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Character name: Amarantha Crimbleton.

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable:
- Benjamin Crimbleton.
- Lucretia Crimbleton.
- Felicity Brooks.
- August Weston.

Character age: Seventy-five! Born 9 January, 1870.

Character education:
- Charms School, 1875-1879.
- Homeschooled, 1880-1881
- Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, 1881-1884.
- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Hufflepuff), Class of 1888.
   - Prefect, House Hufflepuff – 1886-1888.
   - Co-Valedictorian of the Class of 1888.

Other Postions:
- Floo Network Authority, Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Transportation. (Retired)
- Owner of the Crimbleton and Co. Booksellers (With her sister, Augustina)
- Head of the Crimbleton Family, Holder of the Crimbleton Family’s Wizengamot Seat.
- Daily Prophet Journalist.
- Wizarding Wireless Network Entertainment Anchor (Hex-Free Homemaking with Amarantha Crimbleton)
- Resistance Member (Intel. and Support)

Strength and weaknesses:
Amarantha is considered extremely well-rounded and humble, although the current holder of the massive Crimbleton fortune, she finds solace in working a number of jobs which make her extremely hard working and willing to work. She was raised by parents who instilled in her that it was good to work, not only did it keep one occupied but it gave someone something to talk about.

Her old-fashioned demeanor on some issues can make her questionable to a younger generation of thinkers. Despite this matter, she is very open on blood-related issues. Several Scottish Pureblood families have labeled her and her kin blood-traitors and Muggle sympathizers. She doesn’t mix well with extremely traditional Pureblood men and women for this reason.

She is certainly not the most talented of witches. Although extremely knowledgeable in charms and transfiguration, her ability to perform some spells varies. This stems from her struggles to learn in her formative years at Beauxbatons due to the bullies that seemed to constantly harass her.

She is weak in some ways due to her youth, her bullies forever instilled a life of pain and struggle into her. Even some odd sixty years later she still has nightmares and panic attacks due to the traumatic stain they left on her life. She can be considered extremely fragile, especially when faced with harsh criticism.

Her mind is still bright and full of knowledge, although she can be forgetful with her age. She often has to use reading glasses to read, and sleeps with the covers wrapped tight at night: She does get cold easily, quite frankly. Despite her tiny ailments, she is in generally good health.

Physical description: Amarantha Crimbleton was the picture of a grandmother still trying to maintain some of her youth and vanity. Although in her mid-seventies, she still dyes her hair a warm flaxen. In the summer her hair almost turns to white, spending so much time out in the garden, her hair is sun-bleached. She clips it short, parting it off to the side.

She often lies about her age stating she is ten years older to some who question her intellect and to prove she has aged quite well. Other times, she states she is ten years younger and certainly can fool some, she is hardly wrinkled. Despite a lifetime of yard work and gardening, her skin is still quite young. A thinking crease between her brow, little crow’s feet around her eyes and deep laugh lines set around her lips, perhaps her most prominent wrinkle. Her children and family bring her a vast amount of joy.

She smelled of roses faintly and peaches. She had a large, abundant fruit tree grove at her home and a wide, flower garden. Seemingly after working for so many years in the grove and around her garden, she had simply gained the scent as part of her general composure. A hint of old lady perfume was tossed into the bunch, giving her the iconic scent of your typical Scottish grandma.

Her attire is composed of a variety of things, typically bright floral prints. She was in touch with modern, 1940s fashion. A dress that cut down to her mid-calf was her most prominent attire. She’s quite fond of cardigans and flowing overcoats. Brown, leather flats or something with a gentle heel were her most casual shoe choice. It wasn’t often that she would wear robes, but she owned a simple black robe and her Wizengamot robes.

When she isn’t wearing a dress or a robe, another formal choice is a pantsuit. In a variety of pastel colors, they’re made of a silky fabric from her short time in China.

Her body was what you would expect of a woman with several children and a couple grandchildren. Aged and tired, but with a certain lively spark about it from successfully raising so many kids. She plays racquetball and badminton among other things to keep in tip-top shape. In order to keep her mental health up, she often attends therapy to speak about her rather humble problems including troubles with her rose garden.

Cheerful –
She sees herself as a beacon of cheer, she is saddened by those who are upset or angry. She goes out of her way to spread happiness. Her cheer possibly stems from the pain in her youth, but more-so over  I think it comes from the fact that she sees most people as family. As a grandma and hopefully great grandma someday, she is treats those around her as her children and grandchildren, and those around her age as her brothers and sisters.

Sweet –
A friend of hers once described her as “Sweeter than molasses, more lively than a trip to the carnival.” Fitting, oddly, because she is sweet but exceptionally full of life and bliss. She values good company, and absolutely loves Christmas, not for the receiving but for the giving. She’s one of “those” people who gets excited when other people are pleased, it makes her happy to see warmth around her.

Motherly –
Although a good mother is loving, caring and gentle: A mother should also know when to be strict or stern with their child, not out of vengeance or cruelty but because they should be guided gingerly if they veer off the good, upstanding path. Amarantha is the picture of this style of mother, gentle and kind but also strict and corrective when she has to be.

