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Archived Applications / Julian Cade Vartan
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Julian Cade Vartan

Birthday: 24th Aug 1935

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): 1st, 2nd

When he tried to remember his first ever memory, Julian couldn’t figure out which one of these two had occurred first. One, he remembered Annabel accidentally spilling hot chocolate on him by snatching a mug out of his hand. Two, he remembered his father kissing someone that wasn’t mom. He was certain that if he had asked his father, he would have known which one was Julian’s first memory. Timothy would know if he had kissed another woman in their house before he adopted a sister for Julian or the other way round.

Julian had never asked. He had never even told anyone what he had seen.

One night, when his mother had asked what was the first ever memory he could recall, he told her of that time they all visited uncle Christopher for Christmas. Her mother had looked at him funny, Esme wasn’t a stupid woman. Julian was seven then. Surely, he had earlier memories than that, though that was the only one he could think of in an attempt to not think about the other two. His mother didn’t press on and he never brought it up again.

When he thought about it later that night, he should have said of that time they had sent Annabel to school, away from home. He was five or six then, when Annabel had left home. Julian thought that he would prefer days without her yelling at their father or arguing with their mother, but it wasn’t quite true. He had never told her how much he had missed her. He wrote to her sometimes, though not as often as he would like to. He found it hard to. Annabel hated it when he wrote her some petty details, she wanted the important news, she wanted him straight to the point. She was impatient like their father. But Julian realised that there wasn’t much significant details he could share with Annabel because all the significant stories require him to know big words.

He was still stuck at words like “suddenly”, “beautiful”, and “tomorrow”.

Annabel leaving would have been a more believable first memory.

Or he could have told them of that time they celebrated Aria’s birthday by visiting grandpa and grandma. He was also about five then. Everyone in the family was there, even aunt Alexandra and uncle Hans. Julian didn’t see them often and aunt Alexandra looked sad that day. She tried to smile as much as she could and she had stayed on one corner until Timothy coaxed her to join in the conversation. Julian could tell that she was sad from the look on her face, from the way she crossed one of her arm, and from the way her eyes kept averting away from them toward the window.

Any one of those would have been a better lies, but Julian wasn’t a good liar. He couldn’t think fast enough to be one.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: I think Julian would suit Gryffindor. He has a quiet courage in him. The type of courage that was more tactful than his father’s and more honest than his mother’s. Aside from Gryffindor, he would perhaps be suited to Ravenclaw as he has a curious mind.

Personality: Julian can be playful, having grown up running around chasing or being chased around the house by his father, but he is rarely loud. His father and Annabel had always been the loud one at home and Aria had taken over Annabel’s place once she left home for school. Julian often founds himself in his mother’s study, as it is the only quite place he can find at home.

After a few failed attempts at getting him to enjoy quidditch--even with new brooms, gloves, and tickets to the quidditch matches--Timothy had relented and allowed Julian to join the tennis club in the neighbourhood, where Julian often helps as a ball boy when he's not training. Julian enjoys this as he gets to watch and learn how the adults play. He is the type of boy who learns better visually.

Julian is also quite intuitive when it comes to reading people. Having grown up with mostly women (and Timothy) in the house, Julian has been taught to be more attentive toward others.


Julian is quite tall for his age, slightly taller than both his parents had been when they were his age. He had brown hair, blue eyes and he is generous with his smile. He often wears that smile on his face, either because he has just seen something funny or his mind is thinking of one.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

He used to think that he wouldn't want to be seen tending to flowers.

It was a girly thing, Julian could imagine his father telling him with that grin on his face. It was almost a crime for a boy to be tending to the flowers in the garden that they had Pascal took care of their garden back home. The problem was, Julian rather liked looking after them. He came each day with his small cup of water and his wooden ruler to measure if his flower had grown and if it had grown faster than Lula's or Wendy's.

To be fair, he wasn't too worried about Lula's outgrowing his. Lula's flower looked almost dead and sometimes Julian secretly watered it because he pitied it.

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

He jumped up at the voice. He didn't want anyone knowing he was watering Lula's flower. He didn't want anyone thinking he was sabotaging her flower. But when the boy handled the flower roughly and let out a disgusting sneeze, Julian stood up and took a step in front of their flowers.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

"There is no rat here!" He called back. He wasn't sure who the boy was but he was rude. Julian hated it when people were rude. Still holding his small cup of water and ruler with one hand, he lifted the other up and waved at the boy, "Shoo! Shoo!"


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Stefan Steel, Nathaniel Ross, Timothy Vartan, and a few others

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