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Title: Elliot Victoria Esquire
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Character name: Elliot Victoria Esquire

Current Character: Patrick Oberon Pevenso

Character age: 29

Character education: Beauxbatons Graduate

Strength and weaknesses: Elliott's biggest weakness is Charms. At Beauxbatons, she found her charms professor to be a fluff-ball and therefore, didn't take any interest in what he had to teach. She has the basic charms down, the useful ones, but the mroe complex spells are hard for her. Even some students can outdo her when it comes to more advanced charms. Where Elliot excels, is Transfiguration. Particularly, vanishing spells. In fact, she narrowly avoided expulsion in her final year at Beauxbatons thanks to her handy work with Vanishments. Her and a couple of girl friends had been brewing a rather illegal potion in their dorms. When the trio caught wind of a surprise dormitory inspection, Elliot vanished the whole cauldron and all the ingredients right into thin air. Those girls still thank her to this day. In addition to being handy with transfiguring, Elliot has quite the exstensive knowledge of the many fantastical cultures in the world. Prior to her graduation, Elliot set off around the world studying all the Fantastical Anthropology she could. He knowledge comes from first hand experience within cultures where she immersed herself for many months at a time. She even has two books published titled Squibs; More Than Non-Magical and Giants Understood.

Physical description: Blonde bombshell, Elliot, is equipped with striking eyes of emerald green and a complexion pure, like vanilla. She stands a small, but mighty 5' 1" (1.55m) and sports the well coordinated pump to make her seem taller. Being a Beauxbatons Quidditch vet, she regards her physical health as one of her top priorities, leaving her fit as a fiddle at all times. Her facial features, both sharp and soft, allow for a slew of animated expressions ranging from "feigned interest" to "level 10 irritation" and everything between. Her eyebrows, well kept and sleek, only intesify her already fierce animations. She has thin lips from which biting words flow and and lucious eyelashes that perfectly juxtapose her piercing eyes. Many men tell Elliot that her beauty is unmatched, but she says that that's just flattery.

Personality: Elliot might just be everything you don't want in a professor. She values intelligence over creativity and punctuality over passion. Her lifestyle over the past 29 years have truly changed the way she percieves the world around her. For Elliot, life wasn't easy and it's taught her to not trust you until you've given her a reason to trust you. Therefore, her pupils find her cold-shouldered and insensitive, but the truth it, she would go to the ends of the Earth for the ones she cares for. Beneath every hard exterior is something deeper that isn't always understood and that's exactly the case with Elliot. Elliot comes from a dark past and it's very harrowing for her. Though she's come to learn how to deal with her past she hasn't learned how not to exert her frustrations on others. Perhaps this makes her slightly ill suited for a job as a professor, but Elliot exhibits professionalism and posesses heaps of knowledge that make her a competative candidate for the job. Not to mention, should a student get on her good side, they might find themselves on the upper hand with the staff and students.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: An education at Beauxbatons wasn't easy for Elliot Esquire. The Beauxbatons student body has almost always consisted of a rather refined group of adolescents and Elliot never came from a refined past. To this day she considers herself lucky to have been accepted to such a prestigous school. While at Beauxbatons she heard a lot of rumors about Hogwarts. Enough rumors, that when she graduated, her first stop in her travels, was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The one thing about the school that stuck in her mind, was that it lacked the sense of culture Beauxbatons had. At her alma mater, arts and experience rung true, but at Hogwarts she got the impression that it was all competition and self-defense. Beauxbatons always like to be the best and brightest at everything, no doubt, but by the same token, they had bigger fish to fry to beating each other out at a game or learning the exact counter-curse to prevent this spell from doing that thing. So when Elliot finally reached the end of her time traveling the globe, soaking in information, she couldn't get Hogwarts out of her head. Both the ancient, magnificent stone towers, and then wildly uncultured students. Her current goals are to bring culture, the many cultures of the world, to students who might not normally have that opportunity while documenting the process in another book. (An autobiography to be exact.)

