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Rebels without a cause, as some would say. But to the Lesauvage boys, any reason would be one worth enough to stir the pot. A once proud family, descending from a line of French nobles, the Lesauvage family is amongst the purest in Paris at the time, known for its arranged marriages and linage. No muggleborn or halfbloods are admitted into the family ranks, and it is quite the scandal when a member of the family has relationships with either one. Those committed to their inferior loved ones are often disowned unless they are quick to break off any ties. Bastard children are accepted but are made to understand their role in the family is not one amongst higher ranking.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in adopting any of these characters, faceclaims are flexible as long as the boys have darker hair with light eyes. 

pureblood | sixteen | taken | pedro aurelian

Dashiell Lesauvage is the bastard son of Kristof and a muggle woman, Dash struggles with some serious identity issues. He's heavily disliked by Claude, and grew up colder than he should have, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs of others simply because he considers it mere fun and games. He seeks validation in mental sparing and cultivating his ego with sarcasm and wit, preferring such methods rather than taking a physical approach in hurting another. Given more independence as a child, Dash was well aware of the jealousy the other boys bore for him and bluntly pushed at any buttons that would irk the two pure blooded boys. He especially used his relationship with Alice to aggravate Bo, even if his feelings didn't reciprocate how she felt for him. However, his insensitive behavior towards the others has gained the boy quite the nasty reputation and unlike Bo, doesn't hold the admiration of his peers. Shadowed by loneliness, Dash keeps to himself at times, struggling to understand what his place is within the world. But for the time being, he's quite comfortable in playing the devils advocate...

pureblood | sixteen | taken | lucas mirambaud

Beauregard Lesauvage is a true protagonist, and the eldest legitimate son of Claude and Kristof Lesauvage. Bo nearly radiates authenticity, concern and selflessness, unafraid to stand up and speak when he deems something needs to be said. A true knight in shining armor, he stands ready to take on the position as family head, primed and groomed as a young heir. A probable Gryffindor, Bo is fearless yet struggles to make the hard decisions that are vital to his future and struggles with a sort of fluctuating self esteem, constantly building himself up to tear everything down brick by brick. His relationship with Dash, however, has always bordered on fleeting. Jealous of the love his father harbors for his bastard brother, Bo repeatedly feels the need to validate himself in front of Dashr, one he would never consider as an equal. Beauregard sees himself as the responsible individual watching over his peers and takes on the strain that goes with keeping the other boys in place. Popular and well known, he sits upon his own thrown among plenty of friends and admirers both in class and on the Quidditch pitch.

pureblood | fifteen | taken | cole sprouse

Sebastian Lesauvage is grasping at the edge of a ruthless level of rationality. Sebastian uses his drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve what he wants, whenever he wants it. The youngest of the three brothers, Bas overwhelms the more timid and sensitive individuals with a sort of demand to be heard and admired. Because of his unwavering charismatic personality, Bas tends to lead those around him rather than fall into his own clique. However due to this stubbornness and tendency to dominate, Bas can be intimidating and disliked very easily. However, he probably wouldn't care either way. Possessing a tolerant attitude towards his brothers, Bas sees himself becoming heir, surpassing both of his elders by merely climbing his way up to the top, and he'd probably be able to do it one day.

pureblood | fifteen | open | Scarlet Leithold

Alice Labelle is the ward to the Lesauvage family. Alice grew up with all three boys in her life and heart. Due to the financial instability of her family, Alice was offered up as a suitable pure blood match to either Beauregard or Sebastian when the children matured and were ready for marriage. However, as a child, she favored Dashiell and spent more time tottering after the sardonic male than playing nice with the others. Enjoying the company of books and fine arts, Alice is gentle yet fierce when it comes to those that would oppose her or her family members, blood or not. Pursued by Bo, Alice faces a tough decision as her feelings for Dash hasn't yet vanished completely. However to honor her family and the people that gave her a roof over her head, she understands what could never be.

coded by rin hunter.


Only one left guys, come on and take him before time runs out.

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Bumping this before the new term starts! Please adopt one of these lovely boys <3

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Archived Applications / Action Grey
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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Action (Nathaniel) Grey

Birthday: August 3rd,1928

Hometown: London, England.


