around him.

Most of his childhood was spent in some hole or another trying to stay out of sight from anyone who looked like they would rather give you a kick then spare change and London most people fit under the first one. Uneducated but by no means dumb,  Jabez is quite clever in his own right often tricking the upper class out of some money.

Not all of his time London was bad, there were often people that showed great kindness giving him money, food and sometimes even shelter though they always had an excuse on why he couldn't stay but Jabez never would have anyway. He avoided orphanages like the plague and planned on lying about his age to join the military before he discovered Hogwarts.


House Request: None preferred

With no real family he is timid and distrustful of people, Jabez makes few friends he is a solitary person although not always by choice. He often comes across gruff and cold though this is only due to  the circumstance of his birth. He truly wants to make friends and be accepted into this world he only recently found out about, he knows to run away and how to hold his ground. He is quite protective of muggles growing up around them and seeing the true good in some muggles,

Appearance: Tall shaggy dirty hair that he cuts himself so it always looks a mess, he often hides his face or tries blend into the background although this is more out of habit then fear.

Option 2.

Jabez laughed despite himself, he knew how hard the little buggers could be to catch as he was chasing them quite a lot through the streets of London (not a lot of meat but some days the shop owners weren't feeling generous) and sympathized with the guy even if it was quite funny.

Jabez was caught off guard, he didn't think the other student had noticed him standing there, "Sorry I didn't mean to gawk, I just thought maybe you would like a hand I know how hard they are to catch."

Without waiting for his answer Jabez pulled some crumbs out his pocket and scattered them in the least obvious way possible, he knew rats were incredibly smart but this one quite trusting ran right up to the crumbs and Jabez snatched it up triumphantly.

"You might want to feed him a little more, not a lot of meat on it"

He smiled as though he had said nothing strange and carried on with what he was doing before.

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