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Title: The Grey-Dumont-Knoxx-Dario Crew
Post by: Christoph Alexander Grey on 31/12/2019 at 14:48

Noctem De Tenebris

Vivian Grey
 1920 | Kayla Ewell | Slytherin | Loving | Strong

The Matriarch of the Grey family and loving yet cold mother of Hugo, Christoph, and Rosalie Grey. Her accidental death was a tragedy during the summer of '56.

Thaddious Grey
 1920 | Tanner Novlan | Slytherin | Cold | Distant

Patriarch and creator of the Grey family. Originally a member of the Knoxx family, Thaddious grew disillusioned to his family's ways of interacting with Muggles and Half Bloods. After changing his surname he became independently wealthy before marrying his wife Vivian and having four Children. He was a cold and distant individual and not one to show love or affection. He died with his wife in the summer of '56.

Hugo Grey
 1939| Max Thieriot | Slytherin | Spoiled | Selfish

The first born of Thaddious and Vivian Grey, Hugo was meant to inherit everything upon their untimely deaths in '56. But upon refusing to care for his younger brother Christoph...signed away his rights to the fortune in exchange for pawning him off on another relative. He is a mercenary for hire and currently resides in Azkaban.

Christoph Grey
 1943 | Jack Griffo | Slytherin | Intelligent | Troubled

One half of the Grey twins born on Halloween 1943. Christoph was hit hard first by the death of his twin sister Rosalie and then by his parents in '56. After being abandoned by his brother he has begun to wonder why no one wants him. Currently resides with Persillia Knoxx, his Paternal Aunt.

Rosalie Grey
 1943 | Sasha Pieterse | N/A | Light | Curious

The female Grey twin born on Halloween 1943 was light, curious, happy. She lit up every room she entered with ease that and pose that seemed effortless. She was the center of her twin brother's world. He would have done anything for her. Her accidental death left him scarred emotionally and terribly afraid of the water after he failed to save her from drowning in 1952.
Title: Re: The Grey-Dumont-Knoxx-Dario Crew
Post by: Christoph Alexander Grey on 31/12/2019 at 15:45

La famille avant tout

The Dumont Family is a relatively powerful and well known Pureblood family primarily in France. The adult Generation split off into two other branches that are known of. The Greys and The Lamelles. Coming from old money those fortunate enough to be born a Dumont want for nothing and never need to work a day of their lives unless they desire to do so.


Franchessica Dumont
 1915 | Reese Witherspoon| N/A | Spoilt | Heart of Gold

Graduate of Beaubaxtons and final remaining Dumont female of the adult Generation. Fran or Chessica as she prefers to be called kept her maiden name after marriage to continue the Dumont legacy due to their being no male Dumont siblings. She has three beloved children of her own and a loving and doting, supportive Husband. Currently based in France at Dumont Manor.

Francisco Quisine
 1913 | Ryan Phillippe | N/A | Compassionate | Loyal

Graduate of Durmstrang and supportive Husband to Chessica. Pureblood. Loyal and kind. Father of three. Agreed to both he and his wife keeping original last names after marriage.

Alise Dumont
 1939 | Ellery Sprayberry | N/A | Intelligent | Flirtatious

Cousin and close friend to Christoph Grey. Eldest daughter of Francisco and Chessica. Graduate of Beaubaxtons. Hater of Lia Ayers.

Olivia-Jean Dumont
 1944 | Anna-Sophia Robb | N/A | Vain | Spoilt

Spoilt and pampered like a proper Pureblood Princess, Olivia-Jean was given the world by her mother and father so she didn't feel overlooked like most middle children. As a result...she's a bit of a brat.

Ellory Dumont
 1947 | Britt Robertson | N/A | Shy | Curious

The youngest Dumont. Ellory is shy and curious in nature and tries to stay out of the way of her family. Despite being adored by her parents, her older sister Olivia-Jean makes her feel like a burden.

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