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Character Classifieds / A Compass Pointed True North(cutt)
« on: 09/10/2016 at 03:34 »
I can't code. Forgive me.

General Family Notes
Reside in rural Leeks. Mostly pureblooded but don’t meet the “six generations” rule so considered half-blood by Ministry. They are not purist but do have isolationist leanings that often play out as bigoted. These are mostly blank slate characters so feel free to be creative! Or add cousins. Cousins are always good.

Played Characters
Tempest Northcutt (me!): Bumbling Hufflepuff made of rainbows.
Patience Northcutt (Kitty): Identical twin in Gryffindor
Wit Northcutt (Marina Lamont): Devoted older brother. Unreliable narrator. Brow waggling expert.

Mentioned NPCs/Available Characters

Honor Northcutt: Father, b.1882. Ravenclaw. No more info provided.
Eugenia Northcutt: Mother, b.1886. Ravenclaw. No more info provided. Maiden name undetermined

Hope Renn nee Northcutt: Sister, b.1918. Ravenclaw. m.1946 to Steffan Renn. Identical twin boys born 1946. Frustrated perfectionist - continually exasperated by younger siblings and dominant in her marriage.

Pervicacity (Sass) Northcutt: Great-Aunt, age undeterminable. Crotchety, stubborn, and very sensitive about her name and nickname. Marital and family status unknown. Provided a replacement wand for Tempest during Fall 1948 term.

Archived Applications / Tempest Northcutt - Student
« on: 24/08/2016 at 21:49 »

Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Tempest Northcutt

Birthday: July 25, 1933

Hometown: Leek, England (near the Peaks)

Bloodline:  Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): 5th (or 4th? Please don’t pick 4th!)


None would claim that Tempest was an easy child - trouble seemed to follow her around like a stray puppy. They'd likely never call her gifted either, for even before Hogwarts it was obvious that the blonde would never be bookishly smart like the majority of her Ravenclaw family. But there was no denying that Tempest was a gift.

Honor and his wife, Eugenia, were done with children. They had started late with Hope, and the laws of time meant they'd only grown older when they had Wit three years later. One girl, one boy. It was a perfect balance and somewhere between the ups and downs, the Northcutt family had found their own little corner of bliss.

It was a shock to everyone, really, when, eleven years later, Eugenia found herself pregnant again. It was also worrisome, for while witches had longer lifespans and less to fear from childbirth, it was still no picnic to become a mother again at the start of one's twilight years. Halfway through the pregnancy, the couple found out that it was twins. And their worry increased.

Tempest was born first (in the middle of a storm), followed soon after by Patience (who waited for her turn).

To no one's surprise, the two were inseparable. They were, however, rather easy to tell apart (for identical twins). It was all in the smile. As soon as the girls smiled, instead of just being gassy, someone with a good eye could spot that Tempest's smile was quicker, and wider. That's not to say that Patience never smiled, nor does the frequency diminish the worth of Tempest's. It was just that Tempest's smile had a certain mobility to it that allowed her expression to go from pouting to radiance in .6 seconds. And she was very good at both.

She also tended to be the one dogging Patience's heels, instead of the other way around. Tempest was perfectly content to follow (even when led through the mud), so long as it was Patience that she followed. There was no doubting that the girl adored her older siblings, but the twin bond inspired an incomparable loyalty.

Like all siblings, they had their disagreements. Mo-om! She took my doll again! and Stop being such a baby, Pest! Pest, of course, was the sort of nickname that evolved naturally in a family environment. It could had been worse - Patience was dubbed Imp, after all. In the end, however, the two stuck together. Patience would fight an entire world to protect Tempest while Tempest never let her belief in her twin falter.

It might seem like everything Tempest was seen through a connection to Patience and the truth of the matter was, that impression was likely correct. The twins spent their early lives being defined through compare and contrast. So when Hogwarts letters came as expected on their 11th birthdays, the fear of being separated and losing that touchstone of identity send a chill through Tempest.

That night the girls pulled the blanket over their heads and pinky-swore to end up in the same house, to be together for the next seven years. This did not, however, go as planned. Tempest sobbed her way through her first Opening Feast until dessert came out. The next morning at breakfast, she tried to sit with her sister at the other house table. This didn’t go over very well. Adjustment was a mild term for the first months of school.

But Tempest met Tiernan. And it was love. at. first. sight. For awhile. Until, it’s to be understood, that it wasn’t. Because Tiernan liked Patience. And apparently Patience liked Tiernan. Let’s just say that fourth year wasn’t very enjoyable. Which is why fifth year is so exciting. It’s not like it can get worse, right? Right??

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff, if you please.

Personality: Tempest is, pardon the pun, a storm of emotions. She has always relied on her twin, and later friends, to be the anchor to which she centers. Joy, anger, frustration, joy, sadness, joy, excitement, joy - they all flicker across her face within moments of being felt and with no attempt at artifice. Honestly, she’s quite tiring to be around.

Appearance: Just like Patience. Sorry, they get that a lot. In all honesty, it’s surprisingly easy to distinguish the identical twins from each other. And that’s not just because they wear different house colors. It’s in the smile - always has been. Though Patience is hardly anti-smiles, there’s a mobility and quickness to the way Tempest quirks her lips. Beyond that, both girls have dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and chart in at a relatively average height and build. It’s the double take that always draws attention.


Tempest had just parted ways with Thorne, who was quite a nice boy and she didn’t understand why everyone told her to stay away. Everyone had cheered for Tiernan after all, and where had that gotten Tempest? Besides, at least Patience would never, ever, ever look twice at Thorne. Not that Tempest liked-liked him. No, that’s not what she thought at all. It’s just that Patience didn’t like him either. Ever. In the slightest.

That’s beyond what matters here. Back to the beginning - Tempest had parted ways with Thorne (who had a particularly good hair day today) and was now meandering through the dungeons back to the world up top. So far she’d only dropped three things and stubbed one toe, which was very impressive. And no one was going to count how she almost ran into a wall earlier.

It goes without saying that Tempest was clearly distracted and in the midst of several daydreamy thoughts. So her surprise can be imagined when Evangeline’s too-quiet-to-be-angelic voice went from insinuating itself in Tempest’s daydream to suddenly bouncing off walls. Tempest jolted a little straighter with her posture and caught her heel somewhere between turning and stopping. End result: she bounced off the floor.

“Ooof!” Tempest exclaimed before ever looking up. “Birch? Isn’t it early for ghost hunting? They’re scarier at night.”

She was busy for a moment standing and rubbing the point of impact to try and restore blood flow. Finally, Tempest took a gander at the small first year in front of her. Blonde and Gryffindor. Huh. That was a piece of deja vu. Tempest vaguely recalled similar outings in her own first year that Patience had dragged her along to. After all, it was time spent together and embracing the Hogwarts life. Really it was cold, dark, and a little scary when Patience accidentally dropped her hand. Then again, it wasn’t too bad when Patience helped pick her up after a tumble.

“It’s more fun when you’re not alone, too.” Tempest didn’t mean to rub that in. She was actually being helpful. There was an earnest cast to her face that really had no place existing near a fifteen year old. They were made for snark and rebellion. Just, perhaps, not this one.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): All old - Kasia Ranieri, Gertrude Swancott, Mildred Swancott, Clara Edeson, etc. If pressed I can find more names. Nothing since the most recent time warp except for the (almost) Etta Greeley.

How did you find us?: Teh Google. In 2002

PS - Applications forthcoming from Patience, Tiernan, and Thorne. All references in bio and sample RP have been author(s) approved!

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