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 6th, 7th


Nathaniel Grey would have been happy, could have been happy… if he remained ignorant to the magical world around. He had been a muggle, through and through, attending preschool, going on vacations with his folks, the usual life of simplicity. He was never a spoilt child, however his parents had been completely devoted to the young boy and did what they could for him to grow up happy. Which really wasn’t hard with little Nate. He was a easy going, laid back child, never demanding more then his parents could give, and hardly getting into any sort of mischief that would reflect badly on his family, for it was large and ever growing. Nathaniel’s parents both worked admirable jobs in the muggle community, his father being a well known orthodontist and his mother a university lecturer. They met in high school and dreamt of starting a large family together, the white picket fence dream in all honestly.

Nate was the third child and the baby of the tight knit family. His two older sisters were both beginning high school when Nate was born. Both girls adored their little brother and spoilt him rotten when mum and dad weren't looking. For Nate was a pleasant younger brother to have around, never pulling their hair and taking their things, for these behaviours didn’t made sense in the younger males mind. The idea of causing grief in the lives of others weren’t something he wanted to be known for. He was extremely bright for his age and a mature child to boot, labelling Nate as the golden boy for years. He was increasingly polite when family, or strangers, came by and would easily be content sitting alone with a notebook to draw in for hours.

He found solace in being alone and savoured the time he had to spent sharpening his skills, whichever one he decided on practicing at the time. His family had high hopes for the young child and led him towards an admirable path in life, completely unaware of the changes about to take place around them to change the young boys fate forever. It happened quickly and swept across London like a cruel tsunami wave, leaving behind the weak and defenceless in its wakes. Nathaniel had woken up, expecting to hear the usual noises from downstairs as his parents were almost always awake before the child, to only find himself in a completely foreign environment where his home was no more, leaving only an empty old apartment building with no warmth and the usual signs of life around him. The child was terrified and shook to the bone. He spent numerous days in that apartment, with a teary glazed look upon his face and dirt stricken cheeks.

He cried himself to sleep for hours upon end, finding no reconciliation in being awake and absolutely no desire to leave the room. He did not know what happened, but realized in his heart that he was truly alone and that he was in a world were no rescue would come for him. And strangely enough, Nate made peace with the idea that he had been abandoned and had no true ambitions to try to connect with what was once his family. He tossed around ideas over what he could of possibly done to deserve something like this, and yearned to feel, or even hear, his mothers voice again. But one thing was true in the boys mind, he had done something to deserve this. Perhaps if he hadn’t been so soft and quiet spoken, he could of prevented this, said something that would of changed the minds of his family to let the child stay. Had he not been good enough? Hadn’t been able to prove his worth to those he had thought loved him?

These thoughts haunted the child for days upon end until finally, starving and desperate for answers, Nate left the building. He treaded carefully through streets that weren’t entirely unknown, only unfamiliar. Things looked different and the world around him had a feeling of change and misfortune. Something had indeed gone wrong and the balance of the earth felt off and mildly upsetting. He could not place a finger on how he felt and what kind of energy sprouted from his surroundings, however it felt powerful and Nate desired to learn what kind of power could have possibly created such a massive shift in the universe. The child withdrew from society and discovered that he had extremely sticky fingers when he needed them most. Stealing became as simple as it had been to open the fridge and he was hardly even called out for his actions. For a child so young, Nathaniel faired well on his own, that said, as well as any kid his age could do on the streets. He was no expert and often got himself into numerous kinds of trouble for simply displaying cheek and disrespect to the natives.

He discovered that kindness got you nowhere out here and grew increasingly arrogant and cold. Any form of gentleness shown towards him was taken as a sign of trickery and Nate shied away. Often times, people grew slightly too interested in him, asking where his parents were or what his name was, and again, Nathaniel would shy away in distain and distrust of others. He did not believe that people would give something to him without wanting something back, as everything in the universe was about personal gain. It was a game of survival and he believed that one could not play by relying on the kindness and generosity of others, for then you would lose. The young boy was incredibly stubborn and in all honestly, could have benefitted from the help of others. However, this strange world that he had been planted in scared the hell out of him and clouded his thoughts. Perhaps he really did believe he could survive on his own, the hubris of a child who needed nothing and wanted everything. But this was only a immature dream of a boy king lost in London.

