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Tout d'en haut

Belowes family members are mainly pureblood elitists, who keen on family togetherness. There are various branches of the family, the main branch, however, resides in the Great Britain. The British branch’s establisher, Rasiph Belew, was a wizard who participated in the Hundred Years’ War. Being a skilled businessman  Rasiph provided of soldiers for both English and French armies. For his merits during the conquest of Calais, he was given lands in Wales and Southampton by the English King. For pushing English armies out of Tours, on the other hand, Rasiph received lands in the Kingdom of Castile.
The members of Belowes family are mainly graduates of Slytherin and Ravenclaw. They do not mind one's in nationality, race, or house. The only feature they do care about is future family members’ blood status.

Sallador V. A. Belowes – 65 years old –head of the family, widowed, childless, Englishman. Sallador lives in the main original family mansion in Southampton and owns Potion shop and manufacture. As the oldest member of the family, he retook all the duties after his deceased older sister Clara. Thanks to his adventurous personality, he was sorted into Ravenclaw at Hogwarts.
  • FC: Louis Gossett Jr.
  • Scientist, sarcastic, respected, adventurous, loyal.
  • Side: Hexenreich
  • OPEN

Adwin B. H. Belowes – 62 years old – younger brother of Sallador Belowes, future head of the family, married, 4 children, Englishman. Adwin is an ambitious man, who would do anything to keep the good name of his family. Year by year, he does his best to gather the family together, organizing the meetings (alongside with his brother). 42 years ago, Adwin bought ruin of a gothic castle in Wales (near Caerphilly), then rebuilt it for the purpose of family housing.
At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin.
  • Side: Neutral
  • FC: Danny Glover
  • Ambitious, stiff, respected, protective, loyal.
  • OPEN

Aurelia C. E. Ramos (née Belowes) – 44 years old – oldest daughter of Adwin Belowes, married, 3 children, Welsh-Spanish nationality. Aurelia is former professional Quidditch player (Holyhead Harpyes), who has been working as a Quidditch coach now. She is a brave, independent, honest woman, who definitely has a fire inside. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor. Aurelia married a pureblood wizard (Diego Ramos).
  • Side: Resistance
  • FC: Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Adventurous, fierce, vigorous, sarcastic.
  • OPEN

Michael D. E. Ramos – 20 years old – oldest child of Aurelia Ramos, unmarried, childless. Michael plays Quidditch for Spanish national team, Spanish nationality. He has an adventurous nature, which often leads him into trouble. Michael studied at Beauxbatons.   
  • FC: Michael Ealy
  • Optimistic, hot-tempered, adventurous.
  • Side: Neutral
  • OPEN

Raphaela C. P. Ramos – 16 years old – middle child of Aurelia and Diego Ramos, unmarried, childless, student of Beauxbatons, Spanish nationality.
  • FC: Stephanie Bertram-Rose
  • Arrogant, selfish, cocky.
  • OPEN
  • Side: Future Resistance

Gabriella M. H. Ramos – 15 years old – the youngest child of Aurelia Ramos, unmarried, childless, student of Beauxbatons, Spanish nationality.
  • FC: Renee Mittelstaedt
  • Optimistic, adventurous, witty.
  • Side: Neutral
  • OPEN

Andrew A. B. Belowes II. – 42 years old – second child (the oldest son) of Adwin Belowes, married to Ethel Florescu, 3 children, Welshman. Andrew is very ambitious man, who has established his clear targets. He’s working as a Mediwizard at St. Mungo’s hospital, as well as his wife and eldest daughter.
At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin.
  • FC: Charles Michael Davis
  • Side: Neutral
  • Polite, cunning, realistic, ambitious, loyal.
  • OPEN

Ethel E. M. Belowes (Florescu) – via Florescu family.

Adina Z. I. Belowes – 19 years old – oldest child of Andrew Belowes, childless, engaged to muggle man (James Q. Redwyne), Welsh nationality. She’s been pregnant with a muggle man, whom her family is unable to accept. Adina is a Mediwizard in training at St. Mungo’s Hospital.
At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • FC: Keke Palmer
  • Protective, smart, egoistic, rebel, arrogant.
  • Side: Resistance
  • OPEN

Acheron T. A. Belowes – TAKEN

Asteria K. M. Belowes – 4 years old – youngest child (daughter) of Andrew Belowes, Welsh nationality.
  • FC: North West Kardashian
  • OPEN

Ariston S. R. Belowes III. – 22 years old – third child (the youngest son) of Adwin Belowes, engaged, two children, Welsh-Englishman. Ariston is a smart man, who admires women and generally, loves being around people. He is not prepared to have a family just yet, although he has two sons. On the other hand, he’s very ambitious and a natural leader.
At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin, as his older brother was.
  • FC: Corbin Bleu
  • Lively, secretive, natural leader, cunning, witty.
  • Side: Neutral OR Hexenreich
  • OPEN

Reese D. “Dot” Belowes (O'Brian) – 20 years old – fiancée of Ariston Belowes III., Irish-English nationality. She is a fierce woman of Irish origin, who works at the MoM. She became a mother incidentally.
At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • FC: Taťána Kuchařová
  • Fierce, ambitious, spirited, brilliant, creative.
  • Side: Hexenreich
  • OPEN

Desdemon and Desaster Belowes – 2 years old – twins, sons of Ariston and Reese Belowes, Englishmen.
  • FC: Aden Housley
  • OPEN

Amatis T. S. Belowes – 18 years old – youngest child of Adwin Belowes, single, childless, Welsh nationality. Amatis is a Hogwarts seventh year Slytherin.
  • FC: Kiersey Clemons
  • Kind, polite, liberal, ambitious, stubborn.
  • Side: Resistance (secret)
  • OPEN


Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Acheron Aram Theodore Belowes

Birthday: 29th February

Hometown: Cardiff

Bloodline:  Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Year (pick two): 1st or 2nd


Acheron was born to a halfblood family, as the second eldest child. Terry's father, Andrew, comes from a pureblood family, just like his mother, Ethel, does. Because of his mother's Hungarian origin, Ache grew up in both Hungarian-speaking and English-speaking surroundings. That is why he's able to speak fluent Hungarian as well as fluent English.
    Both of his parents work as Mediwizards in the Saint Mungo's hospital. Growing up as a middle-child with two sisters (one elder, one younger) it's possible to say that Ache became quite a patient person.

