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Yani has been taken. :)

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Application for Beauxbatons Academy

Name: Yani Jay Dechavez

Birthday: May 20, 1921

Hometown: Born in Paris, grew up in London.

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): 1e or Te annee


Summer, 1974
Dechavez summer house, Boston

"Arrêtez ces bêtises!"

"Stop speaking in French!"

With an exasperated lifting of hands into the air, a roll of stormy grey eyes, and a flash of long blonde hair, his twin stomped away in a huff, storm clouds practically shadowing her from above.

Yani sighed, and lowered himself to the armchair he'd been occupying a while ago - before Yvonne came in, looking quite irritated. His eyes closed, and he started massaging his temples, coaxing the rising headache away. The tome he'd been reading a while ago lay discarded, forgotten, on the carpeted floor.

If Yves wouldn't stop trying to mend her broken heart by (unknowingly) picking up girls as rebounds, then he'd have to step in. Fast.

* * *

"This is all your fault."

Her words were laced with venomous hatred, matching the look her eyes shot at him, and he winced a little inside. His face remained calm, stoic, and he said gravely, "It's for your own good," before turning on his heel.

Any second now -

He tilted his upper body to the left, as graceful as the dancer he had been trained to be, just as a porcelain vase sailed over his shoulder - past his head - crashed against the wall in front of him.


Hands still stuffed calmly into his pockets, he continued walking as if nothing happened. The only sign was the words he tossed over his shoulder - "Hurry and fix it before Mum gets home." - before he left.

It had been much easier before. Much easier.

- - - - - - - - - -

Summer, 1965
Dechavez Manor 3, London

She was crying again.

The blonde boy sighed, and looked around. Eyes finally landing on a worthy specimen, and he smiled as he plucked it out. Walking over to the bawling girl, he held the flower out to her. Her cries immediately stopped, though a stray tear slipped past her lashes, as she looked up in curiosity.

He knelt down on one knee and, gently taking one of her hands, opened it up so he could place the flower's stem there. He manually closed her fingers for her, so she could have a better hold on the flower. She glanced up from it to look at him quizzically, though there was now a happy light in her eyes too.

He smiled a little wider, before placing a hand on the rip at the knee of her white, cotton stocking. Gingerly, his tiny, chubby fingers encircled the red mark there from where she'd injured herself.

"Nurse," he said simply, and she nodded. Stared up at him with big, innocent grey eyes as he guided her up to her feet. He frowned upon seeing dirt on the knee of his trousers, and bent to dust it off.

When he straightened, he caught her smiling again.

- - - - - - - - - -

September, 1974
Dechavez Manor 2, Paris

"I hate it here."

"We haven't even stepped foot inside the school yet."

"Well, any school where I have to wear a bloody dress on the first day - in the opening feast - is already terrible."

Yani gave a sigh. He knew convincing their parents to (finally) transfer them to Beauxbatons was a good idea. Especially since Yves had been able to make Mum give her a second chance last year by allowing her to enrol in Salem instead of here, where Dad had originally planned. But he'd made sure that he got to Mum first before his twin could convince her that all was well in the Institute.

"Just hurry up, will you?" he declared, his tone final as he levitated the box containing her dress onto her bed.

Damn Hogwarts.

- - - - - - - - - -

January, 1970
Dechavez Manor 3, London

"No." Calm, quick, sharp.

"But -"

"No," sharper, this time. Firmer. Final.

"Yani -" her tone was bordering on a warning now. He wasn't as scared of it anymore as when he was nine years old.

"Absolutely not, Mum."

"Now, see here, young man -" She could still get a little scary sometimes, though.

He didn't stomp his feet, for he didn't throw tantrums; that was Yvonne. He, on the other hand, fumed silently. This time was an exception.

"But Mum!" His voice took on a whiny quality, and he cleared his throat. Looked away, and tried again, in his usual crisp tone, "Mum, I have already found myself a band of people with interests similar to mine. And other people whose company I find pleasant. Even though I am only a mere first year there."