Old-Fashioned –
Despite her beliefs in the rights of Muggles and her sympathy towards all Muggles and Squibs, she does believe in a simplistic life. Her family fortune dates back generations and although the Crimbletons are considered ‘old money’ – they’ve never been exceptionally lavish. Amarantha frowns on Pureblood Families who waste their fortunes on drugs, illegal potions, alcohol and parties. She instills it in her children and grandchildren to spend their money carefully.

Light-hearted –
Amarantha isn’t too old, yet. She still can laugh at a good joke or a silly mishap. She loves having fun with her grandchildren, despite their embarrassment from her constant teasing. She sees life as something that can only be enjoyed once, so it should be enjoyed in its complete fullness. These values were taught to her by her own mother, who died incredibly young yet lived a very full life.

Family-Oriented –
If there’s a go-to topic for Amarantha, it’s definitely her family. Often she can’t go without talking about them for a day, celebrating her children and grandchildren. Brithdays in the family are like holidays for Amarantha, and the one time Amarantha breaks her frugalness to splurge on gifts and treats. She is incredibly defensive of her family, so it’s wise to not speak poorly of them around her.

Jealous –

Amarantha is not entirely a bowl of buttercups and gumdrops, her envy and jealousy has plagued her for many years. Since her troubled youth, she has developed an envy for those around her: Those who seem more comfortable, more positive, less troubled or less busy. Her jealousy sometimes gets the best of her, and it isn’t out of place for Amarantha to speak up if she’s feeling truly distraught about an issue.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: Although Amarantha holds a wide variety of positions from work in media to a seat on the Wizengamot to working to a simple job in the Ministry, she feels she owes something to today’s youth.

She wants to brighten the lives of today’s youngest generation and certainly make a difference at Hogwarts. She feels she with such a vast background and such a long life she’s positive she can make a difference in the school. As the world is terrorized by the likes of terror attacks, she hopes she can provide solace to students at the school who feel personally affected by the war and the troubles of the Wizarding Wordld.

She also feels she has failed her granddaughter, Lucretia, for neglecting the girl who clearly felt like an outcast in her schooling. She wants no other girl or boy to go through the same pain as her grandchild, hoping to shield many from pain in their youth.

Her vision is to share literature with all of the youth of the Wizarding world, in an effort to make them more conscious of the great works of culture around them.

Biography:   Born to Cornelius and Ambrosia Crimbleton, she was the youngest of seven children. Her mother and father were both Pureblood graduates of Hogwarts and esteemed members of the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Nurtured from a young age, Amarantha was given the gift of knowledge very quickly. Her mother and father spent great time tutoring the young children at home after each graduated from Charms School and making sure they were wise by the time they were sent away for formal education.

Amarantha very much wanted to see the world, a sweet and almost shy young girl, she had a deep interest in exploration as well as knowledge and learning. With a book in hand, she would go on adventures around her home alone: Scribbling down notes and making a collection of field diaries about the landscape that were eventually featured in a local library at the time, making her a local celebrity of sorts!

When she was eleven, Amarantha, being the only girl of her siblings, was sent off to Beauxbatons for a more ‘refined’ education. She was several years younger than her siblings, and for a number of years, she spent time alone being tutored by her mother while her brothers enjoyed life at Hogwarts. Her younger sister attended Charms School and graduated the same year that Amarantha went off to school. Although this slightly isolated her, she grew even more inquisitive about the magical world, reading books in her parents’ study: Fascinated by the vast amount of knowledge she found in these ancient manuscripts.

By the time she went to Beauxbatons she was so learned that the Professors there often raved about how intellectual she was, some were even angered by how erudite she seemed, disciplining her for reading ahead in the curriculum. She wrote home to her parents often, telling them about how she enjoyed the school but never felt like she felt in with the girls. Although they were joyous in her company, behind her back they muttered about how she was always reading and how she never wished to be sociable with them.

By her third year at Beauxbatons, she wrote home constantly to her parents, asking if she could transfer to Hogwarts the following year. She was the victim of harsh bullying from a variety of Muggle girls at Beauxbatons who told her that her family was a disgrace to the Wizarding World and extremely worthless. Harassed daily at lunch, she was too afraid to bring it to the Headmistress and be labeled a dirty snitch by the girls. She began to plead to her mother and family to transfer out to another wizarding school. Despite this hatred from Muggles, she currently works in the Wizengamot for Muggle rights.

Sure enough, her pleas worked and as a 4th Year Transfer, she attended Hogwarts: Happy to get away from Beauxbatons. When she was sorted by the Sorting Hat, it contemplated placing her within House Ravenclaw due to her remarkable wisdom but ultimately decided upon Hufflepuff due to her general mannerisms. She was embraced by House Hufflepuff, and ultimately began to feel at home within their company.

She was eventually elected a prefect in the House Hufflepuff in her fifth year, and although the Headmaster at that time had almost considered making her Head Girl later, the Headmaster ultimately picked another girl in order to keep Amarantha connected with her studies. Amarantha was on her way to becoming class valedictorian.

