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Archived Applications / Re: Adrian Alric Application
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Thank you, it doesn't actually change. Its his inner reflection of the world. The eyes are light brown.

Archived Applications / Adrian Alric Application
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Name: Adrian Alric

Birthday: February 23rd

Hometown: Alricsson Estates, Central Wizarding Iceland

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring/Summoning

Year (pick two): Second, First


Adrian Alric's story could be said to have started hundreds of years ago, when his ancestors first stood at the True Althing to cement a bond between the elite of Wizarding Iceland. It could also be said to have started with his grandfather, Aleksandr Alricsson; the last in the line of a great family who through an iron will and magical brilliance came to be an impactful figure in the shadows of the Wizarding World. For Adrian, it starts with his earliest memory: being carried on the shoulders of his mother on the shores of the Mediterranean as she waved her wand in the air, creating streaks of light sparkling in the darkening evening air. As far as he could remember they were always a team, trekking through the continent on an adventure that wouldn't end. Each day brought something new to marvel at, something fun to see. He mirrored a puppy at play experiencing the world since they seldom stayed at the same location for more than a month.

That all seemed to change as the continent did with the war. The world was not safe for anyone anymore and it was not too long before his grandfather and the rest of his family were brought into his life. He knew that his family originated from Iceland, but the Alric Estate he was introduced to was on on the western side of the border between France and Belgium, a brooms-ride from the North Sea. It was magically hidden by the complex Shielding Spells that had passed down for more than a thousand years in his family; a castle in plain sight to those of his blood but invisible to the rest of the world. The estate was home to his grandfather, a humongous bull of a man who Adrian rarely saw, his aunt and her three children, his uncle and his wife and two children, and now his and his mothers'.

It was an uneasy coexistence. They were all strangers to him but he had already been acquainted to them as the living embodiment of their family disgracing itself. Adrian had no concept on what being a half-blood meant. For a family that had seldom attached itself to anything but pure-blooded families of high stature, it was an affront they would not suffer through. His aunt only referred to him as Helmingur, or half. While his mother would always come to his defense, she was not always around and his cousins would pick their spots to show their cruelty to him. Any form of bullying was rewarded by his aunt, who had even bought her youngest son Adonis a brand new broomstick for fracturing Adrian's forearm while they were "at play".

His life became thoroughly loathsome when his mother abruptly left the estate to Britain. All the boy knew was that she was working for Spelliarmus, a magical consulting firm. Adrian did not know what that even meant, but attempts to find out were quickly squashed as he learned that his life was not what it used to be. It was around that time that his grandfather was mysteriously confined to a wheelchair and required supervised care. As his aunt now assumed the mantle of head of the family, she lorded over everyone as she saw fit. The daily abuses that followed under her rule killed any fight in him and after two years, he had accepted the role of black sheep. It felt so sudden when his aunt informed him of his impending move to Britain, where he would be staying with mother until he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Wand: White Ash, Unicorn Hair Core. 9 and 3/4 inches. Pliable and Rough.


House Request: Slytherin/Ravenclaw


Adrian has a very complex world perspective that you would not account for in a twelve year old. He is naturally charismatic, curious, and compassionate.  He takes an obsessive interest in finding why people do the things they do and analyzing those reasons or impulses. His mother always wanted him to question things, because "That's how we come to learn". His foundational approach to any problem is to try to fix it, even if it hinders what he is trying to accomplish. He is not very self-aware at this age and through a very sheltered existence is slowly coming to learn where it can help him and where it will doom him. Living under the thumb of his aunt, Adrian developed some negative defense mechanisms to combat the abusive interactions he dealt with on a consistent basis from his extended family. He keeps his thoughts mainly to himself, preferring commands to conversations. There wasn't a vulnerability in being told what to do, while being ridiculed for what he felt or thought was what he earned for doing so. That usually led to him crying and then being berated for crying. He also romanticizes nature and is an avid book reader, anything that would allow him to an escape.

Appearance: Face Claim: Abel van Oeveren

Adrian has a slender figure, accented by his purposely hunched shoulders accompanied by arms glued to his side. He has a sharp chin, high cheek bones and a straight. pointy nose. While his hair is light brown, his eyes can never settle which color they wanted to be. Sometimes he thought they were as brown as his hair, other days they shone bright hazel with golden flakes. On damp days he even though they looked as grey and dead as it was outside his window. He has a fair complexion and mainly resembles his mother except for the eyes. It adds to his outcast nature that he is one of only two members of his family without green eyes.


"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

"Who says?" Adrian responded, his eyebrows lowering to make his eyes squint incredulously. The twelve year old had all about had it with everyone around him telling him how to act. At first, it had seemed helpful for some of his peers to give him hints on how to carry on with all the scrutiny they felt at Hogwarts. In summary, Adrian should respond when asked, keep his head in a book, and he'll be apt to form his own opinions when he finished his N.E.W.T.S.

The last few years of his life had prepared him to act, not be. The freedom he had gained while being at the school have changed his perceptions quite a bit. It was easy to choose how to be and commit like a mummer rather than taking in his environment and processing it like a normal person. Reacting was not his strong suit. Maybe his face was making such a curious expression in response to him responding.

Could you blame him though? He did not know what to make of this older boy he had noticed while nestled against the shade of the castle walls. There had been a pleasant breeze passing through the roses and tulips that was marvelous to behold. The flowers swayed together, brothers and sisters in unison and everything seemed right with the world. Adrian admired their freedom to dance when the wind commanded them to move. It was also more interesting to watch than reading anything from his notes from potions class.

This boy had ruined it all. Storming through the doors to Adrian's left, the bumbling stranger massacred the family of flowers, searching for something he would guess. What could be so important that he'd trample the lives of innocent flowers without care? It was a callous action that had the young boy only respond with his haughty stare and rebellious tone.

"Are you going to fix those flowers?" He asked, pointing at the mangled graveyard of petals. Guessing from his looks, the older boy had to be adept enough to do something. No one could be that careless without remorse, no matter how sick they looked. 'Is that snot on his face?' Maybe he's deranged?'


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Dorian Cerveira

How did you find us?: The Googs, previously referred to you by a former player.

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