"Ohh!" her tone was getting emotional and slightly squealy, schoolgirl-like, again. She probably had her hands against her lips too. Ugh. "You've found friends?"

Rhetorical question. His scowl deepened, and he resisted the urge to jut out his lower lip into a pout - a pout as childish as his twin's. "I like it there, Mum," he continued in a softer tone, trying to get to her softer, maternal side. He bowed his head, lowered his voice a little, but still loud enough for her to hear - "I like it there in Durmstrang."

"How delightful!" If she wasn't the thirty-year-old woman she was, she'd be hopping up and down and clapping her hands in glee at the news of him fitting in.

(It looked like he had a chance, after all...)

"But Yvonne asked specifically to have you with her when she gets into Hogwarts next term," she informed him sweetly, still in that happy schoolgirl tone of hers.

(Or not. Damn.)

Why, oh, why did Yves have to be a late bloomer, and not a Squib like they'd originally thought? A Squib may be quite embarrassing to admit to have in the family, but it was a lot less harder for him than her magical abilities coming up very late.

It may be selfish of him, especially as he was supposed to be the one to protect her. But damn it, wasn't he allowed to be selfish once in a while?!

He gave a long-suffering sigh. A little too dramatic, perhaps, but who cares?

"Fine. I'll be with her for her second year - though really her first year - in Hogwarts."

He looked up to see his mother smiling, and he wanted nothing more than to throw one of her many precious antique vases at the wall. Like Yves did when she didn't get her way. (He could be childish too.)

He never got the chance, though.

"Thank you," she murmured, before patting his head and walking off.

Maybe it was better that he hadn't gotten to; he would have regretted it later anyway.

- - - - - - - - - -

November, 1974
In front of the Artists' Studio, Beauxbatons Academie

His whole life, he now realized, had revolved mostly around his twin. Protecting her from what he saw to be wrong, and guiding her towards what he deemed to be right. He did not dislike it. Truth be told, now that it seemed his twin had someone to take care of her - a boy this time, an actual boy (whatever had happened over the summer that made this miracle happen, he was grateful for it) - and all that, he felt... lost. Confused.

What was he to do now that Yvonne (seemingly) had no need of him?

He did not know. But maybe the answer would come to him once he had gotten enough rest?

He pushed himself off the wall, thankful for the Kamiflage that hid him from view as he spied on Yves and her boyfriend, eyes about to leave the couple in the artists' studio, when something caught his attention.

A couple of smiling, chatting girls had just walked past him, not knowing he was there of course, but what caught his eye was how a similar set of grey eyes darted towards the girls at once. A familiar smirk was on his twin's face as the girls passed him, then disappeared out of view. As soon as they did, Yves turned her attention back to the boy beside her, as if nothing happened.

He took a breath and started walking down the hallway. The Kamiflage was already starting to lose its effect, but he didn't mind; didn't care that his smirk would be visible to the public eye.

He knew what he had to do now.

It was time to introduce Jason to these French girls.

- - - - - - - - - -

October, 1972
Hogwarts, UK

More than a year had already passed since Yvonne had been in Hogwarts, and already, Yani could barely recognize his own twin.

The prospect of skirts were now detestable to her, and her tiny, formerly-perfect dancer's build had gained some muscle. Mostly on her biceps.

And to top it off, she seemed to think of herself as... a boy. Yes, a boy. A male, like him, certain bits included. (Puberty was the only thing that signified how very female she was.)

And as if that wasn't bad enough, he had just caught her doing a very disgusting act. It was so disgusting, in fact, that he'd immediately turned his back to the scene after letting out a very loud expletive. Right in the middle of the hallway. Thank Merlin everyone else was already in the Great Hall for lunch. (Or so he hoped. He really, really hoped.)

