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Title: A Compass Pointed True North(cutt)
Post by: Tempest Northcutt on 09/10/2016 at 03:34
I can't code. Forgive me.

General Family Notes
Reside in rural Leeks. Mostly pureblooded but don’t meet the “six generations” rule so considered half-blood by Ministry. They are not purist but do have isolationist leanings that often play out as bigoted. These are mostly blank slate characters so feel free to be creative! Or add cousins. Cousins are always good.

Played Characters
Tempest Northcutt (me!): Bumbling Hufflepuff made of rainbows.
Patience Northcutt (Kitty): Identical twin in Gryffindor
Wit Northcutt (Marina Lamont): Devoted older brother. Unreliable narrator. Brow waggling expert.

Mentioned NPCs/Available Characters

Honor Northcutt: Father, b.1882. Ravenclaw. No more info provided.
Eugenia Northcutt: Mother, b.1886. Ravenclaw. No more info provided. Maiden name undetermined

Hope Renn nee Northcutt: Sister, b.1918. Ravenclaw. m.1946 to Steffan Renn. Identical twin boys born 1946. Frustrated perfectionist - continually exasperated by younger siblings and dominant in her marriage.

Pervicacity (Sass) Northcutt: Great-Aunt, age undeterminable. Crotchety, stubborn, and very sensitive about her name and nickname. Marital and family status unknown. Provided a replacement wand for Tempest during Fall 1948 term.