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Elsewhere Accepted / Olive Solita
« on: 19/01/2020 at 22:23 »

E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name: Olive Solita

Gender: Female

Age: 6 [DOB: 3rd July 1952]


Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?):
Marcia Olive Solita (NPC) (deceased)(muggleborn), Richard Solita (NPC) (Muggle)

The Solita Household-- a rather large apartment in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, with three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a open plan kitchen and a living room. It has to be quite spacious to fit the musical siblings living there, and so, is usually quite chaotic.

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: Daycare

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?: N/A

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Marilyn-Rose Wilson & Co.

Biography: (100 words minimum.)
Olive Solita was the younger sister, she'd known this fact her entire life, so not only was she the youngest in the family, but she was also the only girl in their entire household. She was the only daughter, and second-to-only child of Richard and Marcia Solita, pushed out of this position by her big brother: Marco Solita. Not that that fact had ever stopped her, as the brunette had always captured the attention of her (admittedly small) family, she was just working on stretching out her base for performances a little further than the two members of her family. Performances, as she, after all, would be a dancer, not only would she be a dancer, she would be the dancer, she would be in all the magazines and carry one of those little gold toys everyone seemed to be so obsessed with and that red floor that they all stood on. Yes, that would be her, and nothing-- nothing-- would stop the little girl who wanted to follow her dream.

She liked to spin around the large flat, wooden floors were perfect for it, in her special pink soft ballet shoes with the little ribbons that her daddy had gotten her, or she enjoyed impromptu tippy-tapping sessions on their kitchen tiles, in her ruby red glittery tap shoes, or her sparkly pink tap shoes, or those shiny matte black ones with the sparkly silver ribbons, which Daddy didn't like, but he was just always working all the time, and was super busy, so it never affected him, and Marco never seemed to mind because he'd just sit in their room, with his microphone turned off so that she would not disturb him at all. She didn't ever want to disturb him, but was pretty sure that whenever she did her special performances in her special ballet skirt with her special ballet tiara on, he turned his microphone off so he couldn't listen to her, so special dance breaks weren't that much of a problem to him. Which is why random dance sessions, and singing sessions, loudly, with a hairbrush, or whatever worked as a microphone, except his microphone, often happened in their bedroom.

She loved it.

(She was a little shit at it, though.)

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trugged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:
The park was rubbish. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Olive hated it, she wasn’t the one who had wanted to go out. Apparently, their dad was not a fan of her latest dance break which involved a huge tap number that she had been working on for days. Not only did it have the super difficult forwards back down in it, but also lots and lots of the incredibly fun stamps, but also step heels and toe taps! Apparently, he didn't enjoy it nearly as much as she and Marco did and was worried that she'd break the kitchen tiles. It was silly, because the shoes only had a little bit of metal on the end of the toes. She wasn't allowed heel taps until she was a grade two and she was only in primary now-- nearly a grade one!

So they'd been sent to the park, as she looked around sulking. There was nowhere to dance, and she'd bought her special tap shoes in her bag (you weren't supposed to walk in them outside but dance on a special floor) and her special ballet shoes. But there was well and truly nowhere else to dance. She pouted, sulking as she turned to look at her brother, only to find him gone. That made her cross her arms, as she turned to look towards the voice that was yelling out to her.

The other girl was about her height, and was just as grumpy as she was.

"No." She replied, pouting, before she realised and she smiled brightly at the little boy, "But do you want to dance? We can do some twirls. Like this--"

She spun on one foot, before stumbling slightly.

"See? Loads more fun than playing house and cleaning the floor."

That had to be why she was holding a broom.

How did you find us? Magic!

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