His grey eyes were closed firmly shut, trying to block out the image of - eurgh! It was disgusting even to think about! What on earth possessed Yves, his formerly adorable younger twin, to do something so... Honestly, if Dad heard of this -

There was a tap on his shoulder. It was gentle, quick, hesitant. Stiffly, he turned around and opened his eyes. Grey eyes that locked onto those similar to his, it was like looking into a mirror. Although his were frosted with intense, icy disapproval, hers were shining with fear and worry. Gods, was she going to cry again? He didn't have a pretty flower (or anything pretty, for that matter) to comfort her this ti-

"Don't tell." Soft, meek, frightened terrified.

How many times had she asked that of him since they were younger - since the first time she'd done something wrong?

He sighed. (And how many times had he given the same response to her, ever since? He'd already lost count.)

"I won't." He vowed. For promises were fragile things, made to be broken. And this was something he couldn't bear to promise his twin. He would never tell anyone else that he'd seen her snogging a girl. (A girl, for Merlin's sake!) For he didn't even know just how angry Dad would be if he ever found out. So that secret would stay safe with him, for as long as he lived.

Didn't mean he wouldn't do anything to get rid of it, though.

- - - - - - - - - -

November, 1974
Beauxbatons Academie, France

He disliked Jason, for he had been the reason why he'd started neglecting his studies. Seeing as Jason was the part of him that was very similar to Yves, it should not have surprised him that he had not been as studious as usual.

Yani still hated him, though. It was why he'd started bribing those American boys instead of using Jason on Yvonne's 'girls'. That plan hadn't really worked out well, as Yves found him out.

He had no choice now, it seemed.

He stepped up to one of the giggling girls from earlier, and placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her. When she turned around in surprise, he flashed her a bright, charming grin. "Excusez-moi, mademoiselle, mais avons-nous déjà rencontrés?" Excuse me, miss, but have we met before?

When she shook her head, he looked thoughtful. "J'étais sûr que nous avons, je n'oublierai jamais quelqu'un d'aussi beau que toi." I was sure we have; I never forget someone as beautiful as you.

That line wasn't usually effective, but she seemed like the type of girl to fall for it. And he was right, for she immediately blushed a bright red. And he grinned wider.

Maybe being Jason wouldn't be so bad, after all.

- - - - - - - - - -

Summer, 1937
Camp Loki

Yvonne was depressed.

She was avoiding him, probably because she didn't want him to pry, but he still couldn't help to wonder what was wrong. It was in his nature to be protective of her, after all. The last time he'd seen her was when he discovered his broom in his trunk. It seemed Dad had decided it was time for him to get athletic again. But of course he wasn't the one using it, as he'd deemed Quidditch too messy, in the middle of his second year. And Quodpot didn't interest him much.

Running was better. At least, with running, he really felt like he was exerting some effort on moving about. Being on a broom would only make him lazy. Yvonne contradicted that theory, though.

And speaking of which, immediately after seeing it, Yves snatched up the broom and ran off. It was brief, his sight of her eyes, but the sparkle of excitement in them was unmistakable. And so was the sadness. (Sadness. Loneliness. Depression. Anguish.)

It looked like she was much worse than before.

He needed something other than the be-brunette-for-the-whole-summer dare to distract her, it seemed. But what?

- - - - - - - - - -

Last day of summer, 1937
Dechavez Manor 2, Paris

"What?" Shock, disbelief, incredulity.

Yani remained calm, and simply repeated himself. "Be the Golden Girl, for once. For the whole term." Then he shrugged, as if indifferent, and added dismissively, "But if you can't, then that's fi-"

"No!" Indignance.

He fought the urge to smirk, ignoring the daggers she was sending his way through her glare.

"Fine," she hissed out, finally. "I'll be the Golden Girl." Then, of course, she drew herself up to her full height, though he was still taller than her, and stared him in the eyes. Her haughtiness starting to become apparent once more. "Easy enough, psh."

He simply shrugged again and turned on his heel, hiding the triumphant smirk from her view. It would suffice.

Even with this, he was still protecting her. But after all those months of being Jason - who was becoming less and less of an act, and more and more a part of his personality - Yani was starting to worry about his grades again.

