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Character name: Natasha Penelope Winters

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Christoph Grey and Co.

Character age: 32

Character education: Hogwarts- Ravenclaw

Strength and weaknesses (details please): Her biggest strength would likely be her intelligence and desire to instill others with the same thing Hogwarts gave her. The love of learning. She's always wanted to give back...specifically to the same institution that gave so much to her to begin with. She's fair and treats everyone equally as well...she doesn't see the colors of someone's robes.

Her biggest weakness would probably be that she's nice. Some may seek to take advantage of that and see her desire to talk a problem through instead of taking points as weakness. She's far more interested in teaching...whether in class or in life and thus would be far more in depth with things like detentions in the hopes of students learning where they went wrong. But children might see her lack of desire to discipline and try and run wild. Not that it would work.

Physical description: Natasha has chestnut color hair that falls past her shoulders, her pale complexion showing little sign of sun. Her eyes are typically open wide in happiness or excitement and are a lovely shade of Hazel filled with wonder and a sense of adventure. She's five foot and six inches tall...not supremely unusual but slightly taller than typical women of the time. She likes fun and colorful styles when it comes to what she wears, something she'd also likely bring over to a classroom if she receives a job.

Personality (nice, rude, funny etc. Paragraph please.):
Natasha has always been a happy and go-lucky individual with a thirst for knowledge and an admirable sense of adventure. She's intelligent and fierce despite her cheerful nature, and definitely knows her way around a wand if necessary. She's typically kind and caring but can also be quite strict when a situation calls for it even though she doesn't like it. If possible she's the type of person to talk things out rather than punish with detention.

She has an air about her that's slightly...odd. Something that most people noticed especially when she was in school. It's not odd per se but more of a need. A need to Prove herself worthy of her magic due to the circumstances of her childhood. This instilled her with the drive that undoubtedly landed her in Ravenclaw. Her drive to learn anything and everything she could.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: Hogwarts represents some of the best years of Natasha's life. She's always wanted to teach there in order to give back in a sense. If she can instill her love of learning into just one student...she'd feel fulfilled. After taking some years after graduation to continue her studies, she feels she's finally ready to mould young minds.

Biography (500 words minimum. There is never such a thing as too much.):

Natsasha Winters was born to Peninsula and Alexander Winters in ironically the winter of 1925. Her parents were both Purebloods whom lived and raised Natasha in Moscow. The winter had been cold and bitter and the Winters family was anxiously awaiting their newest arrival. It had been touch and go for well over a month, Peninsula had been expected to give birth that long ago and they were happy when the moment finally came. Natasha was born in the early ours of  the morning on the longest night that year. Her cries shaking the house as she came into the world.

Her childhood despite being wealthy wasn't all too pleasant. Her parents loved her. She knew that they did...but even up till the age of eight she displayed no signs of magic at all. They were embarrassed despite insisting it didn't matter. She heard them at night talking alone in their room when they thought she was asleep. Wondering what they were going to do. What they were going to tell people when the time for schooling came and went and she hadn't gone. What would her grand parents say? Their friends? They didn't understand how they birthed a squib when they were both relatively powerful. Those nights after quietly listening at her parents door Natasha cried herself to sleep...knowing her dreams of Hogwarts were out of her reach.

However when her tenth birthday came around she shocked her parents as well as herself. She levitated one of her dolls. She didn't really understand how she did it but she had. They had sat her down to finally tell her she was a squib and that they still loved her and she'd gotten so angry. She threw a fit. Cried. Screamed. She wasn't a squib. She had magic she just had to have magic and then? As if the strongest emotions of the ten year old girl awakened her power? The doll went airborne and sailed across the room. Her parents were overjoyed to have another witch in the family...but to Natasha it all felt...tainted. Like she needed to work even harder now because she had power she almost hadn't got.

It was that drive and determination as well as her pursuit of any and all knowledge that saw the hat shout Ravenclaw. Her thirst for knowledge grew with her age as she went from one year of Hogwarts to the next, others preoccupied with relationships and friends while she worked herself ragged. Years went by and soon she was narrowly being passed over for prefect and then barely beaten out for head girl and then? She graduated. The best seven years of her life flew by faster than she could blink. She'd made friends sure...but they faded as she continued her studies...her passions always coming first. It's now at thirty two years of age that she returns to her home away from home. Hoping...praying to take young minds and introduce them to one of the best things in the world. Knowledge.

(Please respond to to this in third person past tense. Do not write the other characters' reactions. Only your own.)

It was the largest office in Hogwarts and, perhaps to students and newcomers, the most intimidating. The shelves were filled with various odds and ends, with a place of honor for the Sorting Hat, and the walls held all the portraits of past Headmasters and Headmistresses.

In the middle of the room sat a large desk. Everything was in order, for the current occupant had always despised a messy desk. It was the sign of a messy mind, and she had always favored neatness.

A clock sat on the desk, which currently showed the time to be 2:05. The meeting was supposed to begin at 2:00 precisely.

Along with order, Anneka valued punctuality. She was a very busy woman these days. Even during the summer, she had a number of matters to attend to. Interviewing and hiring staff was only of those matters. The newest potential member of her staff wasn't making a good impression.

She paced the room, black heels clicking against the stone floor. When the door finally opened, Anneka turned, her expression reminiscent of a Russian winter. "You are late."

Explain yourself was what her face said.

Roleplay Response:

Natasha Winters rushed through the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the utmost hurry. She was so dreadfully late for what was probably the most important meeting of her life and she was practically hyperventilating she was so nervous. She barely had time to take in the familiar and nostalgia inducing feature of the school she loved so much as she made her way to the Gargoyle.

The stairs were never her friend...the way they moved and twisted and warped made her late to many lessons in her day. They definitely were not her friend these shoes that she'd worn to look professional and worth hiring. They were in turn slowing her down even further! Finally she simply slipped them from her feet altogether and ran. Yes she ran for the Gargoyle that lead to the Headmistress's office and prayed to Merlin.

Five minutes. Five minutes late by the time she remembered the darn password and climbed more stairs. The Headmistress, Anneka Ivanova was looking at her and from the frosty expression? She was not pleased. Not even remotely. This was likely the most busy woman in Hogwarts and she'd wasted five minutes of her valuable time. Time that surely was far more valuable than Natasha's own.

"Headmistress I do apologize...I thought I allotted plenty of time to arrive today, but obviously...I was mistaken. May I plead with you for just five minutes of your time? I love Hogwarts...I love learning and I really...really want to impart that on even just one young person...just give me five minutes. Please."

In addition to posting a completed application in this forum, we also ask that you submit a PM to Anneka Ivanova with details of your class and with the lesson plans for that class (include at least a minimum of 4 lessons). Also, please be sure to check the Available Positions thread located in this forum to make sure the class you want is available before applying.

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