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Character Name: Serafina C. McAllister
Gender: Female
Age: 18 - March 7, 1921

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (1932-1939).

Wizarding London - 62 Meadowlark St, The Pilgrim & Rose, Room 2E

Applying to be: (select one)
Junior Healer

**If Department Head, please also fill out the section here Please note that the number of slots for this are limited.

Department of choice: (select one, descriptions here)
Magical Psychology

Why did you request that particular department?

Serafina has always been intrigued with how the mind worked. After the events of her rocky relationship with a certain someone, she feels the need to escape her own reality and instead, delve into those not her own - perhaps, it is a way of her coping with her personal troubles. Lately, she’s been feeling a deep urge to connect with people, to empathise with them without really getting too attached. Perhaps, getting into someone’s mind might ease her insecurities, and also, to strengthen her own resolve when someone tries to get into hers.

Requested Magic Levels: (see here on how to do this) Levels graduated with!
  • Charms: 9
  • Divination: 7
  • Transfiguration: 6
  • Summoning: 5

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Julian Cross et al.

Biography: (300 words minimum.)

There ought to be more to life than this.

Sera opened her crusted eyes with some difficulty, the light filtering through the shutters were blindingly bright - her eyes felt sore and puffy; like they’d always been every morning.

Crying herself to sleep was nothing new, she’d been at it since that run-in with Salazar at the inn she’d been waitressing in. Unfortunately, after that incident, she’d been subsequently fired from her job, and forced to loan off some money from the Ethans’, much to her chagrin.

She had every intention of returning them every penny, and doing that, of course, consisted of getting out of bed to find a decent-paying job. She had to stop wallowing in her own misery, her tear ducts needed a break, anyway - well before they started leaking blood and sweat, too.

With the war threatening to turn Wizarding Britain inside out, Sera wondered if she could be of use to her country. As the casualties rose in number on both sides, Sera's conviction to aid her countrymen only grew fervent. She didn’t want any more blood shed on English soil - whoever it may have belonged to. Violence wasn’t the only way to end disputes, however trivial they may be. But men had egos, and once bruised, there was no turning back.

She knew as much.

The young woman sighed, turning over the Daily Prophet, steeling herself for the slaughterous headlines that were sure to greet her on the front page. As she sipped her tea, she scanned the article, noting the numbers - the death toll kept on rising as the details of destruction flaunted themselves across the paper.

She turned the page and almost skimmed the section on a St Mungos advert. Viridian eyes roved over the print, and caught at the word 'junior healer', particularly under the heading that stated ‘Magical Psychology’. It seemed interesting; though in all honesty, she hadn’t much of an experience as a healer.

She hadn’t actively participated in the Hospital Wing, though she did know the basics of healing and such. So focused was she on her romantic delusions, she had all but forgotten to build a future for herself.

After the hazy events of 1937, investing herself in magical study had not been her topmost priority - almost as if she took education for granted, but for a justified reason, she had fallen into a pit of depression, for which the cause had not been identified - she had no love for reading long-winded passages or sitting down for exams, they always brought on a nasty headache.

Still, somehow, she managed to pass her NEWTs, excelling particularly in Charms and Divination. Nevertheless, those 7 years in Hogwarts had not come to fruition, and look where that had gotten her; alone, aimless and miserable.

As she prepared for the day, clipping her a ribbon to her hair, the thought of inquiring about a post at St Mungos would not leave her. It even made her hope for a new start.

Yes, she knew now, it was exactly what she needed to move on.

Reply as your character to the following:

"Coming through!"

The double doors burst open as the newly-minted Junior Healer shoved through, dodging the milling patients and staff and leaving behind a trail of parchment. The doors stayed open just long enough to allow a glimpse of the scene beyond - a riot of noise, colours and gesticulating arms - before closing again.

