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Application for Hogwarts School


Zero Lucent “Luce” Zachary

January 19th 1936

Glasgow, Scotland


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):
First (preferred) or second year (secondary)

Abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage in Glasgow, Scotland, Luce's life was not off to a good start. Three months old and there was no trace of his parents. The only thing he had with him besides the blue blanket he was wrapped in, was a note with his name, Zero Zachary, written on it.

His years in the orphanage was spent on his own as most of the other kids found him creepy and weird. He had little friends and spent most of his time reading, gaining much knowledge. Luce had no knowledge of the fact that he was a wizard, but he was well aware of the strange things that happened with and around him. Light-bulbs would flicker when he was angered and mirrors would break. Once when one of the workers at the orphanage shouted at him, she temporarily lost her voice. Luce also had strange dreams that would wake him at night, but he never remembered what they were about. He thought perhaps they were memories, but he doesn't really know.

Shortly before he turned eleven, a strange man came to the orphanage and told him he was a wizard. The man said he was from a school called Hogwarts and that Luce had been accepted as a student there. The revelation that Luce could do magic was a turning point in his life and sparked a fire of curiosity and desire to learn that wouldn't be quenched anytime soon. So, with a single luggage of clothes, Luce headed to Diagon Alley with the professor.


Luce is naturally ambidextrous (he can use both hands equally well). During summer break he will return to the orphanage, that is unless another option present itself. No one knows who Luce's parents are because he was not registered upon birth and thus he has no Gringotts account. That is why the professor came along. In order to ensure he would get all that he needed.

House Request: Any you would deem fit.

Wit: Luce is possessive of a great and sharp wit. He has a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in quick and inventive way, and always has a comeback or witty response. These witty responses, when said, is often clever, funny and timed. However, Luce rarely, if ever, displays his wit or openly shows it. The witty comments is something he mostly keeps to himself.

Intelligence/Cleverness: A very intelligent boy, Luce is quick to learn and grasp new ideas and concepts. He can utilize his intelligence to correctly apply his knowledge to any situation he may find himself in. His intelligence and wit can make him come across as a smart-ass despite not intending to. His intelligent mind makes him very logical and analytic, and he is quick to notice details about others. Luce likes to observe others and their quirks as a way to improve his analytic ability and understanding of humans.

Wisdom: Luce, despite his age, is a wise boy that shows good judgment and knowledge, yet he is still a child and there is much he does not know. This is a fact he is well aware of and it is also something he is trying to remedy.

Creativity: Luce is a creative person with a huge imagination, having created entire fantasy worlds of his own. His creativity is evident in his writing and flourishing descriptions. Since he is not a very good drawer, he expresses his creativity through writing, though he never lets anyone read what he writes.

Originality/Individuality: By using his creativity and mental prowess, Luce can conjure up strange and outlandish ideas that others have not thought of. Luce is also a very unusual boy in the sense that he is not what people would call normal. He has weird and strange interests such as catching bugs for studying and over-analyzing anything and everyone (he is a stickler for detail). He likes flowers and insects/bugs, and likes to learn about them (he likes to learn about everything). Luce also has a rather strange fascination with time and its passage, evident by his love of clock tinkering. He really likes the sound of ticking and has been known to tinker with a multitude of clocks to make it so that there is no pause in the ticking. The second hands moves right after one another. He also loves to learn magic and it has become somewhat of an obsession to in the sense that he wants to learn everything he can about the subject. In other words, Luce is a boy who strongly distinguishes himself from others with his interests and possessions (jars of bugs and dozens of clocks, wristwatches etc.).

Acceptance/Tolerance: Luce is not a judging person and he is not one to discriminate against others for not thinking or sharing his beliefs. He accepts others for who they are and he is more than willing to tolerate other sets of beliefs, though he is not averse to criticizing or pointing out the faults in a belief or way of thinking if he thinks it is far too wrong.