Biography: Elliot Victoria Esquire was born on April 9th, 1943 in San Francisco, California where she was immediately put up for adoption. A young newlywed couple was eager to start a family and had taken to Elliot like she was their own. The family, Elliot in tow, moved to the East Bay where a several acre corn farm housed them. Five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, the house was like a dream to Elliot, but every dream has an ending. This dream ended rather abruptly for Elliot. After five short years, the Esquires fell apart. In 1948, divorce was unheard of, but Mrs. Esquire wouldn't stand for a cheating husband. She began to revert he anger with Mr. Esquire onto Elliot and when she couldn't take it anymore, she dropped Elliot off at the San Francisco YWCA, never to be heard from again. Elliot spent a few more years at the organization, raised by a series of strangers. It was alright for the most part, but it certainly wasn't a farm house with five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

So, when Elliot turned nine, she decided she was done with the YWCA and done with San Francisco all together. In the middle of the night, one summery Tuesday, Elliot vanished from the organization and the city entirely. For two more years, Elliot managed to get by by joining gangs of street rascals and committing various petty crimes that ranged from theft to breaking and entering. Well, maybe a little more than petty. But it got her by. For the last three months of her nomadic life, Elliot was part of a street gang in Los Angeles called Break-Bruised Gang. There were a larger group, well known by the various street rats of the city. Elliot had proven herself and worked up to being the leader's right hand man, but just like her life on the farm, everything went downhill eventually.

The gang had been plotting a large market heist for weeks and finally, the time had come to do the deed. Unfortunately, the L.A.P.D. got wind of their plans and met them on their way to the market. The group scattered. Some were caught, some made it away. Elliot, scared out of her wits, stowed away on a freight ship bound for France around the Cape Horn.

While on board the ship, Elliot was discovered by a caring, family-man ship hand named Tom. Tom took Elliot under his wing, choosing not to rat her out and claiming her as his own. While on the ship, Tom took it upon himself to teach Elliot about basic reading and writing skills. After several months at sea with various weeks docked at the occasional port in South America, the freight ship currently housing Elliot and Tom had arrived in France. So taken with Elliot, Tom immediately found them a residence at a boarding house on the coast.

But just when Elliot was sure things were falling into a groove, a letter changed her life for good. Elliot had been accepted to Beauxbatons of which she knew nothing about. All she knew is strange things had happened in the last years and she couldn't describe any of them. There had been quite the row the evening of it's arrival, but not how you would expect. Tom was insistent that Elliot travel to the supposed castle for school and a finer education, but Elliot didn't want to leave Tom. Tom, being the passionate man he was, insisted she go and in the end, that was that.

Her beginning years at Beauxbatons were strange. She felt alienated and lonesome. The relationships Elliot had made in her life had been strong, everlasting ones and she hadn't felt anyone was deserving of that passion. Things changed though, when she made it on the Quidditch team. She made a fine Seeker and her popularity at the school immediately sky rocketed. Everyone insisted she would go pro one day, but Elliot knew her heart lay somewhere else. Nevertheless, she finally began to take to some of her peers at the school, making her final years at Beauxbatons more than bearable.

Eventually, as it did for all students, graduation arrived. It was a joyous occasion for everyone, except for Elliot. She had reserved one seat and one seat only and it remained empty for the entire event. It wasn't until after graduation that Elliot received the owl. The owl that bore the news that Tom had died in a ship wreck off the coast of Scotland. Heart broken, Elliot fled the school, not staying for any of the festivities that go with a graduation. She immediately packed up her belongings and set off for England where she sought housing in a Squib Shelter.

At first, the Squibs didn't take to Elliot, filled with raging jealousy about her magic abilities, but as she learned to do all of her every day tasks as Muggle and Squibs alike did, they warmed up to her. After just a few months, they began to let her interview them and suddenly, Elliot had found a new passion. Quill to paper, she began writing more than she ever thought possible. As the next few months went by, Elliot got in touch wit a publisher and was soon enough getting paid to write each chapter of her book, now titled "Squibs; More Than Non-Magical".

