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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Casper Baines

Birthday: 5th January 1928

Hometown: Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England

Bloodline: Muggleborn

Magical Strength (pick one):Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 4th as first or 3rd as second


Casper comes from a muggle family with only one wizard descendent that they know of, his grandmother on his mother’s side. The family had no qualms over the world of magic, no jealously except for the father, the father was never to keen on anything close to anything out of the ordinary from his perspective. As a result his mother’s side had been isolated from Casper and only his father’s side was ever met when he was a baby to a toddler. He had a decent childhood in terms that he lived in a loving environment, his parents got on well with a few fights here and there but all were healthy in a relationship. They had a good home, a decent wage, an average life style even with Casper’s ridiculous need for food.

Unfortunately Casper’s mother took her son shopping and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in a mugging gone wrong and a child crying and shaking his mother to wake up, a passerby finding a young boy with bloody hands crying hysterically for his mother.
After forcefully being removed from his mother’s body Casper showed signs of anxiety as well as a fear of strangers but due to the suddenness of the incident and the loss of his wife, Casper’s father had to deal with his own inner demons but ultimately failed.
His father spiraled into depression, with reminders that his beloved wife was no longer there. Empty spaces, a silent home except for a crying child, begging for his mother while looking far too much like her for his comfort. At some point with the need to blame someone, anyone for her death, the father placed it on Casper. The child had needed new clothes on that day; he had hit a new growth spurt which had prompted the shopping trip which had obviously ended in disaster.
Though the father does not know of it due to the child's need to keep it safe and away from any possible thieves, Casper carries around a handkerchief with his mother's initials to this day.

With the blame landing on the child, new rules started to show up within the house hold. Casper was to be quiet, he was not to over eat like he usually did and any calls for help were often ignored. At first it hadn’t seemed that bad, Casper was normally quiet and since he was an only child he often kept himself busy, he ate what his father left him, he tried to do his own homework, snuck in his own dirty clothes to be washed when his father did his. He saw nothing wrong with his life at the time even if he had lost a lot of weight from the lack of nutrition needed for his metabolism but his father had gotten worse and started to drink. The man never touched his son but often slammed doors, smashed plates and anything else he could get his hands on while he shouted curses. The man never saw Casper during these episodes even when he ranted and raved about how he wished the child hadn't been born.
The poor thing could have been trampled a few times if he not be careful. The fear of being hurt, of seeing his last parent become so violent and his mother being murdered created his fear of loud noises and violence, turning him into a completely passive individual. This is so rooted down into his brain that if someone were to hit him his first instinct would be to grin and bear it, never to retaliate.

This lifestyle continued until Casper had past his 6th birthday, a date he didn’t remember, nor worried about since he had to make sure he didn’t get on the bad side of his father but at some point his father could not take it anymore. He did not want the child in his family any longer so he disowned him, his name changed to follow his mother’s and was shipped off to the country side to his grandmother on his mother’s side. Nothing had been explained to him and as a result he believes that his parent no longer wanted him, abandoned him, especially when he was told that he was not allowed to return to his father ever again with his name. This caused some severe separation anxieties with certain individuals such as his grandmother and anyone he would come o be comfortable with.

His grandmother took everything in stride, she took the child in with open arms, cradled him when he was sad, upset, sick. She cared for him as if he was her own child, had known him from the day he was born but when she found out that little Casper was a wizard she was ecstatic, she taught him all sorts of things, how the wizarding world worked, allowed all the little charms to continue working in her household, taught him what different flowers, bugs and plants would do for potions that she seemed to excel at and in turn Casper kept her garden’s clean, did all the chores he needed to do, cooked for her when she needed until eventually he was allowed into Hogwarts.

Ecstatic and excited for this new opportunity to be able to excel in the world that had given him an escape from his previous, muggle lifestyle. He'd adapted to his new lifestyle with grandmother that he no longer thought of the bad things that had happened to him as a child, though he still keeps the handkerchief with him at all times, a reminder of the good days. Wanting to make his grandmother proud, the woman that had taken him in, cared for him as if he was her own he set his fears and anxieties aside of the outside world in order to broaden his abilities in a actual wizard school.

Working hard, Casper and his grandmother managed to get what he needed for his very first school year. Though he had finally moved to something peaceful the boy still had his anxieties, even cried when his hair was cut for the first time so that everyone could finally see his ‘lovely face’. His hair being a type of barrier to cope with meeting people, similar to a mask that had just been ripped away. He didn’t even care about any hand me downs he had to use sometimes, he was far too nervous at the time for his first school year.

At first, wizard school had been hard, learning how to fly had caused a few panic attacks, fainting spells he’d developed at some point in response to loud noises and being frightened. Though now he finds he quite enjoys flying once he saw the beauty of it. He’d eaten a few things that should not have been eaten, he’d avoided most people, keeping to the shadows and quiet areas as he normally did. He found he enjoyed transfiguration and Divination while he really couldn’t do much with summoning. He enjoyed his potion classes too if he could get through one without eating something he shouldn’t have or a concoction exploding resulting in him passing out from the fear.
He doesn’t really have friends, finds it difficult to connect to anyone so he studies, draws and well, eats in his spare time. If he can play with plants and animals then he would most likely have been doing that too.

