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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Claus Heinrich

Birthday: March 12th

Hometown: Harmbug, Germany


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):
Year one (First choice) or year two (Second choice)

Claus' life had been quite uneventful as far as he could remember. He was the first born child of a pureblood family in Germany and as such, he was the heir to the line. His parents were very strict people who have a very defined set of morals that they followed. It was their pride and they had taught him how to respect his own moral codes. Around that time, Germany was not a very peaceful place to be. He didn't remember much but he did remember packing up and leaving with his parents in the middle of the night. The German Muggles had violated some of the family's moral codes about humanity and their family would not stand for it. Even though that meant abandoning their wealth, they would accept because wealth can be replaced but pride cannot. They have a tradition to uphold. And so, the whole family moved to England, hoping mother Britain would be a better place to start.

There, the family used some of their wealth to open up a small shop of exotic potion ingredients. They had a fulfilling life despite the lack of their previous wealth. Claus’ life, while he wasn’t being served by house elves at his peck and call like the earlier part of his life, was not struggling at all. There were no dramas as far as he could tell except for maybe his very strict parents with high expectations. With no wealth in hand, the Heinrich was not a remarkable family in Britain. However, that didn’t mean that they would forgo their blood status. They were still purebloods and as such, they must act like purebloods. ‘Arrogance is for ignorance people’ was his father’s favorite teaching. ‘Nothing is for free’ is another one that his grandfather favored. Now, Claus wanted to start his education at Hogwarts so that he might be able to restore his family to its former glory and complete his own set of morals and ambition as well. Claus' ambition? Making a change to the world.


House Request:

Claus is ambitious above all. His dream is to change the world, making an impact on humanity. He has a very specific set of morals which he follows. He is a pureblood through and through. Therefore, his actions and speech all ooze charm and grace. He remembers his mother's teaching very well. 'Blood status is something that you are born to, wealth should not matter. So, no matter how rich or poor you are, act like a pureblood because you are one.' He is always thinking the best way to take advantage of a situation, trying to manipulate it to get something in return.

However, with that said, Claus isn't without his good boy. Despite his tendency to manipulate things, Claus is actually a quite peaceful person. He will not go out on his way to antagonize or abuse another being without any reasons or provoke. He has his own rules that he follows strictly so does that count as honorable? Perhaps it is. He can be kind to his 'closer acquaintances' or in other word, he can be kind to his friends. He doesn't pick friends easily but when he does, they will be the exception from his manipulation.

Scrawny and possibly a little bit short for his age, Claus stood only at 5 feet with a tan complexion. His body is lean, possibly slightly on the thin side. He is built for speed instead of strength. His hair is brown and short and always very neat. He is a pureblood after all. No purebloods go out without looking their best. He has no visible piercings or tattoos, and his collection of scars is small. His eyes are black and his lips are thin. He always wears very fashionable clothes. On his middle finger is the silver heir ring with the family's symbol of an owl to indicate his status as the heir to the family.

Reply to Option 2.
Claus was wandering across the garden after his quick breakfast, his father's words still rang in his ear. 'Make the family proud'. How was he going to make the family proud on the first day at school he wasn't sure but he would find a way to do it. He promised after all. Running a hand through his brow hair, Claus caught movements, a crouching body of a male, searching for something. Hmm, he had noticed him earlier from the feast. Perhaps a lost pet? After all, what else could he lose that he had to search at the flower bed? And by the curse that the male threw about a 'blasted rat', Claus had reached the conclusion that he was right. Calmly approaching the male, Claus made sure to keep a safe distance in case the figure proved to be less than friendly and he observed him quietly while he searched, his head tilted to the side. How should he take advantage of this situation now? Well, he could always expand his own network. He needed to rebuild his own family after all, and good relationship was a must. What was the point of having great power if everyone was your enemies and out to get you? Lost in his thought, Claus didn't notice when the boy had stopped wipping his nose and actually addressed him.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

Claus smiled in amusement, sporting the signs of embarrassment. He let his hands loose at his sides to appear unthreatening before he took a silk handkerchief and offered it to the male. "Ja." He replied, his voice was thick with his german accent. "You may be able to help me with something." He continued in case the male didn't know the simple German word. "You see, I was quite new to the school, and I would like to have some different insight of where to find certain classes. I noticed that you have lost your pet. So maybe an exchange?" He asked, his lips tilted up into a small smirk, nothing too sly. He didn't want to chase a potential 'acquantaince' off after all, but it was a small cocky smile. "I will help you find your pet, and in return, perhaps you can direct me to my class?" He asked. With a graceful old fashioned bow, Claus smiled. "My name is Claus Heinrich. It is a pleasure to meet you." He purred, taking in the sight of the boy. He hoped this would be the start of something 'beautiful'. After all, in life, nothing was for free. And if he extended his hand first and offered something in return, he would get what he was after.


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