It was Archibald Forrester's first day on the job, and while his professors had warned him it could get hectic at St. Mungo's, he'd never imagined it'd be quite like this. Arms transfigured and somehow regrafted onto someone's head, an Auror coughing up rainbows after a dust-up with a gang of young hooligans in Knockturn, and oh - that patient up on the fourth floor that was running around telling people he was Merlin reborn. And that was just the cases that had come in in the last hour.

It had to be time for his shift to be over, right?

He gave up the lost bits of parchment as a lost cause and cast a frantic Tempus. One minute. Heaving a sigh of relief,  his eyes instantly began darting around to find a convenient on-duty person to hand his load over to. Shoes - bought at the nice medical suppliers and outfitters just down the street - squeaked on the floor as he weaved and skidded around corners, before finally stopping in front of the first figure he found.

"Here. Here are all the charts - the arms for the Transfig patient seem to be morphing into tentacles, and Healer Wilberforce says we need to operate now but needs a second opinion - the Auror's squad captain is outside demanding to know what's been keeping the treatment and uh - "

A few floors up, muffled thumping and howling could barely be heard, but Archie winced anyway.

"Right. Mr. Merlin's somehow gotten hold of a wand and now the entire psych wing believes in him too - for the love of all that's magical, take this, please!"

Roleplay Response:

She loitered around the healer’s station, fidgeting with her new uniform, her gaze darting from one unfamiliar face to another.

This was not how Sera envisioned her first day.

Behind the dull, sanitised walls, one would think that St Mungo's was the epitome of tranquility, a calm-inducing paradise for those who hoped to recuperate from their maladies.

But no, behind those double doors lay a chaotic scene, one that almost mirrored the bedlam that wrought their country asunder. Then again, what could she expect - this was St Mungo’s, it was a bloody hospital, for Merlin’s sake.

Of course, it’d be chaotic.   

She wrung her wrists nervously, with her bun askew and chapped lips, Sera could not look anymore disgruntled on her first day.

A hulking figure bearing sheaves of parchment loomed towards her, the gleam in his eyes told her that she was in for a reprimand, a hebetudinous task, or well, both.

Hiking up her shoulders, she nerved herself up for what was to come.

"Here. Here are all the charts - the arms for the Transfig patient seem to be morphing into tentacles, and Healer Wilberforce says we need to operate now but needs a second opinion - the Auror's squad captain is outside demanding to know what's been keeping the treatment and uh - "

Whatever he was saying, whether or not it made perfect sense, was lost to Serafina. She had been so focused on appearing competent that she utterly forgot to listen - despite the fact that her head was nodding along to whatever the young man was telling her.

A howl and a thump drew her attention, and thankfully, Archie's.

"Right. Mr. Merlin's somehow gotten hold of a wand and now the entire psych wing believes in him too - for the love of all that's magical, take this, please!"

Mouth gaping like a goldfish, Sera struggled to come up with a response.

She didn't know who Healer Wilberforce was, or where to find him, or what to do about the Auror, or about the patient with tentacles - oh, it was all so confusing. Nonetheless, Sera relieved the young man of his burden for he seemed so very wound up with the helter-skelter situation, and anyway, holding the charts for him was an easy enough of a task.

"B-But wait, I'm new, here! I...uh, where should I start?"

Sera cringed.

She was due for a telling off, alright.

How did you find us?

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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Serafina Custodia McAllister

Birthday: March 7, 1959

Hometown: Lancashire, UK


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 5th (preferred)/6th


Date: 3rd June, 1974
Time: 4:43 pm
Forecast: Cloudy

Our house seems so empty.

Here I am, in my room, writing a diary entry… simply because I’ve no one to talk to. Angus and Rory, my older brothers, are out and about, probably gallivanting around town. Father’s busy with his writing again, I can hear him stumbling around downstairs. Disturbing him is not an option. Mama’s only next door and she’s humming a lullaby.

My lullaby.

But she isn’t singing me to sleep, it’s Effie.