The magic first appeared when Ache was seven years old (since that time, his grandmother forbid him to ever touch her cat again).

When he was nine, he recieved his first small broom, naturally, made for children upon his age. Ache was quite excited with flying in those times and recently, flying is his most favourite hobby (after badminton, which has been played by him since his childhood).

Recently, the family has been sorting a little “pregnancy” problem; mainly because of Ache's eldest sister (Irene) who followed her parents' steps and became a mediwizard. Nevertheless, Irene is pregnant with a muggle man, whom she wants to marry. Ache's parents are, indeed, against the marriage.

Ache had never stood against his parents' orders, ideas or wishes significantly, since he had never had any reason to do so. Even now, when he has an opportunity to disagree with them, he doesn't make any objections. It may be due to his phlegmatic nature, which makes him not really interested in his siblings' problems. Or perhaps, at the age of 10, he is simply unable to realize all the facts just yet.

Thanks to the general calmness of his childhood, Ache had not had any serious traumatic experiences.

* Acheron suffers from cynophobia and is allergic to fur. When he was nine, his parents bought him a parrot, whom Ache decided to name after Nero, the emperor of Rome.   
* Acheron doesn't have his own owl, therefore, he's been using the family owl, who is called Jerome, after the famous English writer Jerome K. Jerome.


House Request: Ravenclaw


Acheron has always loved books, good muggle films, Quidditch, Maths and History.
Due to his strongly realistic way of thinking, he's slowly starting to realize, that the only way how to become successful in the future is to study and get a good job on his own. Since his relationship with his parents (and siblings) is rather distant (but pretty good so far), he has no intentions in being rebellious or something like that. Generally, Ache can be considered to be a “couch potato,” who is always happy with a book, lying on a sofa. ¨

The phlegmatic part of his personality often makes him indecisive. He doesn't like doing things which are not advantageous for him. On the other hand, his ambition starts to show up.

However, as majority of average children of his age, Ache had to choose a sport. And so there, he chose badminton, which has been played by him for almost four years now. Badminton (alongside with his sisters)  taught him of patience. It is the only sport (and movement) he does, therefore, it helps him stay in form.

One day, hopefully, Terrance would like to become Hogwarts librarian, as well as he would not despise working as an architect or lawyer.


Terrance's silhouette is rather tall and skinny. His genetic predispositions obviously aren't interested in the general lack of movement in his life. That's why there are few muscles apparent on his arms and legs, mostly defeated by looming bones.

His height is a few inches above normal height of children upon his age. His skin colour could be compared with the coulour of dark chocolate.
His big, brown eyes usually watch the world with lack of interest.
Terrance has black hair, on which african curls would have been apparent, if he hadn't had cut his hair short.

Terry wears braces on his teeth and for reading, he is forced to wear glasses.
During school days, he wears school uniform. In his free time, he usually replaces the uniform robe, white shirt and black pants with casual jackets, shirts and pants.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

It was one of those beautiful, sunny days in spring, when almost all the flowers started to blossom, when bees were happily flying and pollinating all around (since they finally got something to pollinate), and when a young generation of animals was given birth to. The ostensibly great, spring atmosphere was, however, time to time, completely destroyed by a sudden rain.

For that, Ache had been receiving motivating letters from his grandmothers, in which the women encouraged him to go out as often as possible, in order to enjoy the so called “healthy walks”. Ache hated healthy walks his grandmothers recommended to him, mainly for having to leave the comfortable ambience of the common room. Moreover, he had to exchange it for being in a clean air; and if there was something Acheron Belowes hated, it was the clean air. 

The boy wouldn’t have taken their advices seriously, if only his mother hadn’t sent him a Howler two days ago, in which she had literally ordered him to collect himself and to leave the castle at least in spring. How did she know that he was refusing to go to nature, Ache had no idea...

Walking between flowerbeds, Ache had lost all the hopes that something interesting might happen on this healthy walk of his; right then though, he spotted someone, who was bowing down, while making strange sounds. Ache stopped walking for a moment, watching the person in suspicion, with a raised eyebrow. The person – to be completely exact, a young man – seemed to talk to flowers. Which was very amusing.

“Eh...” Ache coughed a bit, reminding the man of his presence, as he watched him struggle with sneezing. Under normal conditions, Belowes would have just passed around, making some surely witty remark. However, the man seemed to be allergic to poll (as much as Belowes was allergic to fur) and so there, Acheron sympathized with him. That was why he fished in the pocket of his robe, to pull out a neatly folded, clean handkerchief, which he handed to the obviously taller and older student. 

“Take it. My aunt says, that handkerchiefs are always better than sleeves, at least when speaking about blowing noses,” waiting for him to take the piece of fabric, Ache stood as straight as ever, in one place. “After all, they were created for allergic people, who – for some reason – decide not to avoid the allergens.”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): I don't have any.

How did you find us?: Google.com

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