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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Olivia Archer

Birthday: July 13th

Hometown: London


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 5th , 4th

Olivia Archer didn’t know who her family was, if her parents were even still alive, or what on earth she was going to do with her short, sorrowful life. Her earliest memories are of a garden where she sat in the grass under the shade of a large tree. A woman appeared to be around, but she couldn't remember. This was the only connection she had to a woman who possibly wasn't even her mother. Olivia had nothing on her father, not even a last name to cling onto. She had nothing, was nothing.

Growing up was terribly tedious.

She was moved from foster home to foster home, dropping into the occasional orphanage every now and then for that matter as well. Which was all good and fine when she was younger. She was given loads of treats and nice things from these people, but she never really cared for them. It was a silly thing to try and hold onto adults who end up just wanting you out. They start off simply, making it sound as though you’ve made a mistake, like forgetting to wash the dishes or something, and then there’s the, ‘We’ve decided…’ and the ‘Its not you, its us…’

She was so used to all this by the time she turned eight that actually trying to build a relationship beyond saying ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ during dinner time, was worthless. And this worked out well for her. Most of the host families weren't impressed by her careless behaviour, but they simply assumed it was a childhood stage. That little Olivia was trying to act cool, and snobbish. Like a regular female.

Which was true in some ways.

For Olivia never truly cared for others. Or maybe there might have been a time where she did, but that was long gone. In her spare hours, she read books and plotted escape routes from whichever house they had thrown her in this time. She never remained in a place for very long and sometimes, although this was a rare occasion, left earlier then the social workers planned and simply bucked it out the back door by herself. She could make her way towards social services and sit there, complaining that she was either allergic to the dog the family had, or she didn’t like the other children they had. There was always something.

However, on one peculiar evening, something changed, and people disappeared. Her usual social workers were missing and her previous foster homes had changed. It was all very weird however it did provide her with a wondrous chance to escape everything and try to go it out by herself. It last a while quite well. Olivia stole what she needed, which strangely enough was mostly just reading material, and worked for the rest. Offering to babysit the usual crowd of high-class, posh families. She was well known amongst a certain crowd in London, as both a nuisance and a saving grace.

She was later taken in by an older woman who lived alone, mind her feline friends. Olivia was given a room in the attic and clean sheets to sleep in. She carried her own load, and helped around where ever Nan needed it. Nan taught her to cook, knit, simple discipline and of course helped sharpen the girls mind with banter and humour. Nan supported her, even when a letter stating that Olivia was to go to some sort of magical school arrived. It wasn’t an easy thing to believe. She left it laying on the table for days until another bloody owl knocked on the window with another letter. Perhaps the idea of a new universe unknown to her, terrified Olivia. She had perfected herself to survive and thrive in the non magical one and now she was expected to go to school with other children who possibly had known about this secret for their whole lives.

It wasn’t until Nan finally told her to go and stop moping around the house like a lost animal before Olivia actually took this whole school thing seriously. She was still very sceptical, however agreed to go to Diagon Alley and purchase her supplies. Nan paid for most of her things, not accepting any thanks from Olivia either, stating that the girl would pay her back. Olivia remembered this. Old Nan had done something that demonstrated love and care, something Olivia hadn’t experienced before. Nan even gave her the surname Archer which Olivia kept.

After grasping the situation and wondering around Diagon Alley with wild eyes, Olivia acquired a wand, and a threat from Nan that if she broke anything waving it around like a baboon, she’d be dead, or worse. The old woman dealt with the situation rather well, causing Olivia to suspect that the old woman had some magic in her self, a wizard for a grandfather or perhaps even being one herself. But Nan never let off any of her secrets. She only smiled that devilish smile of hers before trotting on, waving her furs behind her.

Olivia attended Hogwarts each year and returned home to Nan each summer for at least a week or two before attending camp. Olivia had to admit that she missed the old crone and was plenty grateful for her. She would always bring home all sorts of surprises for Nan, such as magical sponges that washed the dishes for you, or chocolate that would never melt, small things that showed she cared. And for Olivia, that was the best she could do. She always promised herself that she would make it up to Nan, in some way or another and continues to strive to make the woman proud, and to grow into a decently intelligent witch that old Nan would be more then proud to call her a daughter.

That was all she wanted in life.

House Request:

Personality: Olivia will rarely pass up a good opportunity to learn something new, especially abstract concepts. She isn’t particularly interested in planned learning, such as lessons in the classroom, but will study a certain subject individually purely because she has an interest in this topic. Olivia has a decently flexible mind as well and she can easily shift from one idea to the next, however this does call for her to be easily distracted and easily bored. Olivia is original with her ideas, preferring to throw away traditional thinking and study methods. She’s an experimenter and prefers to try and work things out how she may she fit.

Olivia is confident in her words and rather charismatic when she pleases to be. In all honestly, she’d rather prefer books to people, however wont refuse a chance to have a good argument or battle of wits with a fellow student. During her more charismatic, people pleasing moments, Olivia can be pleasantly funny and sarcastic. Sometimes it can be a little hard for more sensitive individuals to be around her due to her raw brusque way of speaking. She can offend others without meaning to, or worse, actually intend to harm them and tear that person apart with insults and curses. She’s insensitive, however is brutally loyal to those she considers a friend and will protect them to the death. She isn’t the most trusting of individuals and once trust is broken, she’ll lash out and avoid contact with them.

Appearance: Olivia is tall, slender and proud, walking with a glide and stealth in her steps. She’s fairly pretty with waist length light brown hair that tends to sway towards golden during the summer time. Her hair is often wild, framing her well structured, sharp features, or tied back and away from her eyes. Her nose is dotted with freckles and her light blue eyes are framed by darker lashes.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

The Great Hall, where Olivia liked nothing more then to be allowed to eat whatever food had been served in quiet, was packed with mongrels and barbaric house chants. She couldn’t rest her eyes on someone that wasn’t moving around, pushing people or yelling about the damned Quidditch match. Green banners were waving about widely and Olivia swore she saw some snotty Slytherin knock a firstie on the head with a flag pole.

She grew even more annoyed as the table where she sat was pushed around by excited students, causing drinks to fall and magical towels to come and wipe them up effortlessly. It was a process she had watched countless of times now. Mess, wipe, squeeze and fly away… then repeat. Surely it would be faster to simply charm the table cloth to absorb any liquids that it comes in contact with? Wouldn’t that solve time? She sure wouldn’t mind not having those annoying little things fly over her head.


Finally, it was her glass of juice that fell down and Olivia was done. She pointed rude gestures at those sitting close to her, shook her head at them and spun around. Shaking her hips as she left in an attempt to look somewhat harassed. With a thick braid bouncing down her back, Olivia rounded the corner towards her own house before noticing a boy walking rather swiftly before her. He seemed to be making pitiful noises and sniffed ever so often. Honestly, Olivia wouldn’t have even given the child a second glance if it wasn’t for him turning on her like an animal that had contracted rabies.

“WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!”

Merlin, what had ruffled his fur the wrong way?

Olivia lifted her nose in distain and almost growled at the boy. Her teeth clenched and lips pursed, she swept a blonde curl from her severe eyes and cast another glance his way. She looked down on the boy with slight hesitance. Honestly, this whole situation would probably go a lot better, on the boy, if she simply left without saying anything. But that was not the type of person Olivia was.

“A picture you say, fine then. Stand there,” She gestured towards the wall, “and be still while I go and fetch a camera. Practice your poses, mh?”

She grinned before turning her heel to leave, “Alright?”


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Adonis and co.

How did you find us?: I made a wish upon a star.

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