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    E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

    Character Name: Riley Anne Logan
    Gender: Female.
    Age: Twenty-six.
    Blood Status: Pureblood.

    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Slytherin '40

    She owns a cottage on the outskirts of Yorkshire, and a home in Northern Scotland


    Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the Ministry, Shrieking Shack) or to take over an existing shop in need of new management?
    Yes, the Ministry.

    Requested Magic Levels:

      [li$i]Charms: 11[/li]
         [li]Divination: 5[/li]
         [li]Transfiguration: 9[/li]
         [li]Summoning: 7.[/li]
      Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

      Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
      Zoella Mertz.

      Riley was born to a pureblood family. An only child, her upbringing was anything but orthodox. Dalina and James Logan were both well-respected Aurors. They had worked for the Ministry for over thirty years until Dalina's untimely death in ‘41. Her father was completely obsessed with finding her killer, and it eventually drove a wedge between father and daughter. They haven’t spoken since her twenty-first birthday, when she begged him to stop the obsession. He remains in Glasglow, Scotland.
      All through school, she was your typical Slytherin. Her parents filled her head with the importance of blood, education, and loyalty. Only two of those remained priorities to her. In her final year at Hogwarts, she fell in love with a Ravenclaw named Derek Cheshire, a muggleborn. He was like her in every way, but the way that mattered to her family.  He was there for her when no one else was. The shoulder that she cried upon when her mother died was his. Despite his flaw, she clung to him like a child to a blanket. During Christmas break of that year, she brought him home to meet her father. That was a fatal mistake.
      James did not take too kindly of the fact his daughter completely disregarded everything she was taught growing up. Not only did he throw Derek out, he threatened to disown Riley for such disrespect. Muggleborns were filth and nothing more! They would amount to nothing! And thus was ending of what once was the loving relationship with her father.
      After that, the pair grew apart. She couldn’t deal with everything going on; school, romance, tragedy. She ended it. It was the only logical thing to do, or so she thought. After graduation, Riley had never seen Derek again, though she did think of him from time to time.
      A wall was built around her heart, and would forever be there. But going through Auror training did help change the views her parents so strongly instilled in her. She had softened into a more accepting person, and learned to judge not by covers, but by the pages within.

      Roleplay Response: Two
      Snow. Lovely. Winter was here much too early as usual. It seemed like yesterday it was all sunshine and ice cream. Today was the first day Riley had to put on her winter coat to go outside. The tiny flakes circled around here, illuminating her flowing, dark hair. Fortunately for her, it wasn't terribly cold outside. You would think after spending twenty-six years in Scotland she would be accustomed to this weather, but that wasn't the case at all.

      Errands were almost a big of a nuisance to her than snow, but neither of them could be ignored. She desperately needed a new cloak, but secretly, she wanted to adopt a companion. In her mind she thought a tiny kitten would help her settle into her new home. Maybe a soft orange fluffball, or perhaps a little black devil. The possibilities would endless. She just knew she wanted someone to come home to everyday, someone that didn't suffocate her for attention.

      "Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!"

      The raven haired beauty barely had enough time to look towards the man before she was on the ground. Her first instinct was to shout at the man for not being more careful with this large box, but instead, she took a deep breath. She couldn't keep her eyes from narrowing at him, but she did hold her tongue.

      "It's fine," she muttered before standing up and wiping off her slacks. Hesitantly, she offered him her hand.

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