After a rather messy shoplifting occurrence, Nathaniel was taken in by the local police officers and brought to an orphanage. He went kicking and screaming of course, cursing his lungs out at the officers until even they were quiet with shock at the youngsters outburst. Raw, merciless anger poured from the child in waves and waves of words and actions. He hated his deadbeat parents and he hated himself, he hated that he wasn’t good enough for anything and despised the dreary old city he called home. The boy was at a complete loss, unable to process and get over his anger issues and emotional wounds, he felt like they’d never heal and would continue to bleed out until he was all dry and hollow. The orphanage was absolute hell and Nate refused to communicate to anyone, they had asked him questions and he snarled, feeling threatened by the pressing and prodding of these strangers. There was nowhere for the child to run now and he was almost positive that they’d catch him if he bolted. For now, the boy king had been overthrown.

He still refused to tell anyone his name and went on like this for a long time. The other children spoke about him, brutally honest chatter that almost always reached Nathaniel’s ears. They called him stupid and feral, wild almost, with eyes as dark as the basement at night. He was considered an evil child, something monstrous and witchlike. It was ironic just how right these children really were. There were peculiar incidences when unusual things happened around the child, such as glasses breaking without impact, things levitating only momentarily before falling to the ground and the spiders in his room almost seemed to do as he commanded them too. But the boy only considered these things as tricks of the mind and even considered the possibility that his vision was impaired. But he never even dreamed what this actually meant, what doors it opened for the child and which negative ones it closed. He was given a second opportunity to create something out of himself and was determined not to become a failure.

For you see, when Nate turned ten, a strange man approached the orphanage, almost as if he appeared out of nowhere to come and speak to Nate. And for the first time in years, Nathaniel spoke to him. There was something about this man, a radiating feeling of bizarreness and miraculous strength. Perhaps it was also because of the strange way he dressed or the way his eyes lit up when he saw the child. However, one thing was for sure, Nate liked this man and the universe he came from and desperately wanted to be apart of it.

“Whats your name, son?”

Nathaniel stared downwards, glancing at his bare feet shuffling around.

“See? He wont talk to you. The bloody child wont ta-”

Nate’s head snapped back towards the pair before him. The horrible, bottom feeding swine that looked after the children, and the wondrous man with sparks in his irises.

“Action. My name is Action Grey.”

It is unknown to why the boy abandoned his identity. Perhaps the urge to start again brought upon a need to change something within him. The name he had chosen depicted the start of something exciting beginning in the boys life. Action suited him just fine and he was content in responding to it, without thinking of the family he once came from. He would not allow himself to be called his birth name given to him by his parents, who had left him and not bothered to ever see if their son was okay. He had dreams that they would come by and pluck him out from the orphanage and carry the child home with the promise of sweets and toys. But that was another immature dream that he learned to discard.

Action was introduced to the magical world by a man who spoke about a school called Hogwarts, which to Action was very strange and caused him to doubt slightly. However, he was shown a letter inviting him to attend and told a rather wonderful tale of witches and wizards. He was almost positive that this was all some kind of sick prank, however the seriousness in the mans gaze caused the child to become very unsure of himself and throw him right out of his element. Apparently the man was from a hospital where children, like him, were given homes where they awaited to go off and attend school. Action had never considered the possibility of him going to school again and quite honestly, preened at the idea.

However, he could’t help but think that it was all too good to be true.

The boy struggled with trust and continued to withdraw himself from others, even in his new world of magic. He was taken to St Mungo’s orphanage and given a new home and the possibility to create a family for himself. Action paired up with another boy, whom he nicknamed Slick and the pair created havoc together. It was a glorious friendship and the first one Action had acquired in quite some time. However, he did not speak of his past to the other boy, even when Slick trusted to tell Action his story. Apparently the boy had magical blood in his veins from a parent and raved at the idea that this parents was a very successful, skilled magician. Apparently dying at the hand of another wizard. Slick enjoyed telling the tale and Action discovered that he told it different every time with more thrills and increasing events that proved the heroism of his parent.

But Action didn’t mind. He acted surprised each time and leaned in with eagerness and excitement. The boys were inseparable and often plotted schemes to escape the hospital together.