Effie’s my sister, just a wee babe, only 4 months old. We share the same birth month, her day o’ birth just 3 days earlier than mine. She must’ve have been a very special person, indeed. Mama, well, Mama coos to her all day long, flitting about like a mother hen. Even Father comes out of the basement to see her from time to time. He was out for a full week, the longest in…ever.

Not that I can blame him, Father’s working really hard. He’s a librarian during the day and an author at night, a workaholic by nature; he only comes out for short breaks. He is such a particular man.

I can still remember. That day Father reprimanded me, for entering his work room without his permission. I can still recall how dim and dusty the room was; I cannot really imagine how Father can stand it.

I haven't been in there ever since then.

Mama had asked me to call him for dinner and I did as I was told, naturally. Even so, I discovered shelves upon shelves of books. Books on philosophy, mythology and history. There were just stacks of books everywhere, not a flat surface was left bare... it's quite frightening to know that his collection grows by the day. I used to think that one day, his books would take up all the space in that room and swallow him whole. I cringe at the thought, still.

Right now, I think Father’s working on a war veteran’s biography. Mama told me that his books would become bestsellers one day and I believe her so. However, Angus and Rory think otherwise. They think that he’s wasting his life away in that dreary room and that I’m a ninny for believing everything that Mama says. I think not, besides Father must have a good reason for locking himself away with his work. He was working hard to earn a living and feed the family.

Mama is always right, no matter what my brothers are bound to say.

Diary, I feel bad for wishing I was anywhere else but here.

It's not about Effie, or Mama doting on her... it might be partly the reason, but not entirely. I know I shouldn’t think that but I’m somewhat glad I’m only staying home for 2 weeks.  Besides, I know I'll only be a burden to Mama and Father. Even Angus and Rory would be tired of my presence, sooner or later.

So...I’m definitely looking forward to Summer Camp. It’s my first in 4 years in Hogwarts, so I’m really excited.

I suppose.

Sometimes I do question why I feel this way. Is it because I no longer feel needed? No longer the family’s favourite? No longer Mama’s darling girl? Oh, posh. That’s got to be nonsense.

I’m not jealous of Effie. Not really.

She’s the sweetest person on Earth. Hers is the loveliest face I’ve ever seen, though it’s funny that she has yet to grow a full head of hair. Currently, she has one shiny clump on the top of her head. She coos at me whenever I come to look after her. It feels nice when she wraps her tiny fingers around my thumb and for some reason, I feel protective.

I know I cannot hate my own sister. Although, I wish that she wouldn’t hog Mama’s attention all to herself.

I love Mama. Father, too.

I do wonder sometimes, though, if my magical abilities have ever bothered my family. I don’t any difference in the way that they treat me ever since they found out, four years ago. They were somewhat accepting, I suppose. Mama said it was a ‘blessing’ from above. If that were true, I wish that someone would take them back so I could be normal, like them.

Father seemed fascinated, or horrified – I’m not sure-  for one moment, mumbled something incomprehensible before retreating back into his coop. My brothers, however, seemed excited that I could do ‘real’ magic and begged me to turn leaves into bank notes so we could be rich. They were being silly, of course.

Magic is not all that bad, at all, I believe. Sometimes though, it feels like a burden. I could probably do well without it. Even if I did, I’d miss school and the friends I’ve made there. Of course, there’d be some things I won’t miss at all. Like the name-calling and bullying.

Muggles, most of my Pureblood classmates would call them, a derogatory term for non-magic people. Mudblood smarted even more. It wasn’t like it’s our fault for being this way. I’ve never really asked for these powers. So, they shouldn’t judge us so harshly... but it isn’t like I could tell them that. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, I feel somewhat better now that I've let it out, and the fact that I’m attending Hogwarts.

At least someone understands.

Mama says that my asthma is getting better, milder.

I really hope so, too.


Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff, please!  I believe that her personality would place her at the mercy of her peers if she were to be placed in any other house.


Soft-hearted, kind and caring, Sera is an optimist who sees the good in every person she might encounter. She is a whimsical person, with a little bit of odd mixed in, at times. Sera can be brutally honest, she can be blunt with someone, when she feels like it.