Resourcefulness: When Luce is in trouble he can use his creativity and resources to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. He is able to deal skillfully and promptly to new situations, problems etc. using only the tools at his disposal. This allows him to find quick solutions to a bad situation he could potentially find himself in. His resourcefulness is a direct result of his creativity and mental prowess, and is merely another way of showing it.

Cunning: Luce can be very deceptive and if he feels the need, he can use his cunning to get what he wants through lies and deception. He is definitely not against using underhanded means to achieve something, but he beliefs one should only do it if there is no other way or if there's something you absolutely need. He values honesty, but he also values privacy and the chance to do things without having others know what you are trying to achieve. Lies are fine so long as they don't hurt others.

Ambition: Luce desires both knowledge and power. He wants to learn all he can and be able to use that knowledge. Fame is of no concern to him, but he dreams of being able to whatever he desires, of knowing all there is. It his is ambition.

Self-Preservation: When in danger, Luce instinctively acts in a manner best suited for his own preservation. He has no desire to die and values his continued existence very much. In a dangerous situation he makes sure that he is safe before he worries about others. One might say that he selfish, but he thinks of it in a different way. In his point of view, he can't help others before helping others. After all, how is he to ensure others are safe if he has not ascertained that he himself is also safe first?

Dedication/Hard Work: Luce is a perfectionist. Everything he does must meet his standard and be 'good enough'. He works with a dedication and commitment no matter the task. When it comes to homework he does everything very meticulously. He is hard-working and diligent, and uses a lot of time and energy with his given tasks. His meticulous way of working often causes him to be very tired because he won't rest until satisfied. 

Fair play: Honesty, respect of rules and equal treatment of all concerned. All traits Luce admires when it comes to sport, school and any other extracurricular activity, and all traits he attempts to display. While he may not be the most honest, he has very much respect for the rules and wouldn't want to break them unless he absolutely has to. He will never cheat or help others cheat with homework or on tests. He believes everyone deserves an equal chance at life no matter their background or level of skill. Everyone can be good if they try and practice.

Patience: Luce is a patient boy, willing to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. He is calm and collected, and if need be he can sit for hours just waiting, though even he has his limits (roughly five-six hours).

Kindness: Friendly and willing to help should the situation be dire, Luce, while not openly showing much emotion, cares for the well being of others and doesn't want to see people hurt or sad. He wishes to help those he can and is not afraid to extend a helping hand.

Unafraid of Toil: Luce's hard-working and dedicated nature has made it so that he doesn't really care about exhaustion. He beliefs that if you have tired yourself out, it means you have done a good job and tested your limits. To him, toil is a positive thing that can only make one stronger.

Loyalty: While Luce is not quick to open up to others or really trust, once you have gained his friendship, you will have a loyal friend for life. Those he have become close to he will never let down and if they are in need he will drop everything to help them (after ensuring he himself is okay first). He is loyal and supportive to his friends, though he can still criticize them.

Bravery/Courage: Luce can be brave when it is required of him as he will jump into the fray to help a friend. He is not, however reckless, and does indeed plan ahead. Danger, while indeed frightening to him, will not stop him from helping if he has the ability to.

Nerve: It is Luce's nerve (the courage that allows you to do something that is dangerous, difficult, or frightening) that allows him to be brave.

Politeness: When speaking to others, Luce is very polite and refers to everyone by their pronouns or titles, such as Ma'am, Sir, Professor, Headmaster etc.

Introverted: Luce is a quiet and reserved boy that doesn't instigate any conversation, but that at the same time doesn't shy away from it.

Luce is a short little boy that sticks out in a crowd like a sore thumb. His hair is a natural platinum blonde, almost white, and it is an unruly mess of medium long curls and spikes. It has a constantly unkempt look despite how many times it is combed and it simply never wants to lay flat. Luce's skin is a pale ivory that never gets tanned in the sun, only red and freckled. His eyes are a pale bluish gray, sorta like ice. All in all, Luce is like a white beacon that is very hard not to notice, especially when he wears the black Hogwarts uniform.

