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Archived Applications / Aries Applesnow
« on: 26/04/2012 at 23:29 »

Name: Aries ‘Ries, Riez’ Applesnow

Former Character's Name (if you had one): Cinderella Applesnow

House Request: Slytherin. His Sorting would give Slytherin a student who balances its main qualities with uncharacteristic others, something that could make him a different (and if he is to see it for what it really is, positive and loyal) representative of the house. However, Gryffindor would be a fair second choice, since he’s not particularly honest, intellectual, or consistently dedicated to either hard work or academics. At the same time, Aries isn't too Gryffindor in that (contrary to the typical student in that House) he thinks things through very carefully, is guarded, and disinclined to be chivalrous or impulsive.

Year: Third Year (first choice), Second Year (second choice)

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Aries had a typical Nonpareil upbringing. Being one of his family’s healthiest, ruddiest specimens and retaining the status of ‘favored child’ throughout the years, he had something of an ideal childhood. However, come a later point in his life, he became seriously ill with a magical bug that had broken out in the Family Compound. Because of this sudden fever (which also claimed the health of one of his sisters, and the life of two infant cousins), Aries was forced to take about a year’s worth of recuperative rest by the seaside. Following this, he started school (abroad, in a more delicate clime) a year later than his peers.

After some time, when he was purportedly healthier than ever, his family had him return home and enroll in Hogwarts...


Having been raised to take a black-and-white view of society, Aries is somewhat naive. He’s been filled with a distrust for anything his family perceives as Dark and has had a sense of filial duty hammered into him. Yet those are imposed values, so it’s best now to examine his inherent ones.

In himself, Aries is pragmatic, quick-witted, and full of a hidden cunning that, were it known, would please his family (even as they revile the same quality in Slytherins). He’s not vocal about his views with people who don’t share them (and even with ones who do is circumspect, for one never knows who might gossip or what might be listening), and he keeps quiet about personal details. For his family’s sake Aries endeavors to be compliant with the rules, yet obedience is not something that comes naturally to him—in fact, in his heart of hearts, he disdains regulations. He’s quite outgoing, but for all the niceness and refinement his family fancies him to have, he’s innately somewhat apathetic towards people, lacks generosity (and can be downright petty), and has eccentrically childish tendencies and likings (for instance, despite all his pragmatism, he battles an uncanny weakness for cute things—like stuffed animals, of which he has several).  Yet even without the imposition of his family’s ideals on his personality, Aries also has a deep sense of justice and personal honor.

Due in part to his cunning and in part to vanity, Aries is immaculate in appearance, yet messy otherwise. He’s driven and ambitious in certain things, yet is woefully slipshod in ends he doesn’t care about. He’s also prideful and stubborn, so if one manages to change his opinion about something, it takes heavy-handed strangling to get him to actually admit that he does now like that former anathema. Similarly, when Aries does care for someone, he’s highly affectionate and quite possessive, but coy about admitting his feelings.

Aries has the quintessential Family appearance: he’s a ‘beautiful boy’ with golden eyes and an eerie lack of freckles. Like most of the Family, his terrible vision is remedied with magical contacts that need to be cleaned periodically. However, his hair is a deeper hue than many of the Family members’, and his eyes tend to be more like andalusite than metallic gold.  If he were to be in a Family gathering, one would be able to visually distinguish Aries by his confident walk, different hairstyle and set, model-like expression (in contrast to the benign smile or pleasant mien most Family members tend to have). That failing, you could sniff around for him, because the guy positively smells—and bloody nicely, too. It’s a charm point.

Option II:
Sample Roleplay Response: Not long ago, Aries’d seen Astrid Bixby (once again) chasing after prospective interviewees with all the grace of a confounded baby antelope. Though he normally wouldn’t have been inclined to oblige the bumbling chick of a girl, the fact of the matter was that at the time Aries had had a more pressing matter at hand—namely, a howler threatening to condemn his hand to all nine of hell’s fires. So he’d just passed her by, hellbent on avoiding a spill of dirty laundry in public.

Unfortunately, it seemed he was rather destined to run into her, because all of a sudden her presence was at his back, bright and nosy.


“No,” he growled.

But, of course, she was Astrid Bixby, reporter extraordinaire, and her blue-
eyed obliviousness tended to seep into her ears and guard them against

“Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

He started to move faster, hand starting to hurt much more.

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a
delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Suddenly, the howler heated up intensely and he was forced to pop the letter wide open, throw it into an empty open classroom, and slam the door.

Alas, the ensuing screeching was muffled, but still pretty audible.

Well. That bloody—he whipped round to glare at Astrid.

“Blast, woman! Can’t you see that I have a problem that’s a little more alive and kicking than those damn frog legs of yours?”

Optional: ---

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