One year later, the book was on shelves and Elliot was making money for the first time in her life. Though it pained her to leave her Squib family, she used her income to begin to travel. Her first destination? The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she had heard so much about. Upon her arrival though, she was impressed by nothing except for the ancient architecture. She found the classes boring and the students uncultured. But eventually her time at the school had come to an end and she filed away her experiences for later use.

Her next destination was to be Spain, but it was canceled due to some alarming news. Just before leaving Hogwarts, Elliot received an owl that caught her off guard. It was the Minister of Magic offering her a job. Apparently, the Minister had read her book and was thoroughly impressed by her ability to friend a group of people viewed as grumpy, cold-shouldered individuals. So once again, Elliot packed up her belongings and set off for training to be a Centaur-Wizard Liaison for the Ministry. After just a couple of weeks, Elliot was shipped off to a Centaur colony in a forest near Denmark. 

Elliot worked as the Liaison for a couple of years, but her whole life had been a nomadic style of living and it wasn't long at all before she found herself growing restless beyond control. Without thinking about it twice, Elliot quit her job with the Ministry and set off for the Swiss Alps where she settled in with a colony of Giants. It wasn't until after she arrived that she learned just how violent they could be. But Elliot had always been personable and once again, it wasn't long until she nestled her way into this colony of beings as well. And just like before, she took to parchment and wrote another book, this one titled, "Giants Understood"

Over the next several years, Elliot would find herself befriending many different species. She was responsible for coordinating the first ever Scottish Gnomish Games and even played an advocate for House Elves in Portugal for a few years. Year after year went by and now, as Elliot approaches thirty, she has begun to grow tired. She would never regret any of her experiences as each one is a different colored, different cut gem to her, but at twenty-nine, Elliot began to desire a simpler lifestyle.

Hogwarts seemed the perfect place for her. She had experienced nearly every culture known to wizards and her last impression of the school was an uncultured one. Now Elliot waits at her Squib Shelter in London with baited breath and hook for final word from Hogwart's Headmaster on whether or not she's received the job she so certainly longs.


    The Headmaster of Hogwarts was typically a firm, but reasonable man in most regards. His years as an educator had taught him no small amount of tolerance and patience in dealing with the turbulent teenage years of the most hot-headed, rebellious witch or wizard to grace the castle halls. He was quite scholarly and knowledgeable, albeit a bit eccentric on surface appearances, and his laid back manner usually had an effect on even the most savage beast… err student. In fact, for all intents and purposes, he was the voice of reason in a sea of calamity.

    …Except in one very particular regard.

    Today was the day he was scheduled to hold conference with the new professor who had just been hired. Normally, such trivial things like appointments didn’'t hold much sway over his daily activities as he marched to his own drummer - sometimes literally when the house elves were feeling musically inclined. However, nothing delighted him more than to engage in conversation with a fellow educator, espousing the virtues of their shared profession along with the rewards of learning in general. And in preparation for a most delightful chat, the tea tray had been polished to glistening radiance while a separate pot of his own beloved kaffe was set off to the side.

    To top things off, as no detail was left unattended thanks to his ever faithful caretakers, all sorts of tasty treats had been arranged to curb the hunger of even the most finicky of faculty members. The centerpiece to all of this was a bowl of scrumptious, salty licorice treats to which the Norseman had been looking forward all throughout the morning.

    Alas, as luck would have it, just before the start of the meeting Einar had been called away from the office due to reports of excessive owl droppings being sighted in the corridors. It had been a dreadful mess to square away, causing his return to be delayed. Yet upon his arrival, he stepped into the room with a smile to offer his greetings and apologies when suddenly it caught his notice that things were entirely amiss upon his desk. Someone had started the festivities without him!

    His glance straying back and forth between the empty bowl and his new employee, a dark scowl is visible on his features as he asks, “"First, it was McStingy and now this! What in the name of Odin happened to my lakrits?"”