Luce has a very interesting face that for the most part is devoid of any particular emotion. It is long with a strong, angular chin; a high, flat and rounded forehead; a small and long nose that is narrow with a hooked, downward facing tip at the end. He has a small mouth with a thin upper lip and a thick lower lip. His eyes are small, almond shaped and set close to one another. They slant upwards like the eyes of a cat and are set deep into his sockets, giving him a shadowy look around his eyes. His eyebrows are thick and straight with a seeming life of their own. Luce's features are pronounced, yet not very expressive.

His body is thin with narrow shoulders and hips; a thin and narrow chest and abdomen; very little body fat and thin arms and legs. He has long fingers and arms, as well as thin legs. Luce walks in a calm and controlled manner with a naturally slow swagger to him. He walks with perfect posture, a straight back, his shoulders held back, head high and level, arms swinging, palms down and out, elbows slightly bent and thighs wide apart making his body look wider. Everything is smooth. No head jerking or abrupt movements. His movements can appear like that of a cat's sometime, confident and observant, graceful and calm even despite the monkey-like body he has.


Option 2:

Luce had finished breakfast early and was out rummaging in the gardens for bugs or insects. So far he had found a good few ants, a dozen beetles and three butterflies. The three types of insects were put in three different jars that sat on the ground by Luce's feet and they were crawling (or flying) in there anxiously. He doubted he would keep all the insects and bugs he found as most of them weren't really all that interesting. Well, with the exception of the butterflies and two of the beetles. They were of a kind he had never seen before and it perplexed him. He would have to take a trip to the library and see if he could find them in a book.

Dusting himself off, Luce rose to his feet and picked up the insect/bug jars. His student uniform was slightly dirty and covered in pollen from the flowers. With his one free hand, Luce adjusted the tie so that it wasn't askew and started toward the Great Hall. He would drop the jars off in his room before heading to class. The library would have to wait til after the classes and the homework was done. Not that Luce had much homework to do. He had finished must of it the day before, but he was pretty sure he would get more.

As he waded his way through a row of flowers carefully as to not ruin it, he heard someone yell not too far from him. "You blasted rat! Where are you?" the voice yelled, sounding agitated. Luce stopped and glanced around for the owner of the voice, and quickly spotted him a little ways to the left of him.

With a cocked head and an arched brow, Luce watched the owner of the voice; a boy in fifth year at least twice his size, pull apart a section of red Hibiscus flowers and duck his head to seemingly peer into the depths of the flowerbed. He wondered for a moment what the other boy was doing, but quickly realized that he must be searching for his rat who, based upon the boys earlier outcry, must have ran away. Luce considered helping the boy, but figured there wasn't much he would able to do with his hands occupied with the jars. He was about to leave the scene when an almighty sneeze stopped him in his tracks.

Once more turning his head to glance at the boy, he saw that he had attempted to wipe his nose on his sleeve rather unsuccessfully and that his uniform was now covered in snot. "Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare." the boy said in a deliberately haughty voice, though it sounded a bit off with his plugged nose, muffled, as if he was talking through a bandana.

The big booger up your nose.... Luce's wit responded silently, though he didn't say so out loud. That would be needlessly mean.

“I apologize if I offended you, Sir”, he said instead with a polite bow, something of which was a bit hard to do with his occupied hands. “And no tank you. I do not need your help with anything, Sir, but it seems to me as if you are having problems.” he straightened up and looked at the boy calmly. “I couldn't help but overhear your commentary about the rat. As you sneezed I was just about to leave seeing as I can't be of much help with these jars in my hands”, he nodded his head at the aforementioned jars and then looked at the boy again. “I would recommend you wipe yourself on something other than your sleeve, Sir. It is unbecoming. The grass and flower petals would be a suitable substitute”. He made sure to keep his voice calm and polite as to not embarrass the other boy, though he figured it was perhaps a bit too late for that.


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