Some people may say that she is too happy-go-lucky for her own good, and that her optimism may have some disadvantages, like not being able to see the bigger picture of a situation, or failing to understand someone’s views.Acquaintances may find that trait annoying, which might hinder her from making any friends.

On the downside, Sera is timid and quite naïve, at that. Due to the fact that she trusts people openly, her gullible personality might cause her to be easily taken advantage of. Generally, she’s easily cowed by things that are out of her comfort zone (e.g. breaking the rules, etc), though she has her brave moments, when and if her confidence allows it. Also, she can get extremely moody when that ‘time of the month’ comes. Nobody should dare to approach at this time.

Jealousy is one of her major flaws. Growing up in a muggle environment, especially a sheltered one, can result in insecurity. Being Sera, used to the comforts of her muggle life, finds it hard to measure up to people in general. Unfortunately, her optimism does not apply to her personal outlook in life. She has doubts about her self-worth. Being the only daughter (until Effie came along), Sera is used to being pampered by her doting mother. Naturally, she feels threatened and that thinks that she might not be good enough to be her mum’s favourite girl anymore.

Likes: Painting, Crochet, Cross-Stitching,  Asking questions, Sticking by the rules, Adores her mother
Dislikes:  Fighting, Uncomfortable situations, Chauvinism, Lies, her mild asthma


Serafina’s looks are a little more than average, enough to be described as attractive, perhaps. She has a pale complexion, with a smattering of freckles on the bridge of her nose. Her hair is a long, rich dark brown which is slightly wavy. The colour of her eyes is a hue in between gray and green, with speckles of hazel near the pupil. The girl is slim and stands at 5 foot 9. Her most notable feature might be her two front teeth, one of which is slightly crooked.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Response to option 1:

Sera has been watching him for quite some time now, she could only hope that he didn’t notice her staring.

The boy, who seemed thoroughly upset with himself, was turning a deeper shade of red with every second that passed by. Sera couldn’t help but notice how miserable he looked right then.

The girl tilted her head to the side as she pushed her mashed potatoes around her plate, looking up every now and then to smile at the jokes made by her housemates.

“You see that bloke? I mean, man, he’d certainly botched it up, now, didn’t he?” Sera’s smile dropped at that comment, turning to hear more. The speaker was an older housemate was gesturing animatedly over at the next table, a manic grin on his face.

“I mean, that’s got to be the worst Quidditch move in centuries, mates. Utterly horrible!”

Drowning out the hushed, excited whispers, the brunette turned to look over at the other table , just to see how the boy fared. He must have been the notorious boy who’d supposedly dropped his Quaffle, causing his house to lose. Or at least that’s what the rumour mill kept circulating around. Still, he didn’t deserve so much humiliation. Sera reckoned he must be tired of it.

With a frown on her face, the 15 year-old bit her lip as she rose up from her table, hazel- green eyes pinpointing the speaker.

“Stop saying bad things about him. He’s embarrassed enough as it is.” Without sparing her fellow housemate a glance, Sera got up and walked away from her table, wanting to speak to that miserable-looking boy.

Sera spied him walking towards the exit, and as quickly as her legs would take her, she tried to catch up. Maybe she could talk some sense into him, offer a comforting word or two, anything to make the lad feel better.

“Oi, wait up!” hollered Sera.

"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Oh, my.

“Calm down. It’s alright, I’m not here to spite you.” Sera approached the boy carefully, holding her hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“I thought you could use some company.”

Sera tried a smile, earnestly hoping he’d regain his composure and maybe, just for a second, she thought he did.

“You mustn’t think about the things they say, alright? It’s nothing but nonsense.”

Even so, that was what she thought. She couldn’t possibly understand what the boy was going through. At least, she cared enough to try, right?


Previous Characters (if applicable): Thalia G. et al.

How did you find us?: Stalked ya’ll. Kidding.

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