Eventually Action gained a wand and a house at Hogwarts, kinship to his fellow classmates and a rather big reputation. He would not allow himself to fall under the mercy of another again, for he was strong now and the leader of his own pack.

House Request: Slytherin

Personality: Action is cold. He has absolutely no shred of sympathy for the people around him and manipulates almost effortlessly, he is also quite direct. He has no lack of remorse for most of his actions however hardly ever does something without careful thought and consideration of what he’s doing. He’s extremely logical and cunning while dividing plots and plans, often disregarding the fact that someone might become hurt in the cross fire. Action wont go out of his way to cause harm to someone and isn't the type to hurt without cause, but bear in mind that he does have a very small amount of patience and can get irritated easily, causing him to lash out verbally. Action is incredibly charming and a natural born liar. He’s also quite intelligent and quick-witted, capable of deducing things and coming up with clever plans based on a small amount of information. He’s a gentleman when he wants to be and can act as quite the well mannered young man if it means he’d gain something out of the situation.

However, he isn’t a total meanie, Action feels extremely loyal to his friends and will bend over backwards for those he truly cares about. He’ll do just about anything to get them out of any form of trouble he caused and sometimes goes behind their back to prevent them from falling into harms way. He doesn't tryst easily though, making it hard for the male to acquire new friends, he looks for prove of loyalty and reason for adding them into his life. Action wont just befriend anyone, he enjoys those who challenge him in different ways and can entertain his sharp mind, which isn't easy. But one he considers you someone he cares about, theres nothing the boy wont do for you.

Appearance: Action is considered to be a fairly attractive young male. He’s incredibly tall for his age and lacks more bulk then anything else. He does look slightly underfed at times, however isn’t entirely bothered by this at all. One of his more prominent features, is an almost perfect jawline and high cheekbones, but due to this, his cheeks do look slightly sunken in at times. Action has dark brown hair, looking more black then anything else, only revealing a unusual maroon burnish. His eyes are green, sometimes looking more blue in different lighting, however always carrying a sort of menace in their depths.

He was moping, well not actually moping, more like drowning in the sorrows of his failure.

Bloody Cloudy had kissed her before he had. The little rascal had appeared out of nowhere, smirking at Action is a sort of mocking way and flashing his pearly whites before going in for the kill and wrapping his fingers through her light strands of golden blonde curls. Merlin, even he had been flabbergasted by the occasion, taken completely aback by his friends gesture and hidden message of ‘I won’.

Action was not at all impressed by this and decided to punish his friend with the silent treatment. Merlin knew those boys were lost without him so he decided to do what he did best and avoid for as long as he could possibly withstand it. He did not particularly like to be alone, however the eerie vibe of the dungeon always suggested to him that he was never quite by himself here. Which could just as well be true in the darker corridors of Hogwarts. He suspected a vast variety of ghosts and ghouls haunted the area and quite honestly found peace at the idea.

He’d never want to end up a ghost in Hogwarts, doomed to forever be a blasted student in these murky hallways, but he enjoyed the amusement that these ghosts were and that they hated it with a fiery passion. It wasn’t his fault that they had failed to see the murderous gaze of another being or perhaps the changing of stairs which led to their death, so really there was nothing he could do about ti but enjoy the idea that they suffered and he didn’t have to.

The sound of footsteps drew upon the young mans attention and Action shrunk down slightly, in fright, before straightening up with a scowl and a shaking of his head. He was not a bloody coward and would not allow someone else to see him as one. But he had not suspected the noise and couldn't help but think that a ghost had somehow glimpsed into his mind at his arrogant thoughts.

He immediately cast his fears away as a small figure came into view.

A little lion cub, how typical.


The boy gave a low chuckle, one from deep in his chest to appear sort of frightening to the child. If she was here in the dungeons and already terrified out of her wits.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

Now that was low, and utterly disrespectful, but it did sent a chill up the males spine in fear that the dead girls presence was still lurking around here somewhere.Action stood up from his moping spot and snuck around the girl so that he was behind her, drawing nearer and nearer with every footstep until he was almost upon her.

“No, but I am.”

Hopefully this would terrify her to the point where she’d run away and never return, leaving him be.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Irulian and co.

How did you find us?: Google, I think?

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