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Title: House Cossé-Brissac |French pureblood elitists|
Post by: Guillaume Cossé-Brissac on 19/03/2017 at 10:09
Side note: Besides the characters, looking for possibles correlations with other families

French Pureblood Siblings

May 25th, 1952 - every single newspaper circulating through Wizarding Paris would read, in capital letters: "Elite newest scandal! Éloy Cossé-Brissac involvement cited on last government corruption case! Shady divorce ensued!".
Ever since the XV century, roughly, the Cossé-Brissac had been part of the French highest social scale. Yet, all of their dirty little secrets seem to be getting out pf the box now, and the family slowly descending to a downfall. They still got the money, but the name has took several hits in short amounts of time. With the recent divorce of Éloy and Adeline, the main house has been splitted and weakened - since all the heirs have, on one way or another, fled and taken refugee with their mother at the Summer Manor, in England

Louis Cossé-Brissac, 21

FC:Max Irons.

Rose Belle Cossé Brissac, 18

FC: Riley Hillyer

Jam Cossé-Brissac, 8

FC: William Franklyn-Miller


Jean Jacques Samir, 16

FC: Pedro Aurelian