During her seventh year, she met the love of her life, Marcus McCornell, a pleasant boy from a very poor Pureblood family that had gone bankrupt generations ago. They both shared a love for education, and were co-valedictorians due to outstanding work in their classes. Despite some disapproval from her family, they married. They fell in love, and he took up work within the Ministry of Magic.

 After graduation and her marriage, Amarantha was with child. She had her first baby, and then while carrying her second, decided to take up work as a Secretary in the Ministry of Magic. Most of her days as a secretary she spent her time reading old tomes, enjoying the literature and furthering her history studies. During her career, she had two more children, raising all four as she worked tirelessly. Nearly twenty years later, her two oldest were happily married and growing a family themselves.

By 1920, her husband had fallen gravely ill. She took a leave from work to attend to him. The man quickly and rather painlessly died from natural causes and Amarantha was heartbroken for a long period. If it weren’t for her compassionate family she might’ve died of a broken heart herself. Her family continued to grow though, and by 1930 she retired to take care of her children and growing grandchildren. After her retirement, Amarantha spent most of her time penning tales for her grandchildren to read, mainly historical fiction. She loved taking what she learned and placing it in a fictional world. She also helped tutor her grandchildren as many of them slowly went off to receive their formal education at Hogwarts.

She inherited the position of Head of the Crimbleton Family after the death of her eldest brother and began to attend Wizengamot sessions, fascinated by what went on there but often extremely quiet except for votes and when matters directly came to her. She has often felt that her place is not to question the council, being so new.

By the early 1940s, Amarantha considered work again. First she took up a small job as a Floo Network Authority and then decided maybe she had insight on some topics and started up work as a Daily Prophet as an Entertainment Journalist. A coordinator of the Wizarding Wireless Network contacted her, offering her work as an anchor and she began to host her own show, Hex-Free Homemaking which talks about recipes, tips for housewives and true stories of Amarantha’s life.

Amarantha is a published author, with a number of books such as ‘Curse-Free Cooking’ and ‘The Perfect Homemaker (http://imgur.com/a/4bcCV)’ (Which is actually a current Hogwarts textbook in the Magical Home Ec. Course taught by Professor Bryce) – She is currently writing the biography of her ancestors and her own personal life, self-titled as “Crimbleton”.

She owns a store and publishers group in Diagon Alley, after the recent successes of her books which have allowed her to reopen the family business: Crimbleton and Co. Booksellers.

After working a vast variety of jobs in the Wizarding World, she has decided to return to Hogwarts to make a difference among the Wizarding community there.


It was the largest office in Hogwarts and, perhaps to students and newcomers, the most intimidating. The shelves were filled with various odds and ends, with a place of honor for the Sorting Hat, and the walls held all the portraits of past Headmasters and Headmistresses.

In the middle of the room sat a large desk. Everything was in order, for the current occupant had always despised a messy desk. It was the sign of a messy mind, and she had always favored neatness.

A clock sat on the desk, which currently showed the time to be 2:05. The meeting was supposed to begin at 2:00 precisely.

Along with order, Anneka valued punctuality. She was a very busy woman these days. Even during the summer, she had a number of matters to attend to. Interviewing and hiring staff was only of those matters. The newest potential member of her staff wasn't making a good impression.

She paced the room, black heels clicking against the stone floor. When the door finally opened, Anneka turned, her expression reminiscent of a Russian winter. "You are late."

Explain yourself was what her face said.

Roleplay Response:
Amarantha had hustled through the grandiose halls of Hogwarts, constantly checking her little wristwatch. She hadn’t run this fast since 1895, so it was to be expected that, by the time she reached the stairwell to Headmistress’ Office, she was out of breath. She check her watch, already two minutes late.

It should be made clear that Amarantha loved to be punctual, she adored arriving on time and appearing neat, tidy, prim and polished. Today would not be one of those days, and for Ms. Crimbleton: It clearly left her understandably frazzled.

She pulled her dress taut, eyeing the massive flight of stairs with terror. Her three inch heels were already paining her ankles and now she had to stomp up a flight of marble stairs? Oh Merlin! This was going to be absolutely impossible at this point. She opted for the lady-like approach instead, deciding it’d be better if her makeup wasn’t running from her eyes and her hair wasn’t a bird’s nest.

She straightened her composure, ascending up to the impressively sized doors of the office and knocking twice. She pulled out her mirror, checking her face. She expected some woman, the same age as her, drinking tea and maybe polishing her nails: Not the youthful, frustrated woman who greeted her.

She blinked and gulped, stepping inside and quickly tucking her mirror away. She bit down on her lip and slowly skirted into the middle of the room.

“You are late.” The headmistress stated.

Amarantha couldn’t help but curtsy and apologize profusely, “I’m terribly, terribly – terribly sorry.” She sighed, “I don’t usually like to run late to appointments and I assure you this will never happen again.” Amarantha grew a bit distraught. She’d already set the worst impression possible.

“I hope my punctuality won’t affect my merit too much?” She sighed, pulling a piece of parchment from her purse, neatly folded and sealed. “Here’s a list of my credentials, if you’d like to look them over?” She pursed her lips.