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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Lovelie Belizaire

Birthday: April 22, 1939

Hometown: Watchet, Somerset, United Kingdom


Magical Strength (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): First (please please), Second

Asafoetida smelled terrible.

Setting the bright yellow spray of flowers between the pages of heavy volume, Lovelie closed the book and smiled to herself. Leaning back on her heels as she squatted near the edge of her bed, she couldn’t help but feel some small sense of satisfaction. It was always nice when a plant had more than one purpose.

The root of the plant lay near by, and that, she knew, was what she really needed. She took a moment to sit back, finally, making herself comfortable before craning her neck to peek around the edge of the doorway. The last thing she needed was any sort of interruption, and she knew that if maman caught her she’d get a smack upside the head and be told she was no better than her brother.

She was infinitely better than Cupi, though. For one, she was a girl, which made her more powerful and authoritative, and that was a fact that the boy couldn’t deny. And for two, she was far smarter than him, no matter how much he denied it.

If she could just remember to keep her mouth closed when he was getting punished, if she could just stop grinning from ear to ear when he got his comeuppance, if she could just reign in her tongue and stop talking when she really should have kept silent she could have been more like her sister, Juliette.

Even with her faults, though, she was still better than her brother. Of that, she was sure.

Lovelie scrunched up her face at the ugly root, using her fingers to pinch her nose against the smell. No wonder it was also called Devil’s Dung. At least the flowers were pretty, and she’d be able to hang them up on her wall once they were pressed and dry. Maybe she could even tack to them to her wall at Hogwarts, the place where her brother sauntered off to year after year learning systems of magic that seemed so different than the one in which they were raised.

Voudo seemed so strange compared to whatever wizardry was conjuring up.

Still, she had the Iwa on her side, and a heavy volume about which plants were best for what and she was sure that Asafoetida was going to be the solution to her problem.

To Stop Someone from Bothering You: burn Asafoetida over charcoal and call the person’s name, and command them to leave you alone in the name of the Iwa

Lovelie looked around again, muttering a prayer that no one would be following the smell of the pungent plant or the soon-to-be smoky fragrance to find her. She really wanted to do whatever it took to keep her siblings from bothering her, and this seemed like the perfect remedy.

Whether it would work or not remained to be seen.

Striking a match, Lovelie lit a piece of charcoal and broke off a piece of the root and dropped it onto the smouldering coal. The horrible scent of the thing increased. Burning Devil’s Dung was even less pleasant than its unburned counterpart. Still, if it worked it would all be worth it.

The smoke billowed, and Lovelie’s forehead wrinkled as her eyes narrow, hands waving the smoke to try to dissipate it.

From down the hall, she heard distinct sound of her mother’s footsteps racing toward her and grimaced.

Hopefully the spell would work better on her siblings than it did on maman.

House Request:
Slytherin, Ravenclaw

A spit-fire and a know-it-all, Lovelie will gladly speak for hours on end about any subject that holds her interest, whether it holds anyone else’s or not. Never shy with her opinions, she is more than happy to give brash, unsolicited advice. She enjoys collecting flowers and pressing them between the pages of heavy books to preserve them, putting her favorites on display in her room.

Dark hair and dark eyes see the world as hers to conquer. Coming from a matriarchal family, Lovelie views everything around her as hers for the taking through will power, confidence, and knowledge. She wears her hair in its natural state, is petite but strong, and is not afraid to kick her brother in the shins--as a result, she’s gotten quite fast at running away.

One thing that was undeniable about Hogwarts was that the grounds were beautiful and made for exploring--and Lovelie was determined to cover every square inch of them, taking mementos of her findings along the way. There were so many flowers there to be pressed, so many leaves and petals to look up and identify and preserve, that she almost lamented having to take classes as it slowed down the progress of her personal pursuits.

Today, though, she knew just the patch of flowers she wished to explore.

Sitting at the edge of the row of bright florals with a heavy volume next to her, Lovelie carefully pulled one of the specimen from the earth and used a delicate touch to loosen the soil from the roots. She liked to be able to see the whole structure of the thing, to understand the way it spread beneath the earth and took hold, to see how sometimes what lay beneath the surface was even bigger than what cropped up above it.

The world was so fascinating that way.

Her appreciation for it was short-lived though as a sneezing, snuffling mess of a boy tromped indelicately through the field. She wrinkled her nose at the snot that seemed to drip from his nose and at his general state of dishevelment. Boys were always so gross.

She watched him with dark eyes for a moment, continuing to grimace, when he finally caught sight of her.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

“It’s not polite to rub your snot all over your sleeve, either, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped you,” she countered, rolling her eyes. “You should try some basil tea or eucalyptus oil for your nose. You sound awful.” 


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):
Marjorie Withersnap and a fistful of others

Second character approved by Caly, waiting on Gringotts withdrawal still c:

How did you find us?:
m a g i c

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