While Yves tried to become Golden Girl, would he be able to fulfill his own role as Golden Boy?

Merlin help me.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

Ecole Request: Performance - Theatre

Communaté Preference: Renault

Personality: Mysterious.

Yani prefers preferred being alone, as he's shy and a boy of few words. Was always the quiet boy in the corner, reading a book. He is very patient. He, like most of his relatives, is a homophobe, which is why he's been trying to make his twin become heterosexual again.

Jason is what he calls this 'character' (though he still introduces himself as Yani, while in-character) he acts out to flirt with the girls that his twin has flirted with, in order to distract them from her. So that she, in turn, will focus elsewhere (like boys, for example). Jason is a flirt, and a smartass pervert, and doesn't really care much about school or grades. Yani hates him for that.

Appearance: Mirror image of his twin sister. Of sorts.

Blonde windswept hair, grey eyes, physically fit, charming smile, six feet tall.

You come across this post on the site. Please as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions!

The dining hall was a loud, calamitous thing. Students sat scattered through the vast room, speaking various languages, laughing, and simply having a gay old time. A group of students towards the front of the hall sat huddled over a pile of sheet music. Black notes melted on to the off white parchment, splaying out a secret language, only readable to those who carried the gift. Another group sat watching a tall, thin upperclassman parading around her new ballet point shoes in awe. There seemed to be a group in the hall for everyone.

Everyone except Hilary, that is.

Poor Hilary stood soaking in the scene before her with a slight grimace on her face. Before coming to Beauxbatons, she had been overjoyed to begin studying magic, but now as she waded through her third week at the school, she felt lost in a sea of strangers. It wasn't that she was shy, no. Indeed, she even tried to reach out to some students. It was more that everyone seemed to already have their own clique, and Hilary felt so very unwelcome in all of them.

On her plate, she fidgeted with an assortment of vegetables and a delicate pork chop. That was the nice thing about Beauxbatons. Despite the many cold-shouldered students, the food was still incredible.

With a hefty sigh, Hilary strode into the dining hall. As she did, she let her mind wander to what life at the academy might be were she royalty. The students would bow at her feet! And of course she would only ever don the most elegant of robes, decorated in sequins, rhinestones, and laced with frills. All of the girls at the school would fawn over the level of grace she exhibited. Hilary would make wonderful royalty, yes that was certain.

Though, lost in her fantasy, Hilary failed to notice the leather bag lying at the center of the walkway. Failing to notice the bag in her path, naturally caused her to trip, spilling the contents of her plate all over the student sitting just beside the bag.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!"

Roleplay Response:

It was another quiet morning for Yani, as always. Jason was getting a little out of hand, so he'd made sure not to interact with anyone for too long. That was starting to get hard, as Jason kept resurfacing every so often to flash certain pretty girls a dazzling smile.

Ugh. Dear Merlin, couldn't things go back the way they used to be - with him, all alone and content in his corner of the room, his nose buried deep in a book?

Of course, but that would take some time. For starters, he needed to start avoiding (no, that was a little difficult) ignoring people.

Meal times were good times to start, as any. All he had to do was keep focused as he (silently) ate his food. That was simple enough.


Or not.

Yani blinked and looked down at the piece of meat clinging to the front of his shirt, its sauce staining his previously pristine shirt and blazer. Frowning a little, he picked the meat up with his fingers and set it down beside his plate.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!"

Indifferent grey eyes glanced over to the person speaking, and he felt Jason start to tug at the corners of his lips.

He kept his expression neutral, though, and shook his head. "It's fine, don't worry about it," he reassured, and, taking out his wand, calmly murmured a quick Scourgify to clean up his clothes. Turning back to the girl, he stated again, "See? Nothing to worry about."

Then, Jason was able to make him smile charmingly at her for a second, before he looked away. Dammit.


Previous Characters (if applicable): N/A

How did you find us?: From Yvonne Dechavez &co.

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