While he continues to try and make his grandmother proud with his studies he likes to press flowers in a battered old book he’d been given by her so that he can show her whenever he can visit her again. He often adds animal furs he finds or shedded reptile skin to his collection, however he won't sue anything that may be of danger to him or others and especially not to his book.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Any

Personality: Skittish is touching the iceberg with this boy, though unintentionally isolated he has developed a strong anxiety when having to confront people, be in large groups or even just meeting new people. He copes with this by staying in quiet areas such as the library and anywhere else that he can find that isn’t crowded. However as a comfort as well as a metabolism issue.  Casper has a tendency to eat anything in front of him without much thought, in some cases he won’t even realize that he may have just eaten half of his pencil, a bug, a lump of clay,  etc.
 He does not gain weight though,  so eating two large chickens won’t even show on his body, it’s as if he is a bottomless pit which may be a good thing in some cases since he is not a picky eater at all. Professors and other students may have to keep certain objects away from him while he works or check him since he has a habit of hiding food everywhere.

Casper gets scared very easily, so he panics easily. Things that could shock him could be as small as someone shouting too load or even just falling out of a tree, anything unexpected. These types of things can cause a few problematic responses from him such as passing out or going completely stock still with no breathing for a moment., in some very rare cases he has flash backs.
Due to these problems Casper is not aggressive in any shape or form, he’d rather blend into the wallpaper than stand among his peers which is a shame since he does have a bit to talk about if he could bring himself to, as well as very caring he is an affectionate person which he shows to plants and animals but he just struggles to make that first contact and any further contact to the human race. Anyone that does get close to him emotionally would be met with hesitance and some clingy behavior and a lot of affection if allowed and once he feels comfortable. Any type of rejection may end up with Casper avoiding that person at all costs due to his abandonment issues.

Other than his problems, his shy behavior, Casper has a passion for anything to do with an animal or plant. He is very nature orientated since it gives him an escape of his worries and issues. He would more than happily help anyone with anything they needed if he can bring himself to be near that person unless he has connected with said person. This would result in a loyalty to that person that may border on unhealthy depending how that person might take advantage of it.

He studies hard, gets upset if he doesn't understand anything but still continues in a show of silent determination which might suggest in a stronger person that's hidden within all those large clothes.

Appearance:Casper has blond hair, sometimes looking dirty in certain lighting as well as blue eyes. Much to the dismay of his grandmother Casper has a tendency to grow his fringe to the point that you don’t see the top half of his face and as consequence his hair looks a mess with slight hint of curls here and there. Whenever his grandmother can grab him long enough, she’ll cut it to something decent so that he looks like a ‘decent human being’.
He likes to wear clothing that is bigger than him and though his grandmother wants him to look dapper she’ll still knit him oversized sweaters that tend to go past his behind and go past his hands. His pants are at least a decent size but he doesn’t like wearing shoes, just socks if he can or barefoot. He is however a clean person and once he starts growing a beard he'd be shaving that off.

Underneath all that clothing is actually a rather fit physique,  being lean from house work in his grandmother’s garden and other manual labor once he was older enough to do it. He is tall but slouches so he seems smaller than he actually he is. He’s around 5’8 but he still has growth spurts to get through which may end up him being around 5'11 to 6 ft.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
OPTION 1: He’d taken the hall purely because it had been quiet, didn’t like taking the busier ones that had more than a handful of people, that amount he could handle. When he turned into that hall though, head down as he carried his battered old book that he used for pressing flowers, he hadn’t noticed the person in front of him until he heard a shout.

"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Instantly he bolted up straight, eyes wide with his heart hammering as he stared at the other student that had just accused him of something or thought he was going to do something? Whatever it was he tried to scramble for the answer, fear written cross his face., worried that he'd unknowingly done something wrong.

Any louder and the boy would have passed out on the spot but for once he stay standing, worked up the nerve to speak “I…I wasn’t g-going to t-take a picture, I-I’m sorry if I insulted you, I d-didn’t mean to” he stuttered through the whole thing, hands shaking as he’d done so, shoulders bowed as if he was trying to make himself smaller. Eyes on the ground he slowly backed off “I-I’m sorry, y-you’re not a l-l-loser if that helps…”

As soon as he had said it, he turned to run but paused, he still couldn’t cope with sudden confrontations and the shouting had given him small flash backs of when his father used to shout at nothing while hid under his own bed but it was the sound none the less that had Casper wanting to run, book clutched tight to his chest he looked behind him, still debating whether he should run or not and just hope that the other would forgive his actions later but for now he could only stare as he twitched forwards.


Previous Characters (if applicable): none

How did you find us?: A friend or two threw the site at me

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