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Archived Applications / Sophia Octavia Annalise Perchwood
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Sophia Octavia Annalise Perchwood

Birthday: April 29, 1947

Hometown: A Sleepy Wizarding Town, Outside of London, England, UK


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): First, then Second

Sophia Octavia Annalise Perchwood is a young girl from just outside of London, and is the third of four children and the only girl. Her mother, Lissette, is a rather successful portraitist, a small and fair woman, and generally soft-spoken and kind. She neither a powerful witch nor a particularly strong personality, but is loving, devoted to her family, and often far wiser than she lets on.

Quite her opposite, Colonel Gregory Perchwood is a loud, dark-haired, mustachioed man, with a generally good nature and a taste for dark beer. General Perchwood was honorably discharged from Merlin’s Order of Defense after a stray spell blew off his leg in battle, leaving the once jolly and athletic man with a life of boredom, relative immobility, and plenty of time to dote on his two children. He is proud of his career, fond of reliving his glory days, and holds high standards for his three children – though the standards he holds himself to are noticeably more relaxed than they once were. Still, they are a close family, and live comfortably. Sophia herself has yet to experience any real hardship or difficulty, and comes to Hogwarts eager to learn (and even more eager to show off).

Sophia has always been the apple of her father’s eye. Unlike her three brothers (Gregory Jr., 23; Adam, 20; and Martin, 8 ) who are usually kept to a different standard by their somewhat militaristic father, Sophia could generally get anything she wanted from her father or brothers with a bat of her eyelashes. Sophia, of course, knew this, and wasn’t afraid to use it to her advantage whenever possible. Sophie isn’t immune to teasing, by any means. Her brothers liked to call her “Soap” when she was annoying them, much to her dismay. This never failed to get a rise out of her.

Sophia’s life has been relatively commonplace, for the most part, til now. However, as she takes her first steps away from home and begins her journey at Hogwarts, she is bound to receive a badly-needed reality check.


House Request: Snake or Lion maybe, I can’t decide.

In general, Sophia is fiery, entitled, and a bit of a brat, with a bad habit of barking far worse than she could ever bite – especially at her younger brother. She likes to be well-groomed and dainty, and come across as a young fair maiden or damsel in distress whenever possible. Sophia loves being the center of attention, as long as it’s positive and everyone is telling her how cute she is. Her biggest fears are bugs and public humiliation. She has a fondness for sweets, sundresses, and lace. She also has a tendency to think boys are kind of dumb, largely owing to her habit of lording over her little brother whenever possible.

Sophia is average height for her age (about 4’10’’), thin, has glossy brown hair she keeps meticulously combed and pinned, and has big, deep brown, curious eyes.


Option 2:

That rat of his was in for it now.

The gray little rascal had disappeared from his clutches at breakfast. Again.

Before Hugh even knew what was happening, Merlin had shot across the floor, somehow managing to avoid all the feet walking across the hall and had escaped through the open doors.

Which meant that Hugh was now stomping through rows of flowers and other various flora, searching for the small creature. It was like the rat knew Hugh was allergic to most flowers. Merlin always chose to run to the gardens whenever he got away from Hugh. It was as if the rat did not want to have him for an owner.

Hugh had named his pet Merlin because he had hoped the powerful name would give the rat more incentive to be more than a rat. Not that he expected Merlin to change into a wizard or anything, but rats were just so...useless, for the most part. With a name like Merlin, Hugh thought it might give the rat purpose.

The only purpose Merlin seemed to have was getting away from Hugh as often as possible.

As the fifth year trudged into the second row of flowers, not taking much care to avoid trampling the first row, he felt the first sneeze building up pressure in his nose and behind his eyes.

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

He pulled apart a section of bright red flowers; he didn't know what they were called because he despised flowers, and ducked his head low to peer into the depths of the flowerbed. It was moving closer in proximity to the flowers that finally did it. Hugh took in three great breaths and then let out an almighty sneeze. It was strong enough to disturb some of the dirt on the ground before him.

Groaning, he stood up again and wiped his nose on his sleeve. It was as he was turning his head, his nose running up and down his arm, that movement in his peripheral vision caught his attention. Normally one who preferred to put his best face forward, Hugh was a bit embarrassed to be caught wiping his runny nose on his robes.

Nevertheless, Hugh put on his best haughty voice. albeit a bit thickly with his plugged nose and said, "Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

Spring was, without a doubt, Sophia’s favorite season. One of her favorite hobbies on warm spring afternoons had always been picking several brightly colored spring flowers and placing them in a bouquet by the window, where everyone could see it. They were so dainty; so elegant. Just the kind of look she was aiming at, as was the bright white dress she was wearing with a matching floppy sunhat she’d begged her father to buy for her before she started school.

“Perhaps when I’m in charms class next I’ll ask about making a moving photograph of me to send to mummy and daddy…” she mused aloud to herself, as she walked along the flowerbeds near the castle. She already had a good armful, with lots of white and pink flowers, and some little sprigs of soft yellow flowers. Now she just wanted some of the big red ones that grew in clumps closer to the river, and her little bouquet would be complete.

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

Sophia paused and cocked her head at the noise, stopping only a couple feet from the spot a dirty boy had just popped out of the bush. The young girl’s hands quickly found their typical place on Sophia’s hips, as she wielded her elbows like daggers, defending the world from silly, dirty boys and their injustices against flowers.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare." Sophia scowled at him.
“Well it’s certainly far ruder to tromp around flower beds! Where’s your decency!?” she asked, turning up her nose slightly. She looked around to see if there was a professor nearby to witness her telling this miscreant off. The flowers clutched in her right hand dangled haphazardly at her side, all but forgotten.


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous): Maurus Gale, et al. (Good to be back!)

How did you find us?: I’m pretty sure I was born here.

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