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Archived Applications / Isabelle Felicity Oliveroot
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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Isabelle Oliveroot

Birthday: 18/12/1927

Hometown: Woodeaten

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 5th or 4th please


Isabelle Felicity Oliveroot was the baby of the family. Born to Argo and Rosalind, she was the fourth daughter and fourth child, and It was safe to say that she loved the status. Being the baby of the family had so many perks. Father doted on her, Mother too, and she always seemed to get her way. Plus, her closest siblings were 7 years her senior. He wasn't interested in her toys anymore, and she had them all to herself.

Isabelle was not a spoilt brat, oh no. She had a giving nature, and a gentle quality. At age 6 she would run, with scuffed knees and grazed elbows after Kalipto and Kalipso. She became much more of a nuisance to them than they was to her. She idolized the games they used to play and spent half her summers wanting to join in.

She would listen to the horror stories the twins would tell about Hogwarts, with all its dark passageways, monsters in the forest and staircases that tried to kill you with awe. She longed to be there herself and prove to everyone that she was the best student they would ever have. Father always said she would be.

“Clever little lady” he used to call her, and she would beam up at him, rosy cheeks matching her fiery hair. She learned to read at an early age and devoured every book she could get her hands on. Muggle or otherwise. One christmas she had been lying in front of the fire at Grandmother's house, reading “The Sword in the Stone” a fantasy book written by a Muggle. Grandmother was not at all happy.

Isabelle never took another muggle book to Grandma’s. She was a wise old woman, but very proud. Too proud in Isabelle’s opinion. She loved her Grandma of course, but she was very elitist. “You girls are far too pretty”. Isabelle was always being told. “You watch yourself now, you just make sure you find a boy worthy. Any boy would be worthy to take the Oliveroot name”.

Isabelle would laugh and nod. “Yes Grandma” would be her reply, half-heartedly muttered from the pages of her books.

When Isabelle was 13, Father died. The family was devastated. He had been the best Father any girl could ever have, and that was a fact as far as Isabelle was concerned. She was utterly devastated, but kept up a brave facade, because no longer was she the youngest. She had Balder to be brave for now. She young boy didn’t really understand, and Isabelle often found herself envying him. He didn’t know how much it hurt.

Over the next couple of years, Isabelle and Balder became a lot closer. He looked more and more like father every day. She would spend hours playing with him, talking to him, teaching him tricks to play on Mother, (much to her chagrin) as well as a few rude words to boot.

The year Father died Isabelle's grades suffered, of course no one shouted or blamed her, but her shame was still evident. Since then she has been an exemplary student. She would prove her Father proud, even if he wasn’t here to tell her himself.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:

I see Isabelle as a Ravenclaw! She would fit perfectly there. Excellent student, loves to study, books are her favourite (obviously) and she just...isn't anything else.

Isabelle is a strong willed and rather stubborn young woman. She is kind, and gentle but often lacks tact. Her mouth gets her in trouble more often than not and she loves to voice her oppinion. She is a social kind of girl but doesn't mind a bit of her own company either.


Isabelle is average height for her age and lean. She is developing slowly but developing nontheless. She has knobbly knees which she hates, long wavy Red hair, blue eyes with a hint of green and a mass of freckles. She wears a simple silver locket with a picture of her father enclosed in it, at all times. No matter what.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

“Hey! Wait up! It’s for the paper!” Isabelle's heart sank, and she groaned under her breath. "Oh nooo". It was inaudible to anyone but her, but she felt the dread all too keenly. All she wanted was to get to the library, fetch the next book in a series of crime novels she was reading, and spend the afternoon burried in said book, perhaps under a tree, in peace.

Could she get away with slinking off? Would Astrid notice? Miss "I must poke my nose into everything". She was not Isabelles favourite person by any means. She wasn't horrible, no, but her and that blasted quill of hers were always getting things wrong.

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

Isabelle blinked. That was a little more unexpected than she thought. "Erm" she began, and kept her eye on the quill. The moment it started writing Isabelle would demand to see what it had writen. "Well....I mean..." she was at a loss and she wrinkled her nose, throwing caution to the wind. "Nope, its gross. Totally gross. They can't do that can they?" she asked the girl in turn. "Is that was rations have come to now? Frogs legs?"

Was was an odd thing after all. Perhaps they were going to start serving frogs legs.


Previous Characters (if applicable): Penelope Wynovain, Trystan Blackwood, Elidir, Lutensia, Evander et al

How did you find us?: On the wings of an angel, passed to the first bark of a puppy, the message was sent to me from the ether, telling me of a magical place called Hoggies. The message said that there, I would find my true home. That I should come, join the family of awesome and powerful RP'ers, where I would be welcomed into the fold, and never would I get another day of productive IRL work done again, as long as I would live.

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