    By the expression on his features, it is quite clear who he suspects to be the culprit of this dastardly crime. After all, who doesn'’t like salty licorice?

    So… how exactly does one handle an irate Headmaster?

    Roleplaying Response: It had been a short journey for Elliot. It seemed, these days, that travel time was dwindling down to nothing the more she departed from places to arrive at others. It had also been quite some time since she had last lay gaze upon the majestic stone towers of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it was just as she remembered. Gables nestled into the rooftops, towers lingering way above the grounds below. The grounds that, this time of year, were bitter and gelid.

With each step, Elliot's heels crunched the grass. A subtle iciness had glossed over the rolling lawn and her determination and anticipation pressed into the dirt as she walked.  After what felt like forever (which in retrospect, seemed silly considering her earlier thoughts on the brief nature of her travels to the castle) Elliot found herself facing the stone statue concealing the Headmaster's office. This is what she had been waiting for. This moment.

Thought she was a small bit confused. Elliot had been certain the Headmaster would be waiting for her at the bottom of the stairwell. It certainly seemed the polite thing to do. At Beauxbatons, where she had been educated, punctuality was a must. If you were late, you didn't matter. However, how could the Headmaster of the entire school not matter? Secretly, Elliot wished it were that easy. She wished the Headmaster didn't matter and that she could simply settle into a classroom, pile her desk high with books and begin teaching. No pesky faculty interactions.

But alas, that was never the case. Elliot plunged her hand deep in her pantsuit pocket and retrieved a piece of parchment addressed to her from the Headmaster. In a post script at the bottom of the letter a password was written with explicit instructions to only be used in an emergency. She looked at the nonsensical word with a quizzical look glittering in her emerald eyes. Elliot wouldn't classify it as an emergency, but as she returned her gaze the the statue blocking the stairs, she thought to herself, Elliot, you have no choice. Besides, it wasn't like she could knock or anything.

"Yesler-belts." She stated, her pronounced syllables ringing down the corridor. The gargoyle made an awful grinding noise as it twisted to reveal the entrance to the Headmaster's office. Taking one more look in either direction, Elliot shrugged her shoulders and took off up the staircase, but to her surprise, there was no Headmaster waiting for her. Instead, a simple tea set sit nicely on a table, abandoned.

Elliot glanced around the office, now nervously timid. "Hello?" She mumbled. She'd lived with Giants, conversed with Centaurs, fought with politicians even! But her future boss could be lurking anywhere in this room, simply waiting to pop out and scare her out of her wits. In her experiences, wizards and witches weren't exactly normal so to speak. One hand clutching her wand tightly, Elliot walked around the room, lifting furniture and peering behind book shelves.

After a good ten minutes, Elliot had ascertained that no one was waiting to jump out at her and the Headmaster was merely running late (which thoroughly irritated her, though she wouldn't disclose that to him). Scores of minutes went by as Elliot sat in a large lounge chair, but still no Headmaster. She had pulled out her wand and was vanishing various food items in the tea set before her out of sheer boredom. Well, and impatience. First the tea, then a cup, and finally the licorices. Who liked salty licorice anyways?

Just when she was ready to give up, the sound of the statue twirling around filled the office. Elliot's heart took off like a racing horse and she stood to her feet promptly. In walked a man looking very irritated with whatever it was he just had to deal with, masked by a sense of eagerness for whatever await him behind his office door. Or office statue, depending on who one asked.

Examining his face closer, it dawned on Elliot that he probably wasn't eager to see her, but rather eager to indulge in some tea and licorice, neither of which existed anymore thanks to her very own handy Vanishment spells. The Headmaster looked from the empty bowl to Elliot, rage glimmering in his rouged cheeks and glossy eyes. Part of her wanted to laugh like an evil school girl and part of her wanted to cry like a sniveling twit, but she did neither. Instead she fixed her bouncy, blonde hair and uttered a sad, sad apology.

"Oops. My bad... sir?"
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